Merry Christmas
















This year I have a bdsm Christmas tree – suspended upside down and tied to the ceiling hooks by chains.

I think it really looks unconventional :) What do you think?

Merry Christmas and Holidays Everybody!

New Separated Blog – the new website where you can read my blog in the future. Freedom of speech is important for me so – after my payment provider forced me to remove several blog entries due to compliance issues with their rules – I decided to move my blog to an other domain and server. It will be uncensored and separated from my paysite so there will be no direct link to it from my site.

In the next two weeks you still can click through to my new blog (which still remains censored during this time) to make it easier for you to bookmark it. After that time I will remove the direct link and I will restore my original, uncensored blog entries.

If you would like to read some behind-the-scenes stories about my movies or just want to keep yourself updated on the latest news of my site(s), I suggest you to visit my blog regularly.

I have got so many nice comments from you, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me and with our small kinky community ;). Opinions, feedbacks, suggestions are always welcome, I am trying to answer all of them.

I also draw your attention to the new poll about your favorite torture types. Please check it out on the sidebar and take your votes ;)

New skin

My lezdom paysite had shed his old heavy skin and changed it to a lighter and more modern one to crawl faster than before ;) Hopefully you won’t have any problem due to this change and you don’t need to do anything but it can happen that you need to press a refresh button in your browser if you find my site’s design crashed.

I hope you will like it ;)


Easter Egg

That was Nazryana’s hardest torture so far. She is getting to turn into a real hardcore masochist and it is not so surprising – me and my master are trying to taint everybody around us :D

Actually it wasn’t her first staple gun experience. We tested her before and she enjoyed it so much that we decided to make a movie about stapling her sensitive body parts.

She was laid prone being her legs and arms tied up and her buttocks  raised. Her beautiful and round ass made me create something so I painted some patterns on her butts that reminded me of painting Easter eggs in my childhood. Actually I was going to staple her ass along the patterns but it would have been too much for her so finally I just stapled her randomly shooting into her hard ass more and more. To ease her suffering I used a massager on her pussy during our whole game, I am not sure that she could have done it without continuous stimulation :P

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Kinky Foursome

I am telling you about an exciting bdsm game that happened a couple of weeks ago when my pussy was hairy. So here is my story.

We invited a kinky and nice couple to have dinner with us in our home. Of course everybody knew that it was not just a dinner invitation :). We first met them in a fetish party many years ago and since then we are not just good friends but fuck buddies. Though they are not into hardcore bdsm games – the man is dominant and sadistic, the girl is submissive and a little bit masochistic –  they know and like what we are doing.

Actually they love to learn new and exciting things and we try to spoil them with our weird games :P.

This time we showed them how to play with the rubber bands. Of course it was me who had to be the target for the shooters. Our guests and my master was sitting on the couch and I was on my knees before them (the distance was about 2 metres/6 feet) spreading my legs wide revealing my bare butts and pussy to the shooters,  bending forward and putting my chest on a pouffe,  so my face was protected and I wasn’t able to see the shooters.

Since they have never shot before with rubber bands, they needed to learn the right technique and practice on me. First they were clumsy but the more they shot the more pain I got.

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New Subscription System

It wasn’t an easy work to find the right solution but now the new subscription system is working on my website. I am sorry for everybody’s inconveniences caused by not working CCBill system, they are still searching the error… :( I think I can say that bad things can sometimes lead good things because I succeeded to have my website approved by an other payment provider, Epoch. They are fast, much more client and customer friendly, their billing system is working properly and Visa payment is offered.
I let CCBill process Direct Pay (internet bank) and Telephone, they are good alternatives for those people who don’t have or don’t want to use credit cards. Online checks and Ukash (anonym voucher) also will be available soon.

But now I put away these technical issues for a while and I am working on uploading the missing old movies and the brand new ones :)

Streaming or download?

Currently my videos are available for streaming in the member section of my website. I think it is more comfortable to watch videos instantly, you don’t have to wait for the download, no codecs and player problems, and you don’t need to store the movie files on your hard drive. Of course you need to be connected to the internet while you are watching my movies and you need an up-to-date hardware system and software but I think in the era of broadband internet connections and computer technology it is not a problem anymore.

Some people still prefer to download because they want to own and collect the video files and watch the movies without internet connection, I understand them too. But unfortunately this solution means an easy way for the pirates to illegally distribute the vids on other websites.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages finally I decided for the streaming model but I am open to suggestions. I would like to find a solution that is the best for everyone. What if the latest movies were available only for streaming and the older ones for both streaming and download? I started a new poll about this subject.


Last night we finished the integration of CCBill’s system so now the “Join page” is working on Please tell me if you have any subscription or technical problems.

You will see that we haven’t uploaded yet some old movies because we have to re-render them and it takes much time. They will be up one-by-one as they are done. And what about the new movies? The sequel of Poor Christmas Tree (a.k.a. Black Angel) will be online tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience! :)

New Website Issue

My new website is online now but it is a public beta version for testing. It means that the “Join” page doesn’t work currently (CCBill application is in progress). If everything goes well, you can join my website in a week. Many thanks for your patience! :)

A Technical Question

I haven’t posted any blog entries for a long time :( because I am working very hard on my new website. Now it is ready and I need to find a good web hosting which has high download speed. I’ve been already testing some of them but I still couldn’t find the right one. It’s a shame that my home internet connection is much much faster than what the big web hosting companies can provide for a rather high price.

Maybe there are some web hosting experts among you guys who can help me to solve this issue. Please contact me through my e-mail – info([AT])queensnake([DOT])net – if you can give me some advices.

Ant Test

Although it’s been cold and rainy since August :(, we went for a trip again to find an anthill. When we were walking in the pine forest, it seemed as if every single insect would have disappeared. We saw some small spiders and dead butterflies and nothing else. The ground was muddy and cold. We almost gave up to find any ants when I spotted a huge, lonely one next to a dry-rotten tree.

First I wasn’t brave enough to put it on me but finally I succeeded to surmount my fear. First I put it on my foot and tried to make it angry to bite but it didn’t. Despite the ant’s peaceful attitude, I was way too frightened. Then I tried it on my pussy and my clitoris but there wasn’t any bites again.

On our way home I found an anthill surprisingly in the middle of a muddy road. I put my foot into the anthill but there were only some red ants and they didn’t bite me either despite me disturbing their home.

I think the cold made the ants comatose, probably they are already hibernated deep underground.  We have to wait until spring comes. Whatever, at least I could practice a little to overcome my fear of ants.

Welcome to my blog

I started this blog to give you some personal insight about my life, movies and BDSM experiences. I would like to share you what I am feeling and thinking during the tortures so maybe you will be inspired to try those new things which I show you.

I am a very curious and open-minded person, I love to find new pain resources especially in the nature.

I hope that you will enjoy my pain experiments and if you have opinions and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to share them to me.