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I am Queensnake (QS). I would like you to know me not as an anonymous virtual creature but a real person who you can talk to about anything and anytime so I share you some information about my life.

First some simple facts. Now I live in Europe. I am a very tall girl, 180 cm (5’11”), skinny but muscular. Beyond BDSM lifestyle, I love to train my body with pretty heavy weights at the gym about three times a week (it is a kind of self-masochism for me considering the pain in my muscles). Naturist and nudist activity is one of my favorite pastime probably because of my exhibitionism, I love to walk and hike naked and I enjoy when I meet shocked and clothed people during these adventures. Sometimes you can meet me at online poker rooms too. I am interested in so many other things but I don’t want to bore you…

My nickname is came from my snake fanaticism, actually I do have a beautiful king snake and I am or at least I want to be a bit like a snake: strong, shocking, terrific, brave. I have been attracted by extreme and bizarre things since my childhood but I tried to hide those kinky desires and keep them inside until I met my master seven years ago and my exciting travel to the BDSM world has started. During this long journey I realized that my pain limits are very flexible and at some point the pain was converted to pleasure. Now I am still learning where my limits end up. The masochistic side is much more developed in me than the sadism, I could say I am 70 % masochistic and 30% sadistic. I think that knowing exactly what my slaves are feeling during the tortures can make me a better mistress. The BDSM word has different meanings, for me it is not just about pain and pleasure but also creativity.

Our movies are really amateur movies, no professional technical environment, our scenes are spontaneous with hard pain and orgasms, no shooting scripts, my master is the cameraman, the photographer and the tormentor at the same time, the ideas come from my master and me, usually the most crazy ones (like Floralia, Nettle Spa) were born in my mind. Sometimes my girlfriend, Nazryana is involved in our seances but we are seeking new girls all the time.

A few words about my site. We started to sell BDSM movies at clips4sale.com in 2009. It was a good place to start and we were able to check if people are interested in our movies. Now I feel it is the time to launch our own membership site. So my simple free site – that was designed and programmed by me as a noob webmistress – has to step to a higher level.

I hope to meet you and talk to you at least in my virtual BDSM world.

Be bad!


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  1. I love your content very much. Your hot body is the reason why I’m here. Most I love to see you peeing or like in a very few vids getting fucked with brushes inside of your Goddess body.

  2. Hello Queensnake!

    I like your movies, i am a Hungarian man, and i look at your films now. I like Jessica, she is a dream woman for me, she is so beautiful, very sexy, and i think, she have a very exciting body, i especially like her sexy thick legs. I mostly watch movies with Jessica in them, her body can really turn me on. However i watch her sufferings with concern, i want to ease his pain with tenderness and kisses. Queensnake i would like to make torture for you, i think, you will know what real suffering is. Therefore i thought, i buy a snapping Hungarian whip, and some butcher’s hook. But I’m just a dreamer in love, and i want to get into Jessica’s pussy.

  3. Hello miss Queensnake, can you start shooting more hardcore oiled girl-girl lesbian strap-on dildo fucking videos with you getting into a wet 3 sum double lesbian penetration action with your girlfriend Nazryana and Jessica both strap-on fucking your pussy and asshole at the same time, while you are completely covered in babyoil, slime gel? And both sexy women strap-on fuck you until your wet pussy explodes with real squirting ejaculation juices??? Then both ladies spit inside your wet pussy and asshole and then spit on your face and they both piss and squirt all over your wet hair , face, tits and you open your mouth and drink down all that wet lesbian piss and squirt juices? If you can shoot that , please only focus on wet oiled lesbian strap-on fucking sex action, pissing, squirting and spitting action ok?? Nothing else, thank you :)

    This is a new request resubmitted by me, please shoot this fetish fantasy video, thank you :)

      1. Hi, I am still using the T gel on my clit. Currently I am using a lower amount than before but my clit is still pretty big if erected.

  4. I really like the site. I have been aware of your work, since its creation. A couple of ideas.
    Make the pencil video a contest. Have the two girls race to see who can use the pencils up first.
    With the candles,( my favorites) make it a race. Going up right side back left . Then both if a tie breaker is needed. How about squatting on the candles with butt cheeks? Dildo in-between the candles?
    The toy trucks was a very innovative idea, loved it. How about a race? The girls control the other girl’s truck. Make it a drag race. Top ,bottom , then from behind as a tie breaker. Thank you.

  5. Hello. All of your videos are very beautiful. I recently saw you do a scat video. This was my first time seeing you do anything related to scat and, for me, there is nothing more beautiful. Nothing! In this particular video you were on a lovely white boat. You defecate onto the boat seat and than rub your bottom in it. In the second half of the video you defecate while wearing pantyhose. Seeing your feces emerge from you bottom into the pantyhose is extremely sexy. But most erotic of all is when you tear open the pantyhose and begin to masturbate with your scat, rubbing it on your vulva and into your vagina. The photography is perfect. The picture quality is perfect. Your facial expressions are perfect. I hope you were safe and able to properly cleans your body after shooting that video. Thank you so much for doing this. I hope you will continue in the world of scat. Best wishes to you and be safe.

    1. This trained, attractive body is the really reason for the high success of QS videos [like a really sportwoman]

  6. Hi Queensnake! I love your videos. Do you do anything special to prevent getting infections? Especially for your scat content, like where you rub poop on your vagina or even fill the inside of your vagina with it. Do you have pelvic exams and Pap smears more frequently to combat this risk?

  7. Hi! I am much newer to the bdsm world, (I’m only 19) but have had an interest in it for the last 5 years, and even since 5th grade when I was exposed to porn for my first time. I don’t really know where to start with all of it, how to find a master or mistress, and how to introduce myself more. I have had online relationships revolving around bdsm but really want to experience it fully. Do you have any pointers where to start?

    1. how can we be so similar , even iam 19 and even I wanna try every bit of BDSM ever since I was exposed to porn a few years ago, I’ve never found any BDSM partner either. Hope we get in touch and talk more about it

    2. How can we be so similar , even iam 19 and even I wanna try every bit of BDSM ever since I was exposed to porn a few years ago, I’ve never found any BDSM partner either. Hope we get in touch and talk more about it.

  8. Hello my queen, i would like to say that i am a big fan of yours. I am and experienced male, in both sides, i am a switch :) As i noticed that you are in Europe, i would like to ask you of you need a filming male (no mater if you need a slave or master. I am 35 years old, with perfect body ( 6 packs on), i train 4-5 times a week in the gym.

  9. Hollys heel hooks where the sexiest thing you made in a long time! Just what we need! More heels!

  10. Hello miss Queensnake, can you start shooting more hardcore oiled girl-girl lesbian strap-on dildo fucking videos with you getting into a wet 3 sum double lesbian penetration action with your girlfriend Nazryana and Jessica both strap-on fucking your pussy and asshole at the same time, while you are completely covered in babyoil, slime gel? And both sexy women strap-on fuck you until your wet pussy explodes with real squirting ejaculation juices??? Then both ladies spit inside your wet pussy and asshole and then spit on your face and they both piss and squirt all over your wet hair , face, tits and you open your mouth and drink down all that wet lesbian piss and squirt juices? If you can shoot that , please only focus on wet oiled lesbian strap-on fucking sex action, pissing, squirting and spitting action ok?? Nothing else, thank you :)

  11. Good afternoon . Tell me, jessica has previously starred in some other projects or videos for websites. Thank you

    1. Whats your opinion about the current crises in the Middle East? Queensnake, are you pro Israel or pro Palestinians? :) Thank you

  12. I understand privacy so will understand if you can’t answer my question. Love your vids especially your Art of scat

    I am fascinated by Jessica. Are you free to tell me anything about her

    Age, gay, straight, bi, love her ink.

    Your vid Wheel of Misfortune, Jessica, is one of the best you have ever done and looking forward to hopefully seeing a part two

  13. Hey, i‘m obsessed with your videos and i really want to see a video, where you (queensnake) get beautiful bruises and loottsss of marks on your body aspecially on your belly. You only have really few videos where you get so brutal and fully red marks. Besides i‘m also really interested in a new video where you get a foot inside your anus but the whole foot and make belly bulges. You because of your beautiful skinny muscular body where one could see a big bulge directly under your belly button.
    I would really love to see such vidoes. I would kill to see it.

  14. The tit-nailing of Abby was excellent! If someone of the other girls had done the ”hammering” it would have been even more sexy

  15. Hello QS
    What species of nettles do you use when playing. Do you use them right after picking or do you wait for them to dry a bit so it’s less of a pain.
    Is it safe to put nettle leaves in my vagina and anus?

    1. European Stinging Nettle. I use them right after picking, leaving them for a few hours after picking won’t decrease the pain, the leaves can become limp but they will be still vicious :) Safe to use them inside the vagina and in the anus. It is a herb anyway.

  16. Would love to see Jessica and Holly wear more often High Heels in hot action. The shows are much sexier with that little detail – pretty please :)

  17. Hi!
    My name is Aaron, and I love your videos! Could do without the insects as I’m not only afraid of them, but highly allergic to stings! I also like the fact that you do the same torments as your slaves! Never seen that before! While you are smoking hot, I have a crush on Tracy! I watch her videos the most, especially the self slapping of her pussy with a ruler! Oh man what a turn on! I never thought I’d like the sort of stuff you and your lovely ladies do, but regular porn don’t cut it anymore! More videos of Tracy, and yourself, yes please!! Oh I also like the pussy rope walk and pussy snuff videos they are the best!Thank you for offering the most creative and sometimes unusual bdsm! You and your sexy ladies, and your master have a great week!

  18. My husband and I love your videos. Especially the needle play. I regularly use needles in my nipples during sex play. The first few times it really hurt, but I have learned to enjoy the pain and even twist and turn them during sex to create a weird type of pleasure. My husband and I really want to try needles in my clit next. I’m curious if you and Jessica can compare pain level and recovery of clit needles to nipple needles? Nipple was a 8 at first but now it’s more like a 5 for me. I feel like clit would be 10 but some girls on your site seem to have a similar pain reaction to nipples as they do to clit piercings

  19. Hello QS. Many thanks for offer us this opportunity to be in contact with you.
    Coincidentally with many folks who had previously wrote, I love queensect videos series. Wasp experiment, Hirudo and Nipple Nibble are in my personal pódium. What about gadfly (Tabanidae), some kinds of bettles or bees for futures performances, and I’m not speaking about legendaries musical bands :)
    Sorry beforehand for being self referential, but I’m Master (Amo in spanish lenguaje) since many years ago adopting and enjoying BDSM doctrine in a lot of sessions with my female slave. So I delight watching your videos as a doublé sense, as an spectator and participant as well.
    You are a beautiful woman and enjoy your videos very much. Additionally, I like a lot Jessica’s ones. I think and I’m a bit in love with her. She is my platonic love.
    So Mr and Miss Queensnake, go ahead. Undoubtedly you’re performed the best videos about the matter that I’d seen. And I’ll awaiting for yours new productions.
    Congratulations and my best wishes from Buenos Aires

    1. Hi Daniel, thanks for your nice comment. Hmmm gadfly, interesting idea. I like it. I am not surprised that you are in love with Jessica. She is so cute and beautiful :) Kisses for you

  20. Hi Queensnake!

    First of all I love your videos. Your tight muscular body is so sexy and what you do to yourself and your girls is amazing! I only wish you would make more Queensect videos. I have an idea for a future video that’s inspired by your Octopussy and Engulfed videos:

    While hiking you find an octopus that has gotten stranded on land and is helpless. To rescue the octopus and return it to its home in the ocean you have to hike some ways to the beach – too far for it so survive the journey without water. So you insert the octopus into your vagina, then masturbate until orgasm to ensure your vagina is a soaking wet home for the octopus to live in while you hike to the beach. As the octopus continues to crawl around inside your vagina will get even more wet. When you finally reach the beach you push the octopus out of your vagina back into the ocean, safe and unharmed.

    Your vagina is pretty volumetric so you may even be able to fit two octopi. Perhaps you can use the algae octopus species (Abdopus aculeatus) because they are called “land octopus” so they are accustomed to being out of water, and they are smaller in size but still large enough to be a challenge for your vagina.

    Best wishes! I hope you will consider this idea :)

  21. Can you please make more Queensect videos? I’d love to see more videos of insect, bug, worm, cockroach, slug, and leech pussy insertion videos! These are so extreme and you’re the best at it!

  22. Hi dear QS

    It’s been a while since I discover your vids. And it’s quite strange I like them because I don’t usually like too gruesome stuff (and for me, 0% masochistic -I fear pain, “gruesome” is at low level^^).

    In fact, I’m fascinated by your body (and new body of Abby too) and the high level of orgasm you and your friends have.
    Your body, muscular without a bit of fat is fascinating. And your “tallnest” (?) (the fact you are tall) ad such elegance in everything you do.

    I suppose since the time you practice, you must know a lot about the art of increasing pleasure (a fascinating subject, a ton of bad books, and not a clear answer, halas). I don’t know if you accept mp on your FL account, but I hope so.

    I like you talk about your passion for poker, for snakes… You should have ad others tastes.

    (strange…starting this message, I had a lot to write in my head, and now, it’s scattered and confused…Please forgive me for that).

    About me…I’m a guy which have always been aroused by mast/slv relationship, by female cruelty (and because of this last point, I have a long time believed I was a masochist, but the first time I tried, I immediatly understood I wasn’t^^). Oh, and TPE, basically. TPE first.
    My desires are in fact quite dark, and, frankly, I don’t assume it very well, because in everyday life, I’m a gentle guy with a lot of passions very innocent (I love history, walks on nature, playing tennis, sport, geography, quite nerds things, I’m afraid), but when I’m aroused, my mind become devilish, and I don’t understand very well this dichotomy.
    I tried to find a partner like me, but what I found was feminist SJW even more bigot than the worst american church lady, or women who just want to “play”. We are far from here to TPE…
    Maybe you know people like that, maybe. Why not asking for ? Well, I ask :)

    Have a nice day, you, your master, and your Royal snake :)

  23. Love the videos where the girls with High Heels are punished. Would be great if they were tagged, to make it easier to find them when browsing your site.

    Also think that everything would be much more beautiful and exciting if all the girls used High Heels all the time….

    Except, ofcourse when the devices used doesn´t allow it :)

    Best of summer to you all!

    1. Hej.
      Du är en spännande inspirations källa för mig. Jag gillar verkligen den kinky porr ni gör. Jag har ochså gjort en del kinky porr. Jag gjorde några filmer med nässlor som jag laddaze upp. Det var när jag sökte efter dessa jag hittade dig och allt spännande ni gjort. Sen är du fantastiskt vacker också. Och jag är längre än dig

      Med vänlig hällsning från Bylting

  24. Hi QS,
    You are awesome! Are you going to continue with queensect videos?
    Maybe something with slugs or other insects..
    Thank you!

  25. QS, I have been a huge fan for years of your site! Such amazing and beautiful humiliation! My favorite content is the long march sessions. I love watching a beautiful woman’s vagina and anus get tortured. 4 March 2017 is my favorite shoot! Would you be willing to shoot one with the works, candles, brushes, capsian, hot sause ropes, chains… every rough painful long march implement, but make the march happen in a way that really focuses much more of the walk, both from the angle of walking.. and the camera angles.. to focus on the anus? This would be very unique!!! “The Anal Long Walk”! I would LOVE to hear back from you what you think!! :)

  26. It’s great – many years I enjoy your authentic and passionate films. I love them :-) a big compiment for that.
    Now I found artofscat.com and I am so happy about it. You are so amazing!!!

    many greetings from Switzerland

  27. Huge greetings for Ms. QueenSnake,
    I’m trying to follow your work almost from beginning, you are in top 3 favorite bdsm artists I ever saw.
    Clips with Abby are so refreshing. I like that girl so much, partly because I love workout, huge muscles, especially body transformations- it is showing person’s commitment and will. I believe It’s not easy to brake her :). Could you tell me, how old is she?
    What is enigmatic for me actually, how you find so great models? :P

    1. Hello Queensnake. I only fairly recently stumbled upon some of your content. I really have an appreciation for how creative and wild your scenes are.

      I think you hit the nail right on the head when you said part of the appeal of BDSM is the creativity. It is very much an artform.

      Just like art in the conventional sense… there are different artists who have their own unique styles and I find it fascinating to see what other people can come up with.

      Do you enjoy discussing BDSM theory? Just kinda sharing ideas and concepts about different scenes? I have so many wild ideas that I think would be fun to share with someone who is more of a professional and not just some guy who spends way too much time fantasizing about “what I would do if i had the opportunity to create content”

    1. maybe you think it’s too traumatic?
      but models from tg for many years this is something I have not heard of any problems.
      Could you answer please.
      do you like what they do? or is it a taboo for you?

      1. Unfortunately tg2club movies are full of blood and we cannot show any blood in our movies. So this is not an option for us. I also liked what they did anyway. I am so sad that Master Serpent died :( His movies were unique. He was a friend :(

        1. Ouch! I’m sorry, but he was a talented person. What a loss! Inexhaustible imagination and real skill!

          Now what will happen to the models who have worked with him for so many years?

          Maybe you could invite some of them to your project? It will be very sad if we don’t see them again.

          Anita was divine! However, like many others.

          Very, very sad);

  28. Hello. I have been following my website for a long time. I have a suggestion for movies, would you mind shooting more in the snow in winter? I love short snow stories and fucking snowman movies. I know it’s for you or your other actresses it’s a challenge, but it’s not the scary things you’ve done before. I hope you will heed my requests.

    1. Hello. I would like to ask how long have you been in pain and had traces on your body after the last recording of gladiators. I’d love to try it but I’m very scared of what will happen next. thank you if you answer me

      1. I had just a little pain after that session for about 1-2 days, the marks disappeared after about 2 weeks.

    2. I love to shoot in the snow, it is so beautiful although it is very challenging as well. I hope we can shoot some more snow vids this winter.

  29. Hello QS :
    I am a chinese fans. I’m sorry I can only communicate with you in my poor English. I like the films which you played a masochist. Also as a masochist,I am dreaming to be one of your slaves. If only it could come true. By the way,I’m particularly curious why you don’t bleed in these films. Can you solve my doubts?Thank you very much.
    Love you forever!

    1. Thank you for your nice message. Love you too! I do bleed many times during my session but we have to cut those scenes out because of the rules of the credit card companies.

      1. I did wonder. That said you are tall and always have a spring in your step in your heels. You are beautiful from head to toe and a true sex professional. Where are you from and what star sign?

  30. hi queensnake!
    I just re-joined your site after few years and I’m simply admire your work. Its really brilliant.
    I would love to see more “gamified creative setups” – like “Queensnakes’s Gambit” where amount of the slave punishment, depends on her performance.
    The Wheel of Misfortune was lovely, but the punishment only depended on fortune. The setup could be made more “devilish” :)
    For example, you count setup “baseline punishment” at beginning – like X whip lashes or cane strokes and also setup additional restrictions. The slave must keep, else the punishment will be more severe.
    E.g. slave after a stroke is required to return to position after specified amount of time (like 10 seconds) and/or keep “quiet enough” after a stroke.
    You could measure whenever the slave is quiet enough with a sound level meter.
    If the slave breaks the restriction – this will increase the count of strokes.
    You could command the slave to count the strokes.. just to make it more difficult – she should keep not just one counter, but a few (like strokes on tits, pussy and belly).
    What ever … just the conditions should be difficult to keep – this will guarantee fun for the master.
    But anyway. I love your work.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment and for the suggestions. I really like them. I definitely love the sound level meter idea . My girls are just too loud. :)

  31. I’m so happy for ya!!! Really neat you live in Europe now! Bring an extra buy in for poker cause I’ll be takin it home with me haha
    You look good!! I can’t believe how many videos I haven’t seen of you!! Hit me all at once Hope you are well!

  32. I think it will be a popular video like crocodile or vampire clamps about jessica. I think theese are your toughest videos, but i’m not sure if jessica is read to complete a session like that. Anyway, it will be cool that you try it. I really love your videos, and I think you are the most extreme bdsm web I ever see, please continue this way.

  33. Wonderful pupy-clips with Jeby! And best of all! She is wearing high heel shoes! See, that wasnt to difficult, was it? :) High heels on the girls being punished takes your site from a 9 to a 10, believe me!

    1. @Queensnake i am a big fan of yours following you from 2014 . I like the amount of your efforts. And those videos area awesome too. I wish to see more competition or duel videos.
      With respect
      Your fan

  34. I do not come to your site that often but I wanted to report that with Firefox I only see an unstyled entrance waiver and after accepting I see the same page again, so the site is inaccessible. This may be related to introduction of cdn.queensnake.com. You might want to look into this to reach more people.

    1. unfortunately nothing has improved, queensnake.com remains unusable to me with Firefox (on Linux). cdn.queensnake.com only gives a 403 forbidden error, this explains why the page can’t be assembled successfully.

  35. Hello QS,
    Is fear a kink? Your videos thrill me but also scare me!

    Thanks for the thrills!

  36. Dear Qs,
    In your website my favourite category is toilet brush and other brushes insertion to vagina scenes.. But I don’t like self torment scenes, could you please do videos like ‘Red and black’, ‘T brush Nazryana’, ‘T brush Holly’, ‘Brush N Whip Jeby, and “Rotary” kind of videos,.
    Thank you.

  37. Hello- I discovered your website a few months ago and have been a member since then. It is amazing!!!! Congratulations!!! The only improvement I would suggest is to explore anal torture. This is definitely missing

  38. Finally – high heels in use! Loved the new Holly bullwhipping – please keep the high heels in use on the girls being whipped ! Renewing my membership and giving you lovely ladies a new chance

  39. I’d love to see videos of you as the sub to your Master.

    Do you have any such videos or plans for a site where we get to see you on the receiving end? I think there are a lot of us who’d join that site/buy those videos immediately.

    1. BTW – I’m a bit concerned about the potential for infections with the tacks, etc.

      Even if they are sterile, there’s a chance for a “bad bug” to come along. I am a retired scientist from the medical industry, and there are non-prescription antimicrobials that work better than prescription antibiotics (a fact which MDs would sooner die than admit).

      Myrrh kills ALL TYPES of bacteria, including “SuperBugs” like MRSA. (It was a medicine used in India LONG before the “Wise Men” visited Bethlehem. Ditto Frankincense. Ditto Colloidal Silver.

      The Bible was written before they knew about germs. Most of the “healing miracles” were well-within their current scientific capabilities. They’re all available w/o prescriptions. Handy to have, just in case.

      1. I worked with TENS units back when they were experimental. Contrary to popular belief, the difference between a gentle touch and pain isn’t the intensity of the nerve impulses – they’re all the same voltage, but the pulse-repetition rate. 20pps is gentle, 80 is extreme pain.
        Have you experimented with tattoo machines/hot sauce/electrical pulses? The benefit of electrical pulses is, of course, the instant the voltage stops, so does the pain, and no damage done to the nerves or tissues.

        1. Sorry, me again.

          It occurred to me that nasal decongestant spray mixed with lube could temporarily allow a dildo/dogtoy to penetrate, but the decongestant would soon render the pussy dry and leave the dogtoy stuck until extra lube was injected. It’d be a simple modification to make, just put a tube up its centerline.

          Have you ever had a dildo used in a dry pussy? I wouldn’t want it to be pulled out too hard, as it might prolapse the vagina, and a former GF of mine had that (long before meeting me) and it did permanent damage. (Please DON’T!)

      2. Thanks for your comment, it is very useful. Avoiding infections is a number one priority. I did not know Myrrh but I will definitely try it next time.

        1. My apologies if this is a stupid question, but I’ve seen girls strapped to a Hitachi to their clit, forcing them to have orgasms while their clit is sensitive from prior orgasms. The most orgasms I’ve seen a girl stand is 7.

          The thing is, their orgasms seem to keep getting more intense.

          It makes me wonder how many you could stand, and I’d pay to see how intense your orgasms can get before you quit.

          Is this something you’ve already done?

          May I ask what your limit was/is?

  40. Welcome. I love the movie “nettle puppy” maybe it’s time for the next installment of this work with a new girl. Yeby it’s cool, but maybe now Holly?

  41. Just signed up to your site – I have been a bit dissapointed since you dont have used high heels on the Girls you are punishing lately. But I see that there have been a small improvement since I last was a customer here.

    A Little step for you.. but great pleasure for me…

    1. A great new approach with the dressed cunt! And finally some high heels in good use! MoreMoreMore ❤️

    2. Hello Queensnake,
      I really loved your film “Fallen Leaves” where you were fucked for real. Please make more of these and may I suggest you combine them with whipping. I would love to see you being whipped everywhere, then being fucked by a man (anal, perhaps?), then being whipped some more after the fucking. That would be the best video of its kind ever. May I also add – you are beautiful woman and the whippings you take are awesome – really awesome. Keep getting whipped!

  42. I love your films, cause they are actually incredible, awesome, amazing… It takes so many words to describe them, but i have one true word to describe you – queen. You are really queen of pain and pleasure for me. I hope, I’ll meet you someday in real life, if you ever will be in Russia. Thank you so much

  43. Use more heels please… it makes everything so much more sexier and costs so little… make Holly Great again

  44. Hello QS,
    I am amazed at the number of commenters to your BLOG, and more amazed you reply to many of them. Since you are acting without a script, and since I am a writer, we don’t have a lot in common, BUT I love your work! Might I suggest these ideas for future videos; 1. a third person in the background who witnesses the D/s activity and provides sensual comfort and orgasms to the sub and dom after the action is over. 2. using a penis pump on a woman’s pussy to the point the outer lips swell to 4x their size and the inner lips are pulled out of the pussy. 3. tying big breasts very tightly, then striking them to make lots of bruises. You might have 2 dom, one for each breast, and a prize for the one who makes the best set of marks. 4. bondage lactation with a very large funnel to catch the drips and squirts. At the end reveal a person under the funnel drinking in the milk. 5. multiple piercing of nipples and labia with rings installed and very heavy chains clipped to the rings. – – Enjoy

  45. Great to see you put Jessica into good use with a nice cunt-bursting! Was afraid you were about to let her of to easy… :) Please make her have those sexy high-heels on next time you beat her….

  46. After seeing your work I worried about you and needed to know that you are safe.I find most of what you do sickening but if you are happy.
    Best Wishes

  47. Dear QS,
    I just recently discovered your excellent videos by searching for keywords. I am not much into videos, but I screened your entire side for the story it tells.
    My wife and myself love nettles too – we use them inside and outside on her, and it is the only game that brought her to her limits – we had to stop playing after I fucked her anus with a fresh branch of nettles as she was short of passing out.

    i have seen you did some anal nettles too, and that would be my comment: could you extend your anal torture and asshole torture portfolio, I think it holds a huge potential to reuse many of your fantastic techniques..

    painful greetings
    Peter and Saba

  48. Hi, i really appreciate your work, especially on Queensect. I really loved your last movie with lingerie and worms.. so sexy to see all this life inside you. Is there anything new to be released soon on queensect ? Checking every day, hope for earthworms and mud being spushed in !! Thanks for your beautiful work …

  49. Just a little feedback from me… :)

    I have several times been a guest on your site. My favourite girl is without question Holly and my favourite-clip is the cunt-busting-clip with Tracy. I wish you could do a replay of that busting.

    One humble request is that I love to watch your sub-girls getting punished with high-heels and sexy stockings…

    I also love to watch the interaction between the beating girls while they beat their subbie. Loved to watch Tracy and Rachel really smiling and enjoying themselves.

    Please – keep the stockings and the heels on the girls.. as much as you possibly can – then will love you forever.. :)

    1. Thx for your comment. I agree with you, stockings and heels are so sexy, we should wear them more often ;)

      1. Thanks for your swift reply.

        Nothing as sexy as a suffering, crying girl crawling arround on the floor in heels and stockings getting what she deserves from evil mistresses having loads of fun doing their job.
        Keeping my eyes on you QS ;)

  50. Hello mistress QS, I’m a new subscriber and I love your site! especially the ones involving power tools, or pressure sprayers! I just wanted to say, if you’ve never considered it before, I think it’d be very hot to use an orbital/rotary sander or buffer on a girl. Also, I think it’d be quite hot to see you use a drill+brush again, but this time with soap and the pressure washer, to really ‘clean up’ a dirty sub!! Thanks again for all the great vids!!

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    Hello, I would like to become with pleasure a member with you, you can help me like me in yourselves can pay! Because I only one normal bank map have thanks beforehand Jürgen Kirschstein


    1. Love the site. Pity no blood. Laws are stupid sometimes.
      Your looking for new talent. Can I suggest more of an ethnic mix.
      Black.Asian.Pakistani/Indian. Japanese. Chinese and South American girls. The world is your playground

  53. Hi Q’s I love your work yesterday I Sean the toilet brush insertion video and I too tried to insert .it was extremely painful for me

  54. Hi queensnake,
    I am a huge fan of your site I’ve been watching your videos for years now and they have fueled my sexual exploration for a very long time. I’m a 50/50 sadist masochist and dabbled in solo pain porn but I’ve been doing this since I was 10 years old it’s a part of my life my fiancé is just now getting an introduction to this world and she’s enjoying it somewhat but is on the fence. I don’t want to scare her towards vanilla and get stuck playing with myself in the closet when she goes to sleep do you have any tips to nudge her to the dark side lol. Also I loved your anal video please please do more of it maybe a brush anal video I love having a toilet brush up my ass. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.

  55. Hello! snake I am Japanese man I’m sorry my poor English
    I love your site. It is beautiful! Creative! and i feel every actor enjoy playing more than anything

    by the way though there are various playstyle I wont to see japanese old sports hazing In Japanese harsh atmosphere
    I think it can not be understood in words if you visit japan i wont to theach you that (^_^)

  56. Hello! snake I am Japanese man I’m sorry my poor English
    I love your site. It is beautiful! Creative! and i feel every actor enjoy playing more than anything

    by the way though there are various playstyle I wont to see japanese old sports hazing In Japanese harsh atmosphere
    I think it can not be understood in words if you visit japan i wont to theach you that (^_^)

  57. Hey..Im new to bdsm.Im 19 yrs old boy…I had greate pleasure by seen this site…I love wormhole scene …..however thank you very much QS …. keep going … one day I want to be like you

  58. I’ve noticed you use strap on moments with the girls (I do enjoy watching). I never saw you use one on Tract. Has that just never came up or wouldn’t she like that? Just curious not a criticism :)

  59. Hey, what are you doing with your pussy and pussy girls is amazing. I’d love a clip in which torture pussy of yours girl and then punish a cut of pussy clitoris without her knowing it would be its surprise :)

  60. I got an email reply and it identified this blog site and url and said to confirm follow I had to click a spot on the email. I did click confirm follow. When I did that it sent me to set up a word press account. I’m a little confused on that site. It said to create a site and that’s not what I want to do. I want to view and respond on the blog url above. On the post comment section on the blog site it gave an option to be responded to by email for any questions and such. Can I receive some guidance on this?

  61. I’ve just read through practically your entire blog, it’s interesting reading to get a little behind the scenes look :) I’ve been loving your work for years now
    I’m wondering if there’s any plans or news regarding your other site, queensect? I would love to see some more of what you planned to post there, especially more bloody things, I think it is always a bit of a shame to wash it off so soon as you have to do normally.
    Besides being very beautiful you seem to be a fun and creative person, and that is half of the fun following your site :)

  62. hello
    dear QS
    I visit your web page, you are so pretty and you have good shaped body, it is not safe that you crash your pretty body is so valuable you must protect it and use it for true method life and sexxxxxxx.

    1. as she has said she only does what is safe. Her choice as it is all of our choices to do with our bodies what we choose

  63. I just watched spiky ball and your English is good as it is in other videos. considering it isn’t your native language. I am from the U.S. (medically ) retired from the Army after 15 years. I am currently and in the past worked as a security officer and jail correction officer. I have a bachelor’s in criminal justice and a master’s in homeland security. You can tell where my interest lies. You are truly a sight to watch and are very impressive

    1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your nice comments especially because you are a girl. Some or rather many of the things I am doing is usually too much for the girls to watch lol

      1. I am a lesbian (never had any interest in men ) So for me, it is very much a pleasure to watch, That being said I must say that watching you and Tanita’s chemistry together is amazing. There, at least to me, seems to be a very deep emotional and physical connection. I love watching you with diamond. She appears to get you very sexually flustered (I would be too trust me). I m a butch lesbian so basically like a tomboy. Masculine in attitude, nature and thoughts (that gets me in trouble from time to time lol). That may be why i’m into it as easy as I am and not as picky as most girls.

      2. we just had a shooting at a gay and lesbian nightclub in Orlando florida a couple days ago. There were 48 killed and 50 some wounded. My community (the lesbian and gay community) just took a nasty slaughter

  64. you are beautiful for one. Also, I love your work and I can tell you have as much concern for creativity and passion as you do caring for the other girls.

  65. I love your works! So amazing and heart touching. When I saw one of your videos “detention” for the first time, I was like O_O omg! How can she tolerate that much pain! Honestly there was one moment when I actually felt tears on my eyes! You’re just amazing and most importantly I want to have a body like your’s . So tell me how to do that, I mean what type of exercise do you chose? and keep up the good work you’re amazing! <3

    1. Hi Anna! Thanks for your comment. I am glad that you liked Detention, it was more painful than it looks like and you realized it. This video is not too popular because most people think it was too easy and soft. I suggest those people to try it lol Anyway I think my body type is 50% genes and 50% workout in the gym and healthy foods.

      1. I read the write up here about it. I liked it and I don’t think it looked easy by any means

  66. There was a Clips4Sale store, where some fans like me, who cannot be in QueenSnake.com, were able to buy some clips there. But it seems to be no update on that store any more. The “Short Snow Stories” clip, beside “Snow Snake”, has really inspired me. When QS and Tanita were just in their stockings in cold snow, on the threshold of a real hypothermia. This clip was the realization of a long time fantasy in my mind. I suggest everyone to buy this clip, as there would be no model in world to be brave enough to do something like that. I just hope to see more snow stockings clips in coming winter in the clip store, maybe this time with a medical thermomether to show their body temperature!

  67. Hi Qs,
    First of all how are you my friend..??????
    I am just asking because I saw some vedios of you and your team….The way you are managing and handling your job is very good…I like it….but I have question to you….if you suffered from the nettle or electricity or hot chily, then after how many days you shoot the next vedio….I am just asking because I want to know that for how many days the pain stay in your and your friends body…I know that you surely look about the safetynes……
    I saw some vedios of you and your girlfriends….. All if them are very good…..specially the candle wax insert into the vagina of stacy….and the hot chilli paste Into stacy’s vagina…..
    By the way friend now I am saying bye to you……I hope you will give reply soon…
    By friend……

  68. I have a request for a video. I was thinking that you combine a few to make the ultimate video. Beat up Nazryanas pussy until it is nice red and swollen, then stuff hot pepper seeds and stems inside, next sew up her pussy leaving the seeds inside, and finally while her pussy is sewn take her into a very public place and see if she can handle it.

  69. Hey QS, i’m a 20 yo french, and i’m quite fascinated by you, i’d like to know you better, i mean could you talk a bit about yourself like your first experiences, how you discovered BDSM?, how far will you go?, Do you think you’ll have children? What if they found out about you?

    Me and my gf like to bite ourselves until it bleeds, do you like that kind of stuff?

    Even if its not BDSM, do you practice zoo or scat stuff? Will we see it one day?

    J’ai un grand respect pour ce que tu fais , même si il y a des choses que je n’oserai jamais faire ^^
    Bonne continuation!

    1. Hi Frenchy, thanks for your comment ;)
      I discovered my special feelings about pain around age 7-8 . I felt sexual arousal when I caused physical pain to myself or when I received pain from an other person, mainly from a sadistic boy, I also fantasized a lot about being captured and restrained. I tried to hide this side of me for very long time because I thought it was wrong. Then my life suddenly changed when I got 30, I divorced from my first love and I started a completely new life. I wanted to try everything that I missed in my twenties. I met my second husband on a dating site and I realized that we have the same kinks. It was him who first told me about BDSM and it was him who initiated me into this world. How far? Anything that safe. We are very careful during our sessions, there are always serious preparations and precautions (behind the scenes) to avoid any risk of injuries or health risks.
      We have no children and I am not sure that I will ever have :(, I am 41.
      Biting each others is very painful, we also tried it though not until it bleeds. There is a rather long biting scene in “Hairbrush – Nazryana”, that can cause pretty nice marks on the skin.
      I have only insect fetish, I am not into zoo stuff. Scat is an other story :D My husband and I both love it ;)

      1. Queensnake, You truly have a unique site. I have never seen such genuine love of pain that becomes sexual pleasure, even ecstasy. Your slim, fit body is wonderful to watch writhing in both pain and orgasmic frenzy.I imagine you undergoing the challenge of using pain to keep yourself on the edge of orgasm as you are teased unmercifully by a vibrator. You would not be tied, but spread-eagled on your back on a table, keeping your arms and legs spread wide with your own will-power. One tormentor would tease you toward orgasm. another would apply whips, clamps and electric shocks to your perfect breasts to drive you back from orgasm. You, yourself would call for the pain when you felt yourself near release. How long could you endure this? How long could you stand it? Would the pain itself drive you over the edge?

  70. HI, I have read that your shots are amateur, but I think they could improve a lot by using a microphone on a boom, especially in close shots where it could hear much better the sound generated by the tools that you use during the sessions. And it would be the same for the groans and sighs.

  71. Dear QS,

    Speaking from a new member of both of your QS sites, I have to tell you that you are truly a very special, sexual, beautiful and nteresting woman (or lady). What you have been showing in your video production are really ONE-OF-A-KIND. Keep up the good work and looking forward to see more of your videos.
    One more question to you if I may: Owing to your nickname is QueenSnake. Have you ever had filming with a snake? i..e. inserting a entire snake into your pussy? I am hoping to see such a video on your QueenSect.com, soon.
    Cheers! Looking forward to hear from you.


      1. Why did you put the second part to “Nail Me Down” on Queensect where those of us subscribed to Queensnake can’t download it?
        You have a great imagination which makes your site exciting and stimulating. I’m impressed with you and all your girlfriends, who are beautiful and painworthy. I hope you don’t open your site to so many participants that they are no longer your intimate friends. The friendship and camaraderie are what make your videos so compelling. Your collective love of pain turns me on — it’s bdsm for fun, not fake for profit. I wouldn’t enjoy the videos nearly as much if I thought the girls weren’t happy making them.
        …And kudos to your master, who is a master photographer. He makes everything come alive and viewers feel they are right there. And don’t hold back on speaking–your accent is sexy. It would be nice if the other girls would speak, which would reinforce the pain-loving theme of your site and add to the excitement.

      2. I can see why very few people would be excited about the insects, especially the scene called “Wormholes” which made me cringe! It would be interesting to see you staked out on a fire-ant hill with your nipples and clitoris smeared with honey. Could your sendure it? I don’t suppose there are fire-ants in Europe though, so it must remain a fantasy.

  72. Hey Queensnake! Awesome videos! I love m in any way and respect all your work with everything! Deffo a fan of the tackrider stuff.

    I have a problem though, I myself am a dominant man towards my sub, and I have a girlfriend (who isnt into bdsm, but is 200% fine with the fact I have a sub, im blessed with her!)

    The sub is a girl who enjoys pain and gets her pleasure out of it, I even let her orgasm from time to time :) but the last couple of months she seems to want to have plain sex with me aswell, which I dont want, because my girlfriend and stuff, my sub is not obediant towards me when I tell her “no, I dont want to fuck you.” because of the mutual agreement between her and me and my girlfriend that me and my sub will never ever have the act of penetration, but she keeps on talking about this after a session. she even got her ass on top of me and started wiggling it and stuff.

    I do like her for my BDSM stuff with her, shes a “fluffy” girl whoms skin and “fluff”is dancing along with the whipping. But i am in no way, mentally or pysically attracted to her aswell.

    What would you recommend me to do with her?I do not particullairy want to lose her as my sub, but if that is the only way out I wont feel any other reason then her dragging about sex.

    so, What do you suggest?

    By the way, i saw the video of the candle wax inside the vagina hehe… how do you clean that afterwards? haha :)

    greetings from the netherlands!


    1. Hi Michel, thanks for your comment. It seems that she needs a fuck buddy so I would get her one and I would order her to fuck him in front of me or even better to fuck him while she gets some harsh whipping or other kind of punishments by me for being so filthy slut. I think that would be satisfying for her ;) QS

  73. HI Queensnake, I love your nettle sessions, I have used these for years and they are incredibly painful on the glans penis. I don’t know how you tolerate the pain on your clitoris. Exactly as you have found the “under the skin” crawling feeling persists for hours. If you want some suggestions for the future how about 1). Holly (Ilex aquifolium) used as in your tackrider scenes, maybe also whipping and, (it would be fantastic) insertion, if the risk of being torn to pieces is not too much. 2). How about fucking yourself with a cactus? Some have impossibly hard spikes but others are much softer. Just some thoughts…


  74. Hi queennsake, from your videos i see you live in flat, and sometimes you scream very big, so i am wondered if neighbours suspects something? :D

    1. Hehe that’s a good question! I am always worried about the screams but fortunately there hasn’t been any complaints about it from our neighbours for more than two years. They might think that we have a wild sexual life which is true since my orgasms are also very loud ;)

  75. Hi Queensnake you are a wonderful fetish girl, so why you don´t make an enema session or use big strap-on?

  76. hello snakeQueen
    I live i Danmark,and i love snake and tigers,i was tatoo with them.And i was sm lover too.but mush harder than you do.I like your videos special whipping and special special bullwhipping,and there i must say your 2 bullwhippingvideo on the front of the woman have nothing with bullwhipping to do.the whip was not a bullwhip,and splach was very soft.I thing the lady can take mush harder breastwhipping.use the lady from the cristmastree she can take it i thing.
    you and your ladys was very beautiful,good bodys in fin finess shape.
    if you come to Danmark onetime i could take you in my tormentforest,and give you some teatment

    1. Hi Peder,
      Thanks for your comment :) Probably you haven’t met that kind of whip before that was used in our movies, it is a special kind of a whip and available only in a specific region in Europe. It is called “ringed whip”, a bit similar to bullwhip but yet it is different. The bullwhip has a firmly fixed whip part and it has a smooth surface comparing to the ringed whip. The whip part of the ringed whip is fixed to its handle with a rotating ring. The whip is most often carved and embellished with leather straps, and the whip part is made of braided rude and harsh leather, it is not smooth at all, it is coarse and can tear the skin very easily. When whipped correctly, the flexible part of the whip forms a wave or a circle, which moves down the whip with increasing speed. (At the end, it surpasses the speed of sound (actually doubles it), creating a small sonic boom. But of course in our movies it does not happen, since we use it on girls and not just in the air :) Maybe it seems that our whipping sessions are soft but actually they are very hard and painful. Just see my first experience with this kind of whip – https://qsbdsm.com/2011/07/08/bullseye/#more-1528. Are you saying it is not hard enough? I had whipping marks for almost one month, nothing permanent of course but I had nice bruises, swollen skin and a ripped nipple. And see the pattern of the braided leather on my skin ;)
      I suggest you to try this ringed whip once and you will see what I am talking about :P
      Love, Queensnake

      1. Hey Queensnake
        I have been a member for 3 day so i first see bulleye now,and i take my word back,thats hurt i can see that,and the whip realy stings,you can take a lot off pain,i loking forward to see the rubberrings on your body.
        the best whips for movie is heavy whips so your realy can see the whip takes the fleesh and move it from side to side,now you not have big breast,it is very horny to see breast shake from side to side when it was hit by a heavy whip.I love to see you.

  77. Finaly you unblocked your site in my country- Slovakia, i will buy your membership if you dont again blocked your site.

  78. Hello Queensnake
    You are truly a goddess. im a memmber of your site and delighted that i found it. my favourite videos are O sole mio and the tackriders i was wondering will you be doing more foot torturing videos as you have sublime and beautiful feet??
    you have the most varied torture videos, which i love and was wondering why none of your videos contain any anal play??
    thank you

    1. Thanks for the compliments. :) My master also worships my feet and he loves any kind of foot tortures too but unfortunately most of my members don’t like it at all :( that is why there is not too many vids featuring foot fetish itself.
      Yeah anal plays like enema is not allowed by my payment provider :(, simple anal fuck and stretching (dildo, fisting) is not really bdsm for me (but there are experts in this, see hotkinkyjoe) and anus tortures like piercings, sharp objects are way too dangerous. So I don’t have too many options to do anal plays. Which kind of anal plays do you like anyway?

  79. Hi Queensnake from your some outdoor videos and pictures i think you live in Slovenia, i am right?

  80. Hi queensnake have you problems with police when you shoot outdoor movies? And how many people see you naked while you shoot your movies outdoor?

  81. I spend half my time in england and half in ukraine. Whenever im in ukraine the website says its under maintenance? Can you help me out how to access it when im in ukraine

    1. You cant run site in easter europe, that is stupid thing, and its becouse queensnake fear or pirates, but i think only Russia should be blocked, no need to block others coutries, and also this blocking much lowers customers for queensnake.

      1. Martin, it realy doesnt lower her customers as i only bought my subscription because i couldnt download it anywhere for free.

  82. Hi..love the site. Your imagination is impressive and the quality of work is even more impressive. I know it’s a business and the goal is to maintain an attentive audience , so I know you can’t get foolish (pushing to the limit is more than enough for me anyway). However, I would love to see something along the lines of pussy torture where you use a dildo wrapped in sandpaper . obviously it can’t be heavy duty or the model will be out of commission, but something light weight that clearly causes swelling and some blood would be pretty cool. My wife has joked about it , but won’t let me near her ..but a boy can dream . guess I’ll have to live vicariously through your site a bit more..thanks for all the great vids

  83. Dear Queensnakes,
    first i would like to give you a big compliment for your fantastic Site. All works fine and it looks like a well done professionell work. The next one is your sessions are filled with so much sensuality and erotic than other so called BDSM sites do (i.e. elitepain etc.) Big compliment too to the cameraman – great work! ( I for myself don’t think to do that work in front of those lovely, well stuffed naked girls – hehehe)
    keep BDSMing ;-)

  84. Hey, Queensnake you sexy beast!!!
    I love your sexy body and your feet.
    When are you going to do an EP or MP type shoot?
    I’d love to see you tied up and caned……………..

  85. Hi Queensnake you have awesome body, only bad on your body are small tits, do you think about geting silicone tits? I think that you would be more sexy.

    1. Martin123, Queensnake’s tits are perfect. If you want to see huge tits there are a million sites out there.
      Queensnake, please never consider ruining your perfect petite body by having gross implants.

  86. When I was younger I meet the older women , She was the first women to have piercings and was into insertions and fastening jewelry to her piercings. I say jewelry because she loved to insert jewelry starting with necklaces building up to earrings, as well as braslets .
    Slowly over the years getting the jewelry slowly with objects on them until it was just braslets with sharp bits and then earrings.
    I don’t see her anymore and don’t no where she is.
    So is there a chance of you doing a repeat of this for me.

  87. Hi Queensnake can i know country where you live in europe? And i guess that you are French due to your accent and you also write french in this blog, so i guess that you live in France, maybe Paris or Lyon?

  88. Hi Queensnake, how much you pay your girls in your videos? I am girl 28 years old and i would like to perform in your videos.

  89. Hi Queensnake, firstly I must tell you I think you are beautiful and you have a beautiful body. To me you are perfect.
    I love your site and blogs, I haven’t joined yet but will do so soon.
    I love the fact that you do what you enjoy and share it with the world.
    I’m into pain, self mutilation and the like.
    I wish I could find a beautiful woman like you to watch and ‘play’ with.
    I’ve read a few comments on some of your blogs about people being negative about your ‘pay-site’ and saying your movies are boring.
    What a lot of hog-wash (shit). I’d pay to see you just take your clothes off on a daily basis.
    Your movies are unique on the web, being amature productions just adds to the uniqueness.
    I personally think your productions are very good, compliments to you and your camera man.

    Ok, so I am into spanking, no, I’m into caning. Elite pain & mood pictures are my favourite productions apart from yours.
    I would like to see you getting a hard canning on your ass, your breasts and your tummy…..
    Oh, btw I love your tummy, awesome six-pack, and belly button, not to forget your sexy feet and painted toes.
    I’ll always enjoy your movies, no matter what the theme / story line.
    If you are thinking about changing it up please consider more caning and whipping scenes.

    Keep up the excellent work, I look forward to seeing you on the www for a long time still.

  90. I LOVE your website! Simply amazing, love your movies, and the pics, look forward to seeing more of you and much much more of you in pain!

  91. Do you have any videos of skewers through your tits or labia?

    Keep up the great work. Your a beatiful woman and it is a pleasure watching you perform.

  92. Some of what you and your associates are doing are of course a turn on…the Damsel in distress being abused by her evil Master…of course that is not the case at all…you are living the life of Sado Mas and getting well paid for it for now without thinking down the road we all are traveling…make nothing more of that comment…however, you and your group play all arround what men really want to see and I suspect you are afraid to do…as a matter of fact it is almost impossable to find on the net…”the helpless female placed in the wooden stocks in the bent over position, feet firmly locked in place, legs spread apart about 30 to 45 degrees and mouth firmly ball gagged waiting for her very hard long paddle spanking that turns her bare bottom black and blue all over…not just red…much more…very painfull…hard, fast, furious and continouse…the same number of whacks from both sides…you get an even tan that way…lol…and you get a very excited male audiance also…that is if your up to the challenge, hell, the damm russians whip and cane so bad that everything else is tame…the Damsel in the stocks hard bare bottom paddleing 50 to 100 whacks would certainly be within the relm of the true Sado Mas !!!

  93. Hi Queensnake i am also curious how you finding your girls? And do you perform live cam show? I will good pay for it you of course, i am your big fan.

    1. Some of my girls are my best girlfriends in real life for many years, some of them were found on bdsm/fetish oriented dating sites…
      I would love to perform live cam show but no time for that recently.

  94. Hi Queensnake can i ask you some personal questions? What you doing in your regular job? Have you kids and know your family and parents what you doing and what is their opinion on it? And i dont want offense you i am just curious.

  95. great movies you got, but why don’t you fuck in any of them? don’t you like fucking? your master is not willing to do you or have you fucked by other men? I’d love to see you in a really painful movie and in the end fucked and used real good in all your pain-stricken holes, with cum all over you…

  96. What has happened to all your insect work? Its the main reason I subscribed are you not doing insect stuff anymore?

  97. Dear Queensnake
    A lot of feelings and things are flowing through my mind since I met your site. I could write many comments but I find them banal and not really describing what I think. Two words are mainly in my mind. Thanks and Freedom.
    Thank you for all the pleasure you give indirectly to me, thank you to be so natural, thank you for your wonderful smile while you go from suffering pain to orgasm. Thank you play with your body like an instrument. Thank you for your moving so nicely. Thank you for the pleasure you give yourself and your “Slaves”. Thank you for your fantasy. Thank you for the wonderful skin full of stripes and red blood. Thank you for all the dreams.
    Freedom form Moral. Freedom for accepting yourself as for you are. Freedom to get me free from my chains. Freedom to be naked in this world of hypocrite. Freedom to enjoy the sex in all form it can be conceived. Freedom to walk trough pain and troubles to the orgasm. Freedom to insert all this wonderful “toys” in you. Freedom to be yourself an myself.
    Queensnake you are so beautiful dirty shining and dark. A complete Free and wonderful person.
    Love you so much

  98. Hello Queensnake! Love the site, you ladies do some amazing things and really push the limits
    Gotta say that for my first ever paid membership, I think I’ve found the last site ill ever need! Anyways, I’ve always wanted to see something huge inserted. Big enough to look pregnant. I was thinking water balloon or a small beach ball filled with water. Id love to see u or one of the subs walking around with a huge distended womb that’s heavy to carry. Id also love to see a very deep pussy insertion, like a pole or broomstick, as far up as possible. I love to see the stretching! I can pay more if u would do it. Email me, id love to work something out and make it happen! Take care and thanks for being the best bdsm site!

  99. I like the creativity in your movies – haven’t seen any other like that. It feels that this is not a roleplay but everything looks very spontaneous. I like seeing that a slave looks like being lost, with no idea what will happen next. Keep up the work. Your site is very nice indeed.

  100. Hi i have nothing against BDSM and if you shoot your movies in house than ok. But i dont like that you shoot your movies outdoor. If some small childrens will see your sick games they can have trauma from this! Police should you punished for exhibicionism!

  101. Hello QueenSnake,

    I’m also a BDSM film producer — as well as a consumer :)

    In addition, I like to promote some of the best BDSM sites in the industry.

    I’m impressed with the intense action that you present on this site, and I recently became an affiliate of yours.

    I added your site to a list of top-notch BDSM sites that I promote through https://WizardsOfKink.com/home.php , and I’m very interested in actively promoting your remarkable site :)

    My favorite films of your is “Fucking Snowman” — and would love to see more snow action!

    (HOWEVER, when I did a test purchase through my affiliate site, I didn’t receive any credit as an affiliate. I sent an email to your support page and to epoch’s support page. I regretfully have to stop any promotion of your site until this matter is resolved.)

    1. Hi Andre,

      I also love the film “Fucking Snowman” as well the other films, where Q….S…. and other girls are shivering by cold. Hope Q….S… will do such a film in future :)

      I had a look at your site and it seems there are films with girls shivering.
      Please let me know, when you are planning a film, where girls are shivering by cold air or, better, cold water.


  102. Hi, I am very happy, that I found you and your site.
    For me its fascinating to see your nice and muscularly body shiver in some videos.
    It seems that you are shivering very easily. I hope, that you will do such videos in future.
    If you like to do a video with shivering for me, please contact me directly under shiverat@yahoo.de.
    I don´t want to criticize your camera-man, but please use a tripod. Keep the camera steady and be careful using the zoom (less is more).


      1. Funny situation, lol
        So it will be more important to use a tripod ;-)

        Do you think about doing a shiver video for me : )?


  103. Hello Queensnake, I just recently joined your site and have been amazed at all the wonderful and sexy videos you have created. As a young girl just beginning to explore my masochistic urgings I admire how strong and brave you are, and how you remain so poised and graceful even when enduring the harshest of treatments. My favorite video so far is the Bullseye scene although I wish the camera wasn’t constantly moving in the second half during your intense frontal whipping. Two things I’d love for you to consider for future scenes: a whipping session where you are punished with regular household items (clothesline rope, metal coat hanger, extension cord, slipper, cleaning brush, etc) and a cruxifiction scene where you (or any one of your wonderful models) is tied to a cross while having your nipples and pussy abused as you writhe in agony.

    Thanks again for all the wonderful work you do and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next.


  104. Merci beaucoup, Queensnake,
    When I see you well trained body I want to go in the gym.
    If you’re going to continue to investigate the limits of the women body tolerance I dare to hope for a such a story:
    A girl with sewn pussy comes to the nudist beach. Too shocking, may be. O.K., just routine life of a girl with sewn pussy. The sewing process is not exciting, I always wander what happens then. Anyway, good luck!

  105. Dear Queensnake,

    I love your vids, especially cunt stuffing ones. Unfortunately, not all of your vids are available on clips4sale. I would like to watch the poppy and the desert heart. Could you help me to purchase those vids? Link of a website, etc.

    Million kisses,

  106. dear queensnake

    have you experimented a snake inside your vagin?

    i saw some movies like this, this is great

    you should try it

    all my best

  107. hello dear Queensnake

    great last video with anthill

    please kindly to more with insects & other such things

    all my best

  108. Heavy knee on belly squeeze (I try again :-)
    In video’s like Happy Birthday & Forest Witch, we see some slightly stepping on the skinny girls belly, while she lay on her back

    One of my many kinky fantasies are following, which I hope to see on a video
    A robust heavy guy around 100 kg / 220 lbs or more, put his knee on her belly, then slowly increasing pressure, using his full body weight, until his knee almost “touches” the floor/ ground through her stomach.
    The camera from the side should then film how “thin” squeezed, she is :-)
    I’m sure the QueenSnake can take this sort of knee squeeze :-)
    I would for sure love to see that on a future video with a very skinny girl

  109. Hi Queensnake if i buy your membership for example for 7 days, i can download entire your video collection or its some GB limited?

  110. Dear QueenSnake,
    I liked your lasts videos, but just a question: how come there’s not even an anal scene in your videos? Are you scared about that?
    Thanks for your work!

  111. Heavy knee on belly squeeze
    In video’s like Happy Birthday & Forest Witch, we see some slightly stepping on the skinny girls belly, while she lay on her back

    One of my many kinky fantasies are following, which I hope to see on a video
    A robust heavy guy around 100 kg / 220 lbs or more, put his knee on her belly, then slowly increasing pressure, using his full body weight, until his knee almost “touches” the floor/ ground through her stomach.
    The camera from the side should then film how “thin” squeezed, she is :-)
    I’m sure the QueenSnake can take this sort of knee squeeze :-)
    I would for sure love to see that on a future video with a very skinny girl

  112. Hey again! I got another suggestion… have you ever tried rubbing yourself with cut red hot peppers? Quite an experience :-) Have fun! And hope to see you stuffing yourself with raw eggs (including scales) soon… :-)

  113. dear Queensnake
    i recently join yr web-site & watch all yr movies.
    This is fantastic especially about wormhole. Please kindly do more
    I wish to exchange yr view of BDSM world, i am very fun of you & what you are doing,
    pls kindly communicate visit me

    kisses from Paris

    1. Hi Q, why dont u try to put a gerbil or hamster into your pussy. let them play around maybe just for 5 minutes should be fun.

      or put firecraker into your pussy, maybe….

      But if you not coward, try put “Rhinoceros bettle” into your pussy… how long you can stand haha…. coward Q

    2. Be careful with insects, make sure they are disease free, as for maggots, mealworms
      are different than the traditional larva that also just eats dead tissue and is shorter not long.

      Also you could make videos with snakes, no biting just the sensation of crawling.

    3. where do i see these videos,aunt hii and super worms? thats why i joined and they are all gone!

  114. Bonjour ô Reine des Reines,
    Slingshot est une grande première dans notre Univers de fidèles admirateurs et disciples:
    La divine Déesse du plaisir et de la peine ,toi, fait entendre sa voix exquise.
    Alleluiah! Sa voix descend en moi à travers mes tympans comme une coulée de lave sur la glace, elle m’évapore, me fendille, me transforme en oiseaux de feu…
    Depuis des années je te suppliais pour l’entendre, car je savais qu’elle était parfaite dans la tonalité, la tessiture, la prononciation… Je suis finalement exaucée et ravie.
    Mais cette voix, qui vient d’une femme écrivaine, informaticienne, tragédienne aux talents multiples et admirables, toujours élégante, émouvante, désirable, intelligente, cette voix est la drogue la plus terrible qui soit: je suis envoutée, dépendante… et comblée.
    Encore! Encore! Encore!

  115. Hello! My name is Jessie. i am just starting on the wonderful journey of a BDSM lifestyle. I enjoy pain VERY MUCH..although some things scare me a little. thats normal though.. i just want to say that you and all the girls are VERY brave souls! i applaude your courage and hope to get to that point myself. Thank you for giving us pain-lovers a vioce! :) I am inspired by you. One of my very favorite vids is Hot Rain..oh, how i wish i could have been that girl under the melting hot wax dripping all over me!!
    xoxo Jessie :)

  116. Except that I love all u’r ideas & staging concerning u’r clips, I want to tell U that I cum so many times watching & imagining u’r adventures & also that U are really a very beautyful woman..

  117. Dear queensnake, you have a great site and I really admire your work. Great job! I have an idea for you which you might find interesting as you like putting things up your pussy, how about a cactus. You can vary the size and even the strength of the needles (some are weak and others are very strong). Give it a thought ;)

  118. Queensnake, great work love all the new ways you think to test yourself and to suffer for your master and of course us. Would you allow yourself to be buried naked in the snow to see how long you could endure. Another idea is to be towed behind a car naked and barefoot or better yet being forced to pull a car over rough ground encouraged with some vigrious whipping, great exercise too! What do you think?

  119. What a beautiful woman you are and what a beautiful site you have created. What creative freedom you have….and thanks also to your master.

    Blessings dear one

  120. you are the first site I have joined as you are so amazing I found you on Xhamster your trailers paid off it was the nettles so amazing I am hooked on you

  121. Queensnake – you are amazing, and i shall have to join your site soon, so that i can watch your painful adventures in detail.

    when i have done so, i will try to think of suggestions for future adventures…


  122. Your videos should be required viewing for all would be masters as they are always full of interesting and innovative ideas.

  123. Dear Queensnake,
    When will we see the horror movie with the w……..s? And hope to see you or one of your friends very soon covered with a……….s or s……….s all over your body ….

  124. Hi Queensnake how that membership work? If i buy one month membership i can download every movie what in this months? Or it is some limited?

  125. Hi, you’re fantastic!
    I’ve a question: I like you very much, and your body. I loved when you torture your tits and your pussy. But a curiosity: it’s not possible to see you in a normal act, fucking with a boy or a girl with dildo and toys? I would love to see you making love with your sensual power…

  126. Hi,
    I’m in the U.S.A., and had been a member previously (in May of this year) and had joined through Epoch using my E-check. I had no problem joining then, but after a month I canceled my sub. Now, I am trying to re-join , but there seems to be no payment option available, except through a credit card, and my only credit card is American Express, which is not acceptable. The option of using my bank account number seems to have been taken off the table. How can I join?-preferably for a 3 month subscription.

  127. Too ouchy for me but I can’t look away. You have an amazing level of fitness. In one of those nettle photos you look positively serene. Astounding, you should be a yogi.

  128. Congratulations on a truely inventive site, a wonderful imagination and fantastic dedication. Have you got your video puchase sorted? – streaming is difficult because of bandwidth. I’d love to puchase anonimously.

    Can I suggest inserting a small potted cactus? The long thin variety. Getting it in might be dificult and there would probably be a bit of blood when it was pulled out, but there is no doubt you would not fake it.

    Also barbed wire comes in various types – probablly not razor wire though. Take care to sterilise it first.

    The fireworks season is almost here and the is a type called a sparkler, which burns down – I’m not suggesting you pierce yourself with one or more, that might be a bit excessive, very spectacular though.

    There is also a type of firework called a banger. Butt or be very careful with you pussy.

  129. Hi, Queensnake!

    Beatiful movies (one, may be first, of my loved in BDSM), beatiful site (really, I like this desing, say it as webmaster with ten years expiriense). But why you block russian’s ip? We need to use some VPN, it’s not comfortable :)

  130. Hello Queensnake,

    I love your site, your body and your quite creative style. And I am looking forward to what comes next. I hope it involves putting raw eggs including the shells inside you.

    Greetings from Amsterdam

  131. Dear Queensnake
    congrats on your wonderful site I like very much what you do. I enjoyed your videos especially tackriders ones.
    Suggestion for your next videos:
    1 hear you talking or dialogues
    2 nippleshields on both breasts like the one we saw in conkers which is wonderful
    3 have your navel pierced permanently maybe during a session
    4 some kind of game between you and your girlfriend where the looser get a punishment, I would suggest a “tackrider game” where who gives up get punished. the winner could became the mistress
    5 a woodern horse with a rod on the top and tacks on the whole remaining area, then having you or your friends suspended on it like in tackrider till you have forcefully ride the rode

    hope my suggestions will be useful for next videos.
    keep up the good work!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Albarossa, Many thanks for the suggestions! I liked all of them :) The only thing that I have concerns about is talking and dialogues. On one hand my spoken English is horrible, on the other hand theatrical dialogues in bdsm scenes are definitely disturbing and frustrating – at least for me :P But I promise you that you’ll hear me talking more in the future :)

      1. I don’t think you’re English is horrible. It’s not your native language. Also, our language is complicated with all the slang and word or phrases that can have multiple meanings and such. I agree on the having full theatrical dialogues but I like the comments and different things that are said throughout.

  132. Hello, again congratulations on your fantasies and how you put them into practice, you are always exciting, sexy, even your friends.
    I love candles, I like to see bodies strewn and dripping hot wax, I’d like to see covered with wax, anywhere, then, spread-eagled, which will be opened for good her pussy with a speculum or cylinder that uses the recently and pour the wax into the soft flesh to your extension, also directly on the cervix. They are exciting, sexy only imagine.

  133. Almost getting too late in the year to suggest this – but I’d love to see you toiling naked for hours in the hot sun. Perhaps moving a big stack of cinder blocks from one side of a rocky yeard to the other (then back again, and back again, and …). Of course, if you slowed down to much in your work you master should have a whip handy to encourage you. Maybe something with reach, like a carriage whip.
    I’m sure your exquisite body would look even better drenched in sweat, with tired muscles straining.

  134. Hi,
    Your clips are amazing. Will definitely be joining. You have a stunning body and I love that you work it hard. The whipping scenes are especially hot for me. Will there be more of these? I love being whipped really hard myself so can recommend suspension and flogging combined. Having your body really stretched out and flogged, especially across the ribs and chest is amazing…very painful, but an amazing feeling.
    Many thanks for the site. A real inspiration.

  135. Salutations Queensnake. First I must say that watching you squirm and scream in pain is one the sexiest things I’ve seen. To be clear I say this only because it brings you pleasure. Domination and sadism are only fun and acceptable with a willing partner of course. Thanks so much for sharing, it’s a joy to watch.

  136. Dear Madame Queensnake,

    I’m equally intrigued and shocked by your films; I envy your freedom to enjoy your fantastic body in such a beautiful place!
    I’ve never seen anyone do what you do! But I must ask, with all the flora, not to mention earth, fire, and metal that you introduce to your vulva, what precautions do you take to ensure your safety? How do you care for yourself after each session? Because, I must say, while I support your marvelous creativity, I’m concerned at how all these invasive objects, despite their delightful deviance, might be affecting the health of one’s delicate genitals…not the most erotic post on here, I’m sure!! But still, I felt compelled to ask.
    Thank you and all the best! ~Parachute

    1. Dear Parachute,
      I appreciate your concerns :) I know that some stuff I am doing seems dangerous and make people worry about my health but I am always very cautious and would never risk my and others’ health. Actually my gynecologist always finds my genital organs perfectly healthy every time I visit him and I am always smiling at him, and thinking “but if he knew what I do with my pussy and vagina…” :D
      Love, Queensnake

  137. Hi Queensnake, I have an idea. Maybe you could get some balls, tennis balls or something about that size, and somehow insert needles in them so that they’re sticking out all sides, leaving enough room to pick them up. You could then maybe stand against a pole, with your hands tied behind the pole. Your face would have to be protected, but there are ways to do that. You would then be naked and totally defenceless from the neck down. Optionally, your legs could be forced apart. Then (you’ve probably already figured out what comes next), someone could throw the balls at you, and see if they stick.
    This could be fun.

  138. More foot torture Queen please! Your beautiful feet deserve to suffer.

    I would love to see pictures of you walking barefoot in public places, in the street, malls, etc.

  139. Hallo Queensnake, darf ich hier auch in deutsch schreiben, da Du ja in der Nähe von Wien wohnst, kannst Du sicher deutsch. Ich komme aus der schönen Schweiz. Wäre schön eine Antwort zu erhalten./MS

  140. Hallo Queensnake, darf ich hier auch in deutsch schreiben, da Du ja in der Nähe von Wien wohnst, kannst Du sicher deutsch. Ich komme aus der schönen Schweiz. Wäre schön eine Antwort zu erhalten./MS

  141. Hi queenskae i have one problem when i am in czech republic i can start your website but when i am in slovakia i cant run your website, it show me error 404, wtf???

  142. Hi Queensnake, yes yes yes :-) you did it ! love the pic with your pussy filled with sand, please make a movie and lots of pics with this, how was it to have sand deep inside your vagina, have you tried to fuck/insert objects with sand inside? hope to see more of this

  143. Hi Queensanke how long you already do bdsm in your life? And when started your masochist nature?

  144. The best site on the queen snake. A truely stimulating website which is intelligent .

    Well, I have a suggestion for you to try. It is incredibly painful, but the pain passes before too long and makes for intense masturbation.

    The torture is to use sports linament (we have deep heat in the uk) and put some of it up your pee hole (the best place) and on your clit. You could just use a catheter to put it a long way up your pee hole.

    I would suggest that you have a full bladder before you start, as peeing is one of the best ways to stop the pain.

    This is the worst pain I have ever had but it went quite quickly afterwards and I found it very erotic.

    Love your work my sweet cruel mistress.


  145. Hi,
    I just discovered your site and it’s wonderful!
    Thank you for all the pain, I really appreciate it :)
    May I leave a suggestion too?

    It’s like a “game” between you and your girlfriend.
    You put pins, or shards, or thorns, in the middle of the room.
    Then you connect your nipples with clamps with long chains.
    The game is about pulling the other one to make her step both feet on the pins (hands behind the back).
    The winner can decide who will sit on the pins and suffer the cattle rod.

    Kisses from italy,

  146. Dear Queensnake,

    I love the things you do. The a………s, the petplay in the snow. I have an idea or two you might consider. It involves not so much pain but some strange humiliations:

    1. Getting your naked body smeared with shit. You have to stand naked (or in bondage) outdoors.
    Wait till the s………s come and crawl all over your dirty body.
    2. Having to eat dogfood from the floor.
    3. Living w………..s in your mouth, don’t eat them they should stay alive.
    4. Would you consider shaving your head bald ? Before or after all of the above mentioned?

    Thank you for your consideration

    greetings from Holland

    1. Hehe, thanks for the ideas. My master definitely loves the first one. But in this site I cannot publish this kind of “shit” :), maybe we’ll do it just for ourselves for fun :P
      The only thing I would never do: getting my head shaved bald.

      1. Sweety Queen
        I love Steven’s ideas except the bald head think, you seem to do the best and most erotic stuff on the net, you are building a name of the best out there, you are fantastic and knows how to torture your body well which we all love 
        Just curios since this is a privet site why wouldn’t you put up these type of videos?
        I saw some amazing photos you got from the super warm scene we will so love to see the video of it why wouldn’t you post it?
        I respect your decision just curios if you want to share…
        Keep up the good work we love you….

        1. Dear Max,
          Thanks for your very nice feedback. About meal worms, it was just a very first experiment and we want to go a bit further in the film, so you will see it by all means ;)

  147. Hello! great video, I never stop watching over and affect them, the massive six exciting and I imagine to be there to slip into anything in the vagina so perfect.
    The other day I picked zucchini, also known as “Cucurbita pepo” in the garden and I noticed that it is very stinging is as green as the plant is …
    In my opinion, is to prove to your cunt.
    Greetings from Italy.

  148. Bonjour, Queen of the Queens,
    tes derniers films sont magnifiques, comme toujours.
    Penses – tu qu’il te serait possible de torturer mon ami,
    si je te l’envoyais?
    Tu aurais naturellement le choix des supplices et de la longueur de la séance.
    Je suis ravie de voir davantage ton visage dans les dernieres vidéos.
    Merci pour toute la peine que tu te donnes.

  149. Queensnake:

    I truly enjoy the oily (wet) dirty look! Perhaps your pussy and ass filled with oil and allowed to drain out of you while being bound. Having your pussy stuffed with hay or various other debris or possibly manure.

    Great videos and I’m a huge fan


  150. Dearest Queensnake – you gorgeous woman. I only discovered your videos & site a few days ago but like many [in the blogs I have been reading through] have been absolutely captivated by your beauty and your endurance of pussy & body torture. When I saw your clips I had assumed it was from a very commercial operator who was just paying you to play out the BDSM ideas/fantasies. But to find that you are just an individual with a few friends and a master who are doing this primarily for fun is a big thrill. Also great to be able to communicate with someone who is doing your sort of fetish play and find out more about a lady who loves this sort of sexual play. I have only watched a few of your clips yet but I have skimmed through the thumbnails & got the gist of what you have done. Look forward to watching the remainder over the next few days when I get time. I loved your nettle play & found it highly erotic. I live in an area where there are lots of nettles around and your video has inspired me to [sometime in the near future] experiment with nettle play on my cock & balls. I also love cold play – ie. using snow or ice against the skin to get a pleasing ache then the pleasure of re-heating the area. I have seen you have done some stuff in the snow so I assume you like cold play too? Snowman fucking looks fun, funny & sexy. Pity there is no preview clip for this. Here’s a cold play idea – icey bikini. Wet a bikini and then put it in the fridge until very chilly. Then put ice cubes inside it and your pussy. Finally if you want to take it to a extra level…..have a cold bath ready filled with many ice cubes. Sit, splash and pour the cold water over you until you can endure no more and are shivering. Then get your master to warm you up in whatever wild way you and he can think of!!!
    You also clearly like exploring your limits regarding pussy torture. Here’s a few gentle starter ideas –
    Pussy waxing (as in used for hair removal) – now you may well say well that’s not that tormenting. I notice in your fire clip you seem to be able to grow pubic hair. So if you let it grow for a few weeks, then applied a depilitory type waxing treatment {now here’s the tormenty bit} rather than the wax strip being peeled off very quickly (like they do in salons for minimum discomfort) in this idea they are removed very slowly so that the hairs are plucked for maximum torture/satisfaction
    Spanking – not just bottom spanking though – pussy spanking. I would love to see you dressed in a cutesy type outfit and then your master bends you over his knee or makes you touch your toes with open legs, then, rather than concentrate his slaps on your bottom, he makes sure his fingers slap your pussy. In between bouts of slapping he should massage and finger your pussy to increase your (and his) satisfaction. If you are good and don’t squeal out when he spanks your pussy then he could potentially reward you with some sothing gel. But if you are non compliant and noisy, then his pussy slapping could get more intense. Maybe clips or rubber bands could be put on the lips to hold them open as he spanks them. He could also use items for spanking, such as a soft gym shoe, flexi ruler, brushes, flogger – basically whatever you can endure.
    Oil torture – I imagine you are tied up, naked, with your arms tied above you or behind your head. You are supended over a very large dildo. As you stand normally with legs slightly spread it is just nudging the entrance to your vagina. You are stood on a sheet of plastic. Your master then starts to smother your body in massage/baby oil. He starts at your chest and mercilessly tickles, pinches and gropes your breasts, stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs, legs, and finally feet. Once the oiling starts on the lower half of the body and oil gets on to the plastic it will start to get difficult to keep your feet from slipping. Which is where teh torture comes in. As you feet slip and spread (encourage by master tickling, pinching and prodding) then you will slowly sink onto this huge dildo which stretches out your well oiled pussy. Your torture is how you try to keep you legs from fully slipping and dropping fully onto the huge dildo and it filling you to the limit. {If you do this please be careful – assess how big a dildo you could fully take without doing yourself harm I would not wish you to do yourself any harm – I only wish you pleasure}
    My final idea (for now) is an exercise bike, with the saddle added to by the inclusion of some of those tacks that you love using so much. Obviously your master should set you a target to achieve for your tack saddle cycling and if you fail to achieve that then you get further punishment
    I have lots more ideas already to mind. If you like what you’re hearing and want me to provide you with more inspiration ideas then please post a reply to this.

    If (I hope) you do reply I would like to know from you what really turns you on about your BDSM play? Is it the fact you are doing something very extreme which is outside of normal convention, or is it a pure thrill from enduring the pain & recovery, or is it imagining the act you are going to do that turns you on and makes you want to do more wild and wonderful stuff?
    I am also intrigued by your exhibitionist side. Would you get a thrill from doing naughty, risque, sexual things in public – other than just your love of public nudity? I love the idea one of the bloggers came up with of you having a remote vibrator in your pussy (and possibbly sewn up) as you go about in public. I have lots of ideas in mind for public erotic adventures. Would you also ever consider desperation to pee type fantasy play? The idea being you drink lots of water then go out in public so you have to try to hold it in your bladder for as long as possible until you can hold it no longer, and it streams out wherever that may happen to be in public!

    That’s more than enough for my first posting. Now I have found you and your wonderful sexy site, that’s imensely creative, inventive and erotic, I will be a regular viewer and blogger I’m sure.

    If you wish to contact me privately for further creative play ideas I am happy for you to email me.


  151. Dear Queensnake,

    I have joined recently and think that your site is excellent! It’s just what I am looking for. I have only one (minor) suggestion for improvement. I don’t object to Maledom videos, but I do wish that the man was fully visible in the films. It is creepy just to see the arms and what the arms are holding. It would add to the quality of the films to see a naked good-looking aroused man ‘taking care’ of you. It’s just distracting and not very erotic that he stays off-camera.

  152. Hi Queensnake,
    your videos are absolutely stunning. Never seen anything comparable as you have a wonderful body, endure very painful tortures and let us view it in a great quality.

    In one of your blogposts I’ve seen that you plan on making a comparable site with cock and ball torture. I am looking forward to seeing that and if you ever need a cock and balls to torture I would gladly offer you mine :)

  153. I especially like the various cunt tortures and your beautiful acceptance of them.
    A more severe cunt whipping with heavier whips and a single tail would be very good.

    The setting for Turbines and the Thistles is lovely and suggests another possibility.
    That is, making you the target for being shot with a low powered “airsoft” pellet gun.
    Shooting your tits, pubis, cunt, clit. The lowest powered ones are painful but only cause small bruises if bruising at all. Some research would be needed to find the right gun.

    A scene like turbines with you suffering sitting on the rock while being shot would be quite exciting.

  154. Thanks Queensnake. Your wonderful website has helped raise the level of my love affair with nettles even higher. I love your nettle videos, and I also find lesbian love, especially cunnilingus, very erotic. A combination of both, with you in the starring role, would make the perfect film!
    It would start with you and another beautiful girl, both very sexily dressed, kissing passionately. You would undress each other and use fingers and tongues all over your bodies to arouse each other.
    She would then lie on her back on the floor, and you would kneel down and start to crawl over her in order to reach the 69 position. When you reached her breasts, you would lower your head and body so you could kiss one of her breasts and she could kiss one of yours. You would then both grab a bunch of nettles and gently caress the other breast with the nettles. After a while you would swap over and both kiss the nettled breast and brush the nettles over the first one. You would then slowly move down her body, licking and nettling alternately and she would do the same to you, until you reached her pussy. You would now throw away the nettles and finger and lick each others pussies, but after a while you would each grab a fresh bunch of nettles and start to brush them against the other’s pussy, both inside and out. You would both alternate between licking and nettling until you both reach a shuddering climax.
    After a few moments recovering, you would raise your body so you are sitting on her face – an opportunity for some nice ass licking. You would then cover her body with a layer of fresh nettles and slowly lay down on them, to get the maximum benefit. You would then indulge in some more pleasuring of each other’s pussies, your body movements would ensure the nettles keep on stinging. After a while you would grasp each other’s bodies tightly and roll over onto a covering of more fresh nettles so your back and buttocks would be in contact with them. After more mutual pussy licking, you would roll over again onto more fresh nettles so this time her back and buttocks would be the target. You would then turn round so you are face to face, hug each other closely and finish with some tender kissing and tongue sucking.
    You could include some of your own imaginative and erotic scenes to make it the ultimate video. What do you think, Queensnake?

  155. Hi QS!

    Great site I love you work, but have a question. What about anal-related stuff? You do so much movies with your pussy being tormented, but not even one with asshole. Maybe some dildos for start?

  156. Dear Queensnake,

    just one week ago I found you webpage by random. I am completely excited about your delicious masochism which is the most intense I have ever seen.

    All the best for you, and good health for your pussy so that it can suffer a lot!

    BTW, do you have experience in feet sole caning/whipping (bastinado / falaka). This would be interesting to see once, too.

    1. I haven’t got too much experience in any kind of feet tortures but my master has some ideas and plans about how to train my poor soles :)

          1. I just saw the picture as a proof that your soles have been trained – great!

            I appreciate that your master has included this method into your program. :-)

            Is there any video or picture gallery to watch more details?
            Can you give some comments?

  157. The Game
    This is a game I suggest for such a brave girl as you Queensnake. Maybe you and your Master can develop a script for a video, or rather a series of videos, based on this idea.
    First you have to prepare some small pieces of paper, each containing the name of a torture and a brief description of its intensity. Obviously this is an open list of examples, where you can add or delete some:
    • Whiping 30 lashes with a singletail whip.
    • Flogging 50 lashes with a cat o’nine whip.
    • Caning 20 strokes with a thin rattan cane.
    • Pinching 2 minutes of playing (pulling, twisting, pressing) with sharp alligator clips and other 2 minutes with strong paper clamps.
    • Crushing 2 minutes of playing with flat noose pliers.
    • Rubber bands 30 snaps with a rather thin rubber band.
    • Poking 2 minutes of fast poking and jabbing with a hatpin about 100 times. Make sure the skin is pierced in many tiny wounds.
    • Cold piercing 6 pins or needles slowly inserted deep in the flesh.
    • Hot piercing 1 long pin slowly inserted deep in the flesh, then retrieved until less than 1 cm remains inside, and then heating the protruding end till glowing red.
    • Stapling Drive 6 staples deep into the flesh. Use a regular office stapler rather than a stapling gun.
    • Burning 2 minutes of teasing the skin with a lit cigarette, drawing continuous lines and marking some spots for 1 or 2 seconds.
    • Fire play 2 minutes of licking the skin with a candle flame. Moving the flame very slowly to inflict first degree burns, reddening the skin without rising blisters.
    In the video, you can start dressed only with a top, shorts and sandals, without underwear, and blindfolded. All the papers with the tortures are hidden in a bag, and you will have to pick up one. Next you have to decide where that tortures shall be applied, among the 3 most sensitive areas of your body: Your pussy, your tits and your soles. To designate the chosen area, you will bare that part of your body, keeping the remaining clothes on.
    Once the first tortures ends, you will be freed of your bonds and will proceed to extract a second paper from the bag. Again you will have to choose which part of your body will be tortures, but limited to the two parts still untouched.
    When this second torture is over, you still have to pick a third paper. In this case you have no option on the part of your body to suffer the torture, shall be the only one still unharmed. But you will be given the choice to change the punishment to one of the previously tormented parts, providing the intensity of the pending torture is doubled.
    As you can see, this game can be repeated simply by adding, deleting or completely renewing the tortures and intensities listed.
    Hope you find this idea interesting.

    PD: I’m very happy to know from Tweeter that you have dared to insert a needle in your sole. Maybe next time you will try to use a regular office stapler to punish your soles.

  158. Hi Queensnake, thank you for an extreme good site, i love your videoes, especially stonewomb and l……..es. I have many fantasies about what i want to see you do with your
    pussy. But i think my number one wish is: Filling your vagina with beachsand, and then masturbate with something from the nature (stick, cone, etc) and rubbing your clit labias
    with the sand until it hurts. In this clip i also wish to see you paint your pussy black inside, (clit/innerlabias+clithood) with nailpolish or permanent marker before you start filling it with sand. It looks very sexy when a pussy is painted like that, my wife have done it many times,
    and you also get a heating effect when putting on nailpolish.
    What do you think of this idea, hope you like it :-)

  159. I stumbled on your site and while I’m not into BDSM myself, I was totally intrigued by your trailer videos. What I’m wondering is why there can’t be more pr0n like yours. It’s like, how many “big booty and facial” videos can there be? But then your site actually gets creative with what happens in your vids and your blog is a nice touch since it really does make it so that people can see that you aren’t just a character in some pornos. A lot of other people who do porn don’t do that and all people see is that they can take a dick, but your site kicks ass!

    By the way, where in Europe is it legal to do all this public nudity like your outdoor films and your nude hikes (I SO want to go hiking naked but the nudity laws on my side of the Atlantic Ocean aren’t quite as awesome)?

  160. dearest Queensnake,
    I¨m new in your place, after finding your site recently (sorry, I don´t write french).
    I love all the crazy things you do! and I love the pleasure of how you do it and share it with us.
    please leave your beautiful cunt as it is, shaved.
    you do all the things that I fantsized about: stuffing your cunt with stones, torturing your nipples, using safety-pins and hooks on your labias…
    your firm body is a pleasure to see playing and be tormented.
    weel, I hope you keep up doing your nice work realizing your fantazes.
    hope to hear from you.
    1- I am very impressed how you pay attention to all the comments, there are a lot!
    2- if I´d like to send you a picture of my fantasies, what is the email adress to send it to?

  161. Hi Queensnake. I’d just like to comment on how awesome you look. Killer abs!
    What are your views on what happens at the mood-pictures and elite-pain websites? Is that something that interests you, or do you think it’s a bit too extreme?

    1. Hi Matt! I know well the mp and ep movies and I like them. It is so good to watch those girls who actually are not masochistic or sub but they do obey and let themselves whipped cruelly purely for the money, it’s so humiliating for them!
      Too extreme?! Hehe, I think nothing is too extreme for me! :D

      1. Hi. MP and EP need to get some girls that look more like you I think. Have you ever thought about contacting them about doing a film?
        It would be amazing to see you strung up, drenched with sweat as they lash your naked body.
        Be awesome to see a scene like that on here. Please!

  162. Gandalf (above) had some wonderful ideas for the soles of your feet. A good scenario would be to endure as much whipping, hairdryer roasting, and thumbtack dancing as possible before doing on a long barefoot (better yet, nude) hike over a gravel, rocks, thorns, etc. A heavy backpack rubbing against a freshly whipped back would also be a nice touch.

  163. Get a string made of cotton 1in x 48in long tie knots all in it and stuff it for 12 to 24 hours. Pull it out slowly and can even have sex with it inside you. For me it hits my g spot and fells great during sex and just walking around. After you remove it from its 12 to 24 hour tour let all the pussy juice dry it will be stiff and course then restuff. I love the pain of dryed pussy juiced string. Try it post some pic and thoughts. I love it. Ps. Leave a bit hanging out


  165. Hi Queensnake,
    I am very impressed with your work. I just tried to download 16 of your videos, but the site would not process the order, I think because I am in Canada. Do you have any other sites I can try and purchase your videos.
    Please check my login info for my return email address.
    thank you for your time.

  166. Great hug, and a sweet kiss to you. I’d love to see you all tied up. Find some very rough ropes and try. You could even hang yourself by your neck, on tip toes, just for practice. Your lovely neck really deserves this treatment. Then you could ask someone to tie you up in a basement of an ancient building, and leave you there for the night. It would be great, to think about you, chained, somewhere, in a castle or a cave. I believe that everybody would love to see you living this kind of adventure. So please, as you are so clever to stand pain, i think that the time has come to be imprisoned somewhere, ( remember the magical box? ) and take your time, slowly, and totally…. just for us….

  167. Bravo pour votre endurance et respect à votre maitre ou maitresse d’avoir réussi à vous pousser si loin. J’aimerai faire de même avec ma soumise mais c’est pas gagné. Trop jeune je pense (25a) bien que percée aux 2 seins. Je lui montre vos extraits vidéo et autres insex, galaxy,zdx..dans l’espoir de. Avez vous tester la suspension ou hameçons aux seins. Je pratique bcp le travail des seins.

  168. Dear Queensnake,

    I have recently found your website and a real person to speak too. my name is Jools, I have been in the BDSM scene for only a short while. my favourite is the Nettle play with you and your young lady friend. I first saw a German movie with a Gentleman called Christian his stage name is Master Costello he loved to whip ladies buttocks with stinging nettles, the film was called Day dreamer. I would love to see you in the following scenario. The scene is set in a Victorian toy shop, you a dressed in period costume, you request a private viewing to try out an antique Rocking Horse. The lady shop owner invites you to climb aboard, She nudges the horse forward, gripping the reins you rise up and down pushing those lovely buttocks up, the shop owner gently swats your buttocks as you rise and fallen from the saddle.
    You reach back pulling your skirts over your buttocks, the assistant lashes your buttocks with a riding crop, you are now rocking and riding very fast you are near to coming when the shop owner requests you to slow down, she offers to rub some cold cream into your buttocks then invites to you site up straight, as you descend back into the saddle this lovely woman has a surprise for you, the saddle has been laced with a bouquet of stinging nettles, you sit there for
    a while then it’s the lady shop keepers turn to ride the rocking horse.
    Please keep up the good work, I hope to see more nettles in an erotic situation.
    Love Jools from Somerset England

  169. Dear QueenSnake

    What you’re doing is amazing, and really beautiful. It’s incredible how much pleasure you can get out of pain, I guess that for you it’s like reaching the Nirvana.

    I have a request: I would love to see you having the soles of your feet brutally tormented: to see you introducing thumbtacks on your soles one by one, up to 10 on each foot, and then start dancing. To see you dancing barefoot on broken bottles, to listen to the sweet sound of glass breaking under your helpless soles. To see you jumping on the glass too. Breaking bottles with your naked feet. Walking barefoot on candles, on a hot metal surface, even on red hot coals if possible and if you dare to.

    Have your soles whipped unmercifully with a thin whip. Have them slowly roasted with a hairdryer after having them oiled. Do a hike barefoot on rocks, sharp gravel, pointy stones..thistles and thorns!!!

    Would it be possible to see you, clothed but barefoot, in public places? It would be so delightful to see you walking barefoot in the street, among people, sporting black, dirty soles….walking on sharp gravel and maybe even broken glass to the amazement of the passers by. Can you imagine if people stares at you walking barefoot in the street, and then they realize that several thumbtacks are logged into your soles’ flesh???

    Put the soles of your beautiful feet to the limit QueenSnake. I am sure that the soles of your feet, when tormented, will become the gate to Heaven through hell….



  170. Hi there,

    I’m in no way able to join or see your site – all pics are not shown and it appears as the site is down. I was only able to see this blog through feeding the exact url line.

    Any ideas?


    The Light

  171. Queensnake, I think it would be better to focus on the artistic part of BDSM. Personally I enjoy seen that great body in bondage, whipping etc (Ruber band III was good).

  172. Maybe jogging with thumbtacks in the woods and a workout at home then……A vid would be great! That way you could do the home workout nude:)

  173. Thanks for you ideas ;). I have only milk-snakes anyway although I always wanted to get a boa or phyton as a pet but I think I would not use them in sex. I would worry about harming them and I am not sure it would be legal to publish that kind of vids on my site.

  174. Hi Queensnake!

    I have some ideas for you!
    Weightlifting by using your labia! How much can you lift by your pussy?
    Same idea for your beautiful breasts, how much weight can you lift with them?
    Uhm….maybe you can do some push-ups with some heavy weights on your nipples.
    Kind regards,


    1. Frits has some great ideas there……I think we’d all love to see you incorporate some bdsm into your gym workouts. One more alternative workout idea……you could wear a very sexy white workout outfit, then go to your gym, stuff your pussy with thumbtacks in the locker room, then proceed with your normal workout routine including cardio and see how long you can stand it. Finally, return to the locker room, remove the tacks, shower, and relax:)

      1. Yeah, definitely great idea and I would do it for my master’s and your pleasure and tell you about it. Unfortunately you wouldn’t see anything because I can’t make any photos and videos in the gym, maybe with my phone…

  175. Hello Queensnake
    Les aiguilles rougies sont effectivement douloureuses.
    Pour autant, le fait qu’elle soient brulantes facilite leur penetration dans la chair. On ne sent pas la resistance de la peau comme avec des aiguilles “froides”, en brulant la peau, l’aiguille diminue la resistance de la peau en surface.
    Cote trace, la brulure est tres petite en surface de la peau, de la taille du diametre de l’aiguille, seulement. Bien sur, sur le coup, la peau rougie autour de la piqure, mais en quelques minutes, il ne reste plus que la toute petite trace de la piqure, qui fini vite par disparaitre.
    Pour etre honnete, il est difficile de visualiser ce qui se passe à l’interieur. D’ailleurs, je ne les enfonce jamais dans le sens de la profondeur du sein, mais parallèlement à la peau, pour ne pas risquer de bruler des tissus plus fragiles dans les couches internes du derme, voire meme, plus dangeureux encore, risquer de bruler les glandes mammaires.
    DOnc, pour cette raison, j’enfonce l’aiguille en restant pres de la surface de la peau. Et l’experience montre qu’il ne reste aucune traces apres quelques jours.

    L’operation inverse est plus facile a gerer. Enfoncer l’aiguille en laissant une assez longue partie a l’exterieur, puis faire chauffer l’aiguille apres avec une flamme pose moins de probleme, puisque la temperature augmente progressivement, et si c’est trop dur, il suffit juste d’arreter le chauffage de l’aiguille qui se refroidit tres vite. Par contre la seance peut durer plus longtemps, puisque on peut planter plusieurs aiguilles ,et les chauffer à tour de role, les laisser refroidir, puis recommencer a les faire chauffer….

    Nous vous souhaitons en tout cas une tres bonne experience de clouage (dont je viens de voir la premiere etape sur le site) et esperons que vous aurez l’occasion d’experimenter les aiguilles rougies.



    PS : felicitations dans la maitrise des langues, j’aimerai etre polyglotte a ce point la, ca ouvre tellement d’horizons d’echange et de communication avec les autres !!

  176. Bonjour QueenSnake

    Merci, ce sera plus facile pour donner des détails, de le faire en français. Mon vocabulaire de base en anglais est limité, et les expressions spécifiques au BDSM, les images me posent encore plus de problème. Ceci dit, je m’enrichis en anglais à la lecture de ce site !! rire

    Nous avons donc déjà pratiqué un certain nombre de pratiques présentées ici, avec beaucoup de bonheur et d’intensité.

    Ma compagne apprécie certaines douleurs intenses, par contre, elle a des périodes où les fortes douleurs lui sont plus pénibles et d’autres où elle m’encourage à aller plus loin. La sensibilité du corps, l’aptitude à gérer la douleur et à la faire participer au plaisir dépend de nombreux éléments parfois bien étrangers au BDSM même.

    Elle apprécie toutefois particulièrement deux “jeux” : le clouage et les brulures.
    Elle aime vraiment etre immobilisée, les seins cloués (jusqu’à 7 clous par seins) à une planche ou un établi, elle apprecie, mais dans une moindre mesure d’être clouée par les levres. Avez vous essayé d’etre clouée ? Pourriez vous apprécier ?

    Elle apprecie aussi beaucoup les brulures. La bougie bien sur, la flamme directe lechant doucement ses chairs les plus sensibles, à condition bien sur que je ne m’attarde pas au point de lui occasionner de vraies brulures. Elle a déjà éteint des bougies avec sa peau. Mais elle aime aussi le fer rouge, elle adore etre marquée, et a une aptitude époustouflante à gérer la douleur des brulures.
    Elle aime aussi que j’enfonce des aiguilles rougies directement dans ses seins, ou que je fasse chauffer des aiguilles enfoncées à l’avance dans sa peau. L’avantage des aiguilles, pour celles qui ne veulent pas de traces visibles durables ,c’est que la brulure reste tres ponctuelle et que la marque est invisible.

    Une autre supplice nous tente, mais nous n’avons encore ni pris le temps, ni meme encore osé le faire, c’est un bondage en fil de fer barbelé.

    Elle aime aussi beaucoup les injection de sérum physiologique, que nous faisons assez régulierment aussi bien dans ses seins que dans ses levres. Mais nous sommes un peu déçu, car si c’est tres exitant sur le coup, elle élimine tres tres vite le serum, et les enflures disparaissent vraiment tres (trop) vite.

    Elle aime aussi bien les orties, bien que nous n’ayons pas encore ete aussi loin que vous, mais cela nous est devenu impossible : pas d’orties aux Antilles, ou nous vivons desormais.

    Je précise aussi qu’elle aime beaucoup partager ses douleurs avec une autre femme, étant particulièrement bi-sexuelle.

    A bientot de lire de nouvelles idées sur votre site, d’apprecier votre beauté suppliciée, et peut etre d’échanger des idées particulières.


    1. Salut Fabrice,
      Ma langue maternelle n’est ni l’anglais ni le français. Je crois que pour nous la meilleure façon d’apprendre les langues c’est de lire ou communiquer au sujet de BDSM ;).
      Merci pour m’avoir dit de vos expériences, elles sont très excitantes, intéressantes et parfois nouvelles au moins pour moi. J’ai pensé que les aiguilles rougies causent une douleur insupportable et les traces visibles et durables. C’est pourquoi j’aime partager des idées BDSM, je peux toujours apprendre quelque chose de nouveau.
      Non, je n’ai encore essayé le clouage mais il me tente et je veux le faire.
      Le fer barbelé est aussi sur ma liste de souhait :).

  177. Hello Queensnake
    What you do is great.

    My girlfriend and me have quiet the same plaisure (nails, bruning, sewing, injection ….)
    We leave under tropical, in an island, too alone in BDSM world !!

    We are french. It’s why my anglish is so bad. I have seen one text in french, and your answer, in french also.

    if you are bilingual, and if I can write in french, it will be easier for me to exhange with you. If not, It will be difficult for me to explain some things with precision, but, if necessary, i Will try with a language translator.

    have nice pain

  178. Not in a hurry, Queen. I know it takes some time to make it…prepare everything…etc…and if you film all the procedure you’ll probably have a couple of hours of wonderful movies… Concerning soundtracks, just ask me… I believe that you are a piece of art, and what you do is magic. Waiting for some more… Spend a lovely night.

  179. Hi there queen

    Did you ever step on mousetrap? I think that if you will have many mousetraps on flour and go bare foot it might be a good torture? what do you think of it?

    Have a nice day

    1. I have never tried using mousetraps. I’ve just seen a film about putting moustraps on nipples, hmmm it was interesting. I will consider your suggestion ;).

  180. Mmmmm, very nice Idea, but please don’t mess up with acrylic or toxic glue. Dear Snakeman, you should explain us which kind of glue Queen should use!!! Does edible glue exist? that could be washed away with hot water? that is not harmful for skin and internal organs? and could be used safely? I think dutch tape would do… and I’m sure that if you find such a kind a glue, that we could all use safely, Queen would enjoy some in her shoes too.

    Thank you Queen, you are sensational….fantastic….lovable….and so gifted… that i will write some more stories for you….. have you been working on the magical box lately??? don’t forget those tiny new HD cams that are smaller than a packet of cigarettes and could be easily introduced in the box to film you. 4 would do. Think about it, a friend of mine really enjoyed it. You would love it.
    have a nice day. JS

    1. Your magic box idea is fantastic but it’s not too easy to work out ;). So you have to wait for a while…

  181. Sorry to read your Twitter about the loss of the nettle field. But be assured that they died happy having known you.

    You always treated them so gently as they licked your pussy or you cuddled them to your breasts.

    There’ll be more next year, meanwhile please keep playing with the conkers

  182. I guess what you are thinking, so I accept your advice, and taking it easy, will write about a nice practice to do. Let’s call it ” the magic box”. You should find a nice wooden box, your size of course, and try to lie inside it just bent in two. If you feel comfortable, then find some objects that you will put inside the box. We are talking about nails, pins, needles and pointed objects, sand paper, screws, or whatever makes you excited of course. Then you should wear a gag, a plug and have your ancles and wrists tied up, befor entering the box. You should wear a protection for your eyes, but a part from this safety precaution, all your body would be exposed to treatment. The nice part of it comes now. You will introduce some leds inside the box so that we will be able to see what’s happening inside through 4 tiny cameras that will be positioned inside the box. There will be a stereo microphone as well, and once parcel is ready, you will ask your friend to take you for a ride in the country. The most exciting part of it is the fact that there is no control in this situation, and any bump could hurt you…. but the sounds coming out of the box would be really magic… if you think that you need just a little more pain, add an electric device. So, Queen, take a ride inside “the magic box”, ‘couze we’d love to see you trembling and shouting, in future. And don’t forget to paingasm as loud as you can…. Hope you enjoy this one.

    Take care and remember the safety phrase to stop the game
    It should be ” Let me out ” that you could shout three times, but unfortunately, as you will be wearing a gag, you shall have to shout…llllmmmmmm mmmmmmmm oooooommmm or somethig alike.. for three times…. I am only fuessing, You shall never shout out these words, even if…. and so, as no one knows exactly what’s going to happen the day decide to take a ride in the magic box…. let’s just hope that the journey will take you to heaven….

  183. Hello queen.
    You have the most perfect feet and toes i had ever seen.
    Can you tell your shoes(feet) size? And will you do some more foot torture,

    Thake care

    1. Hey Lucifer :),
      Love your nick, hehe. I measured it for you: my feet are 25 cms long (shoes size is 39). Yes, we want to do more foot torture ;).

      1. Hej queen.
        I think it would be nice to be your footslave:) I will be waiting for more of your feet and if there will be i will buy them . (sorry for english i have english only 4 years )
        Kisses to you queen

  184. Love you Queen. Thank you for the answer. So once You will be able to understand how adrenaline works in your brain and body whilst you are practicing, then you will be able to move a little further, and by using special techniques involving breath, ( pranayama ) slowing it down to 1 every 40 seconds or making it faster, you will move immense quantities of energy that is usually blocked in some area of the body that is sleepy. Once You undo these knots, and melt the condensations, the circuit will work perfectly. Unfortunately to reach endorphine activation you need to reach a very high spiritual level, considering that your body must be free from intoxicating substances, ( must follo a vegetarian diet, no wine or beer, no smoke, no perfumes, no medicins, no bad thoughts, no tv, no radio, no sugar, enema every day, etc.. etc…. just to talk about some of the purifications that one should go through ), and then, BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM……, your mind gets wider, the curtain falls, and your third eye starts to see again. Usually it is blinded by light, tv, pc’s, screens and electric light. You need obscurity to activate it again, and after 8 days of darkness, if strong acids haven’t melted too much calcium they found in your body covering and damaging your pineal gland, you enter the new dimension of pure vision. Any kind of drug men use on earth is only a very stupid attempt to reach this stadium. It take some time, a great effort, concentration, will, and a special attitude that only a few have. This principle is called the activation of Shakti energy, whilst for mer we could speak about Kundalini, but in an case, these two vibrations are just the physical part of it, maybe meta physical sometimes, and the miracle, that happens only when you are living in a tantric state of consciousness, are within you. Then everything is memory, the kind of memory that remembers past, present and future. In your eyes i can see. In your heart i can feel. In your wishes i can read. I share these Secrets with you and your friends because it is time to elevate your conscience.
    Pure Pleasure is a way to get better, and pain or anything that makes us suffer, makes us grow. I love what you do, because you play and enjoy what you are, simply and with open mind. Take care. JS

  185. Good evening JS, I have to tell you that after reading your poetic and artistic comment I didn’t know what and how to answer, I can’t express myself in that kind of literary language as you can. If you compose music like your thoughts then your music is very special and full of sensation and spiritualism, I am sure I would love it.
    I call paingasm simply pain ecstasy because I am in an other world then, my body is left in the real world and my soul is free and I can feel the power of my mind. It feels fantastic and I am an addict of that feeling.
    About numbers, let’s leave them to the mathematicians ;).

  186. Good evening. Still waiting for your answer according to paingasms and tantric laws.
    Hope it is not just karmic rules that you are following, ( money = pictures ) because this would really make me sad. You did not believe, now you are counting them,….numbers…numbers… that unfortunately are so distant from intimate sm or bd, that a virtual subspace created aiming to this purpose, would be made of pure illusion, which still looks great in a virtual world, but does not taste so good. Money kills art. And you are a wonderful piece of art.

  187. Hi Queensnake i would like to know something about you,like what is your other hobbies excet BDSM and this work is only you work or you have too a regular work, and how look at you people who know you and know your videos? Sorry my curiosity, but i am just curios about it :-) P.S. Good Luck Queensnake, you are best!

    1. Hi Mark, me and my master both have a regular job and that film making thing is a kind of hobby for us, so I hope you understand that we need some privacy about the country we live. There are only a few good friends who know about our special hobby and they are also in bdsm, of course they like what we do. Most people think that people who are interested or involved in bdsm are sick and they don’t understand what it is about.

      1. True, i like BDSM too, and normal sex too, but dont want practise BDSM with my girlfrien, only like watched on internet, i think if some people like BDSM like you they are not sick, of course except sexual sadist and murderers, these are i think really sick people… But bad can be when some stupid people which you recognize will see this site…

        1. People usually don’t find these kind of sites accidentally, they actively look for bdsm material. So if someone recognizes me, probably won’t tell anyone about it because he wants to keep his kinky fantasies in secret ;).

  188. Hi QS,

    Thanks, we’re flattered! :) I know you would, as I do! It is quite interesting, because all of the things you mention on here, or do, are things which get her very hot and squirming! It is interesting that you mention eels in a previous post, as this is one of her big fantasies as well, to have eels inserted into her pussy during as scene and have to endure them slithreing and wriggling inside,…..we intend to perform the ants scenario soon, It would be so cool if I could send her to you guys for that though!

    We really hope you do consider using puppy, she is a true exhibitionist and would love to help with a film for your site, as well as get her kicks having the most perverted things done to her! I love to see your nettle play on other subs, and think you might just be evil enough to break her ;) Do you ever visit the UK at all? If you do get my e-mail on the post, can you drop me a quick mail to say hell?, i’d like to have a chat with you away from here, and show you some pictures of puppy….very serious about a meet! :)

  189. Hi Queensnake.

    Your website is a fetishists dream, and I’d like to see it prosper and continue….to see all the nastiest thoughts I have, and share with my sub, performed by another D/s couple, is fantastic! It is rare to find those that have such dark elements to their fantasy play.

    We are a similar couple, D/S, she young, very adenturous and has been treated to some very intense nettle play, she really wants to be staked out over an ants nest with speculums inside her pussy, and also her anus…and be made to sit and endure whilst they crawl up inside and all around her. She is like a little red version of you, and I’m very proud!

    We would be very interested in lending you puppysub for some nettle/ant play and would be more than willing to allow her to be filmed and place on your website for all to see, to see her so treated, and at her most vulnerable, knowing that all the most dark fetishists would be seeing her for the sensation slut that she is, would be sublime for us both.

    We are based in the UK, if you might be interested, please get in touch…you should have my email there!

    In the meantime, keep doing those nasty, uncomfortable things, and keeping us entertained (she loved seeing you take the nettles in your Bra and tights, squirming and screaming by the way…and received the same treatment, wthin half an hour of watching it!)

    1. Hi Nik and Puppy,
      What a wonderful couple you are! It would be amazing to meet you in person. I am sure that I would love your little red Puppy! :D Your lending offer is tempting, I will consider that ;).

  190. Hi – GREAT GREAT website!!

    How about some straight single-tail back whipping while strung up spread eagle with something “uncomfortable” in your pussy?

    As a heavy-duty whip masochist myself, I’ll bet you would have enough endurance to put other girls to shame!


  191. Hello Queensnake,

    you asked a picture of me, with my breasts tormented by wasps. I don’t have any pictures of that. We often films it, when I get tormented, or do other extreme or pervert sex. We still film with Astrid’s old camera, not digital, but still on tape. As long as that camera works fine, we keep using it. I also don’t have a internetsite of my own, our movies are private, and for good friends only. I do have another life, besides my sexlife. I hope you understand that. Well, maybe one day I deside to make an internetsite, and start to show the movies, when they are digital. But for now, I keep it this way.
    But I do would like to meet you one day, I really do. Then we can do some kind of torture-match: who can take the most. Would you like that idea? Perhaps even some other women can join us then?
    May I ask what the second part of your name means, the “snake”-part? Do you have an expreience with snakes? I have experience with eels, but not with a snake (yet).
    I do like your site, and hope you keep enjoying it long time.


  192. As You said in one of your wishes, you are looking for new methods and ways to torture yourself and feel deep pain. I believe that You really enjoy getting ready and preparing yourself to suffer. I appreciated the result of the polls, where the majority of people voted for plain pain, without any pleasure involved in the practice, and this means that everyone wants you to get better. On the other hand, a slave should be able to reach two or 3 paingasms a day, and offer them to her Master or Mistress, whilst serving Him or Her. Pain and pleasure are opposites, like head and tails, when a slave is exterior. Once a slave gets interiorly subdued, and lives finally in subspace every moment of her life, she never loses concentration, and meets a dripping state that will never end. This meeting of the opposites, Horoboros, symbol from ancient Egypt, stands for unification of the principles. In our case, the principles are in the material world of body, flesh and feelings, sensations. Any kind of sensation produced within, without, or with, opens a channel of energy that will flow from the area of the sensation to the brain, to mind, ( conscious and unconscious conscience ) and attention, and will be linked to other sensations, light up by resonant frequencies created by vibration, due to muscle contractions and nervous stimuli acting automatically. Thus, considering the unit called Dol, which is a measure of sensation that the body feels every time it has a sensations, from pleasure, to extreme pain; the slave that will be able to stand any kind of Dol flux, in a continuum state, without any fear and surpassing the limits of forced and limited thinking, will be free to meet extasy, Nirvana or Samadhi. Samurai, Yogini, Kung Fu masters and Martial arts adepts, know what I am talking about, but use these techniques to become untouchable and invincible, and surpass emotional involvement in material challenges or problems. So we have again the opposites, alive in Man and Woman in the opposite state. The Knight and the Queen. Buddha teaches that the meaning of all this can be found through the middle path. So, it’s all up to you. Just give it a try. Once adrenaline, endorphines and pinealine will flow in your brain cells freely, you will need no artificial drug, bu only understanding of the vision that teaches, says, and gives the opportunity to understand. I thank you for your attention. Take care.

  193. Thank You for the answer. Anytime, just pop in my mail and tell me. I just need, topic, lasting time of the video, rithm of the practice, general mood you want it to be, 40 to 160 bpms, and a link to some distant directory where to download synchronized audio and video, to edit it and add to your live tracks music in such a way that we do not lose the original content in the mixage. Then, if You like it, I will send you the audio file in the format you prefer, and you can paste it to your original video, according to the programs you use, with a copyleft agreement of course.
    Light is everything in Cinema. Please take care; it takes such a little effort to make things just a little better and artistic: You may use orange coloured curtains in a normal room, to create a spectacular mood and temperature with normal daylight which will give a greater importance to skin, soft lights, and shadows. To abtain wonderful effects like this one, that i advice you to try, it doesn’t take much. One day I painted two old sheets with orange paint, and took some fantastic pictures.
    I would like to see You trembling in a Paingasm, shouting and letting yourself go whilst you are coming next time You practice one of your games. I believe that the secret answer that you are looking for, is one that unites opposites, and merges reality and virtuality into one.
    Once You forget completely what’s happening to You, and become the flux, You will reach the perfect climax, and to recall what happened to You in those magic moments, you shall have to take a look to the video and listen to the recording. I call it Unconscious conscience, and it is located in a portion of Subspace that allows You to float, exit for a short time in Astral body, and understand. ( though in this case the right word would be overstand… )
    So try, it’s the kind of meditation that a slave to pleasure and pain like you must know, and the kind of place ( or let us say “vibration” ), that a woman should always bare in mind.
    Once You reach this level, You will know. Your eyes will look different. Your body too.
    Love and passion to You my dear friend.

  194. None of us is as an anonymous virtual creature. Beilieve it or not, we are real persons.
    Thats why we are looking for something, sharing it, living it, and feeling it.
    We are what we are, and this is a good startig point.
    Acceptance, tolerance and the freedom to be what we are, is a part of it.
    We are here because we do not believe in anonymous web sites, and false pictures that show improbable entities acting with no emotional concern or feeling at all.
    We thank you for the gift You are.

    1. Thank you for your great suggestions and your very nice comments. Yeah, sometimes I need special copyright-free background music that is very hard to find. I am happy that you would compose some music for me :). Anyway we have already used wide angle lenses in our latest movies (although we have an amateur camera) and we are trying to improve both the technical and the visual environment continuously.

  195. IV IDEA
    I would like to help you to create a new directory where to publish artistic and erotic contents, which could satisfy the taste of BDSM lovers that appreciate very much quality, innovation, style, etc….
    I’m just offering you the possibility to transform, and get better, as many people here are doing, with ideas, wishes etc…
    I must stress out first that I’m not looking for a job, and that my help would only be occasional, ( in my spare time ). Your creative attitudes match in some way mine,
    and I find very interesting working on such topic. If You need any kind of background music for your videos, free from copyright, just ask, and I will compose some music specially for this purpose. The kind of directory to create is partly a “best wishes directory” where to insert and write about ideas, projects and things to do in the next future, where to vote, as you gave us the possibility to do, and to express our like and dislikes.
    I’d love to see you self torturing youself, in chains in a wood, for a few hours, with pegs, needles and other stuff of this kind, hanging from your tits and inserted in your body.
    It would be the kind of vision that any man or woman could not avoid watching, from behind the leaves, ….getting closer to you… feeling you….trying to understand the pain and pleasure that you are offering us, sacrificing to your body, the intimate wishes of your soul, to pleasure our eyes and live in our secret thoughts….
    Take care

  196. Sorry, I forgot to add a little salt. 0,9%. saline solution to the water, (sterile 0.9% salt water) can be injected into breasts to make them bigger. More accurately the saline “inflates” the breasts. Results can be spectacular but short lived, as the saline solution absorbs into the body after a few days.
    ——— Take care ———-
    Anyone practicising this temporary method of breast enhancement needs to take great caution to ensure that both the saline and the drip tubes and needles are sterile.

    The amount of water to inject is something between 100 ml and 150 ml max per breast.

    II Wide angle view
    According to making things a little better, concerning quality, try to use wide angle lenses to create more dramatic and special effects.

    III Add creative light
    Play with coloured lights aswell, infrared lamps are great to transform a set in something special and unusual. Hot and erotic pictures, concerning wax, fire, heat, incense stics, branding etc… could be created in this way. Blue lights for a fairy touch, green light for an elf touch. orange ones for an Indian style, and quicksilver black lights for ultraviolet supernatural effects.

    Great hug


    1. I would love to see you queensnake also to inject sterile water to your wonderfull buttocks!!!!

  197. wonderful pics, the fluid is simple water, very pure water of course, injectable, sterilized, the kind of solution that is used for temporary enlargements of lips, breasts, etc… which does not last more than a few day according, of course, to the amount of water that you have injected.
    take care. good night and god bless you. js

  198. Hi Queensnake!

    I love your work and your site looks great!!
    Well i have a very burning question for you….
    Where do you come from Europe, which country?
    I am a bit curious sorry!

    And mentioned somewhere here, how about to inject youself with a certain fluid?
    I saw a movie on the web where they inject a fluid in the breasts and labia of a girl.
    And they grow big, very swollen!! Something you would try in the future??

    Queensnake, keep up the goodwork!!
    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Frits,
      Thanks for your nice comments and suggestions.
      Answering your question about my country: not too far from Vienna ;). I need some privacy :P.
      Injection plays are exciting indeed but I think it is not for amateurs without medical skills. If I find someone who can do it for me, of course I will try it.

  199. Hello QueenSnake,

    I am Andy from Greece.
    A few days ago i saw your video with the stapler and the flowers and i was very excited.
    I have a very special fetish the medical fetish and i wonder if is possible for you to make any videos with this theme.
    Most of all i love intramuscular injections and of course enemas etc.

    I think that video will be a graet succes

    PS i don’t know if you ever got any injections to your butt , beleive me i think they hurt less than the stapler.

    Thank you very much


  200. Hello Quensanke,
    I am Angela, from the Netherlands, and saw some of your movies. I like pain myself. The first movie I saw from you, was with nettles. I know how they feel in my pussy, and on my nipples. I am a no-taboo woman, 36 years old. I love to get used, I love extreme pain-sm. I saw you, and a friend, using a whip, till bleeding. Hmm. I also saw parts of you with leeshes (I hope I spell it right?) inside your pussy. Ever tried eels aal the way inside your pussy?
    In one clip, I saw you walkiing on waxine-candles. Have you ever put your nipples, and clit, in the flame of a candle? For what I have seen of you, I think you like these things too.
    One thing I also like very much, however it is not so painfull, is having my pussy streched open wide, so a woman can pit her whole breast in my pussy. I mean not only her nipple, but her whole breast, my clit pushing against her breastbone. Like I said, it is not so painfull, but it always gives me a havy orgasm.
    Hun, I really hope we can chat soon, maybe we can meet once?

    angela, painslut

    1. Hi Angela,
      I am always happy when I meet girls like you :). The stinging nettle is getting become a mainstream slowly, as I see now, hehehe. The whipping you mentioned was way too hard for me, my skin was torn up and I still have a scar and it won’t disappear at least for a year :(. I haven’t used bby eels yet, have you? I had to quench candle flames with my pussy and I rolled on candles with my whole body once. It seems dangerous but it’s not, we both know that ;).
      Wow, I have never heard about putting tits into pussy, it is very very exciting and it means you have an amazingly flexible pussy. Yeah, you are right, I myself also love to stretch my pussy, the pain caused by that way is absolutely enjoyable.
      Would be great to meet you in person! Hugs and kisses, QueenSnake

      1. Hello hun,

        the whipping I mentioned in my first mail was to hard for you? I like it hard, but I also want that the scarves will dissapear after a while. I want everything will heal each time. That is also why I have no permanent piercings: I want the wounds to heal, so I can get pierced again in a later session. So I can feel it again.
        You have been quenching candle flames with your pussy, and you have rolled on candles? Did you film that too? Would like to see you, quenching a candleflame with your pussy. Like you said, using candleflames is not as dangerous as it sounds like, atleast if you know what you are doing. My nipples and clit sometimes do get burned, but not so bad it won’t heal. You can also use anti-burn-paste, so you won’t get burn so fast, but still feel the heat of the flame.
        You love to strech your pussy too, I understand. How much can you take? Indeed, I have a quite flexible pussy (and ass), which is caused by breaking my pubicbone once, when I was young. That did heal, but the break healed with soft bone, so it is flexible. I hope you understand what I mean. Don’t worry, I am not handicapped, the only thing I can’t is running hard and walking on high heels. Actually, I only have profit of it! Also giving birth is easier. When you work on me me, I can take 3 fists in my pussy, I try to take 4. In my ass 2 fists is no problem too. Don’t worry, I still can enjoy a man’s cock, and men still enjoy my pussy and ass. But if you work on me, strech me, I can take much. Sometimes I get teared open. Even took that much, that your pussy or ass did tear open? That pain, the moment you tear open (or must I say, you get ripped apart?) runs to you whole body. You also can hear it, when you get teared open. Yes, afterwards, I need some stitches, but that will heal too. Those things I do not that often, of course, only sometimes.
        If you have never felt a breast in your pussy, hun you sure miss an experience. Don’t worry, you won’t get ripped open with that. Feeling your pussy getting streched is always wonderfull, but then, feeling the soft and warm breast in your pussy, makes it special. Plus, of course, the knowing it is a breast in your pussy. I always have a havy orgasm, when that happens to me.
        At last, I wonder about one thing. You wrote you haven’t used eels “yet”. Is that something you want to try? If you get the eels stiffed in your pussy, to feel them moving inside your pussy, that is realy an exciting feeling. I cannot discribe that feeling, but it makes me orgasm multiple times, squirting heavy. But it is not easy to put the eels inside your pussy, they are very slippery and moving constantly. I have don’t it only a few times, because I also feel a bit sorry for the eels. But it really is so exciting, hmmm.
        Wel QuenSnake, I hope to hear from you again soon.
        many kisses all over your body, loves,

        your slut angela (I like to call myselfe a slut, you too?)

        1. Wow, you are a real hardcore pain slut then. You can tolerate pain much more than me, I guess ;). It was interesting you said about piercings. You are absolutely right anyway. There are advantages and disadvantages as well. It happens that my permanent piercings are obstacles in our plays although they can be useful sometimes too.
          Nope, we didn’t record that rolling on candles game but we are going to do a video about something similar in the near future.
          OMG, I never thought that an accident could be useful anyhow:). You are lucky, I will never be as flexible as you are, unfortunately. There are only micro splits in my vagina and in my asshole after stretching.
          Yeah, I wanna try eels, everybody says it’s very exciting.

          1. Hello dear,
            do I understand well, that you are going to play with fire soon? Hmm, I wish I could join you then, hihi, see who can take the most. Having burning candles pushed against your nipples and clit, so they touch the wick of the candles. Do you think you can take it so far, love? Of course I don’t want you to get yourselve 3th-degree burned.
            In one of the earlier posts I red you were thinking of using wasps sometimes. Is that right? Last saturday I had some glass rolls over my breasts, end a narrow one over my clit. With wasps inside. Astrid (my best friend, a bit like a mistress for me) first did shoke the glass rolls, before put them over my breasts and nipple, which made the wasps angry, very active. They stack me many times. My breasts, and nipples were very swollen, as well was my clit. Specially when you are stacked already a few times, and your nipples or clit starts the swell, if they keep stack you, the pain increases. I did come severa times, squirting hard. Hun, you really must try that, I am sure you can take that pain. You get sensitive afterwards, but the swellings will dissapear quit fast afterwards. I I look to my breasts and pussy now, no tracks are left. But before doing this, find out if you are not allergic for wasps. (Or is that allergie only for bees?)
            Love, enjoy your beautifull life, and your body. I love to see more from you.
            Kiss all over,

            your slut angela

  201. Queensnake. Just wanted to thank you for steering me in the right direction with the SomaFM and Buddah Bar. It was just what I was looking for, and I’ve found a lot of good songs. :-) So, do you and your master lead ”normal” lives when your not exploring the world of BDSM? For example, work regular jobs, entertain friends with at a dinner party, etc etc? I ask because I lead a pretty regular life, which I enjoy, but I see myself wanting to find a woman that is as sexually open and experimental as I am behind closed doors. I just don’t know how to go about finding one like that, or getting involved with a women and trying to see find out her thoughts about this without getting judged for what I like, or scaring her off. Hahaha. Any advice?

  202. Queensnake you’re absolutely FABULOUS. Stunning, well toned body, extremely erotic photography, brave experimenting. Needed to exercise all my willpower to avoid cumming several times in front of my PC. Best of luck to you and your lucky mate(s).

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful compliments. If you enjoy what we do, we enjoy it even more :).

  203. Hi Queensnake,

    Can I ask, if you do the maggot thing, what kind of maggots will you use?

    Fly maggots used in fishing are best IMO – They wriggle like nothing else!

  204. Hi Lovely Queensnake!
    I bumped in to your site about 2 weeks ago, I’m still in shock, I’m very into BDSM and the creative ideas that it entails.
    I already bought a nice few of your Videos, and I feel like I won’t be satisfied unless I see all of them :)
    You are amazing, you have an amazing body and you take pain very well, and so creative.
    I dropped all the other sites I was into, and constantly keep myself up-to-date with the latest news here. Keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to see your new ideas that are being discussed here on your blog, especially if you are willing to do the wasps…..
    I love your work, I’m a new big fan of you….

    1. Hi Max,
      Welcome to our small and “hyper-kinky” community, nice to see you here ;).
      I enjoy talking to you about your and our ideas and I hope we can inspire each other. Let’s make our BDSM life more exciting together :).
      Ohhh and thank you for your positive feedback, it means a lot for me :).

  205. Hi Queensnake. I happened upon one of your videos and was shocked to see nettles being used in such a way. After watching a few previews from your site, I am now a fan! Wow, just when I thought I’ve seen it all! I would love to see what other things you and your master are into. I think it would be great to see a list of all the things you and your master are into as part of your About Me section, and I would love to see more pissing incorporated into your scenes. Finally, onto a different subject. I enjoy the music you have playing in the background of your indoor scenes, I cannot seem to find that music here in the US. I love the slow ambient instrumental sinister sounding beats, could you please let me know what DJ/Band/Group/Composer etc etc you have playing in your scenes? Please keep the videos coming and I’m looking forward to seeing what else you, your master and friends come up with.

    1. Hi Croix, thanks for your suggestions :). We usually listen to Buddha Bar music collection or online radio (somafm) (mostly Space Station, Suburbs of Goa channel)…

  206. Hi Queensnake i would like to see in your pussy wasps, it would be amazing how you would be have big pussy 2 or 3 days after wasps, but maggots i dont like becouse they are disgusting.

  207. Bonjour QUEENSNAKE

    Après reflexion, je te demande de ne pas tenter l’expérience des guêpes en raison de son caractère très dangereux. En effet toutes les personnes ne réagissent pas de la même façon et une même personne peut un jour réagir très mal alors qu”elle n’est pas vraiment allergique. Cela dépend aussi de l’insecte. Lors des piqûres du venin part dans tout le corps et peut ainsi créer des oedèmes sur des fonctions vitales de l’organisme et donc avoir des conséquences très graves. C’est pourquoi je te demande instamment de renoncer. Cette mise en garde s’adresse également à toutes les personnes qui pourraient être tentées par cette expérience que je ne recommencerais jamais

  208. Hi Queensnake,

    Fantastic site you’ve got here and what an amazing woman you are!

    I see you’re polling for things to stuff your pussy with, and maggots is an option. That sure gets my vote, but even if it doesn’t win I seriously recommend you try it!

    I’ve played with worms and maggots on several occasions and recently wore a tight zentai suit stuffed full of maggots which felt incredible. Not sure this kind of activity could be classed within BDSM as there isn’t really any masochism involved in a physical sense although maybe for some it is psychologically masochistic – It isn’t for me because I’m a bit of a formicophiliac.

    Anyway, if you do give them a go, perhaps don’t limit them to just your pussy – The feeling of things crawling and slithering all over the body is incredibly sensual and hypnotic.


  209. Bonjour ma Belle QUEENSNAKE,

    comme promis voici …
    Je te conseille de tenter l’expérience des, c’est vraiment très excitant. Mais comme cela peut, aussi, s’avérer très dangereux, je vais donc te donner un conseil, ensuite te raconter mon expérience de l’été dernier, enfin de donner une bonne idée de jeu que tu devras réaliser.

    1 – Le conseil:

    avant toute tentative de ce jeu tu dois tester ta réaction allergique aux piqûres de ces petites, car les conséquences chez les personnes allergiques peuvent être graves. Pour cela, tu prends une Guêpe (avec des gants) tu la poses sur ta cuisse et tu appuie un peu dessus pour qu’elle te pique. Tu attends 1 heure au moins et tu vois si la réaction est peu importante ou au contraire si tu enfles vraiment beaucoup. Si la réaction n’est pas très importante recommence à côté de la première piqûre si le résultat est toujours acceptable, tu pourras, en principe jouer. Avant de commencer le test de la piqûre prépare de l’oignon cru écrasé en purée fine, garde bien le jus et la pulpe mélangés. Si la piqûre est trop violente (réaction importante) après avoir enlevé le dard de la Guêpe de ta peau, tu appliques toute cette pulpe d’oignon à l’endroit de la piqûre et tu masses. Ceci est un remède très efficace.

    2 – mon expérience:

    Depuis longtemps cette expérience des me tentait. Cet été, dans mon jardin, il y avait des qui tournoyaient. J’ai posé un fruit très mur par terre et rapidement il s’est retrouvé couvert de ces petites bêtes. J’ai alors pris un filet (filet très léger que les dames utilisent parfois pour maintenir leur coiffure) dont les mailles sont assez grandes pour que l’on voit bien à travers mais plus petites qu’une (pour éviter qu’elles ne s’échappent). Muni de gants, j’ai rapidement emprisonné le fuit et les dans ce filet, mais sans soulever le fruit de terre. Les ont essayé de s’envoler et se sont toutes regroupées en haut du filet dont j’ai immédiatement refermé la base au moyen du lien dont il est muni, mais sans prendre le fruit. J’ai alors compté 11 prisonnières dans le filet.

    Avec le reste du fruit je me suis enduit le sexe puis avec précaution pour que les ne s’échappent pas j’ai entre ouvert le filet pour y mettre l’intégralité de mon sexe. Je m’attendais a être immédiatement piqué, mais à ma grande surprise, cela ne s’est pas produit. Peu à peu, Les se sont placée sur ma peau toute épilée et ont commencé à déguster la pulpe de fruit, mordant du même coup et sans relâche ma peau. J’ai alors profité de cette situation de calme relatif pour attacher très très solidement le filet avec des liens autour des cuisses et jusqu’à la taille afin de rendre plus longue et plus difficile toute intervention pour l’enlever en cas d’urgence (c’est mon côté réalisation des défis…). Pour l’instant, ces morsures provoquaient la même sensation que celles des Fourmis, mais en plus intense et devenait de plus en plus intenses. J’ai tenu le plus possible, jusqu’au moment où les morsures insoutenables m’ont conduit par reflex à porter subitement la main sur l’endroit sensible pour chasser les 2 ou 3 fautives. ERREUR, car apeurées et se sentant très menacées certaines d’entre elles ont immédiatement piqué ce qui a provoqué une nouvelle intervention de ma part pour tenter de me libérer. NOUVELLE ERREUR car la plupart d’entre elles, prises de panique se sont mises à bourdonner fortement dans le filet et à piquer dans tous les sens.

    Mon piège pour m’empêcher de me libérer facilement a très bien fonctionné et pendant tout le temps qu’il m’a fallu pour enlever le filet je sentais de nouvelles piqûres.

    C’est une expérience terrible, extrêmement douloureuse et très angoissante car on ne sait pas ce qui va se passer et comment cela va finir.

    4 semaines après, je avais encore de l’enflure et je ressens toujours l’endroit des piqûres.

    3°- Idée pour QUEENSNAKE

    Maintenant QUEENSNAKE, à toi de montrer que tu peux faire aussi bien sinon mieux. MAIS SEULEMENT SI LE TEST D’ALLERGIE TE LE PERMET, car même en étant peu allergique le résultat est terrible.

    Je vais t’aider et de dire comment procéder

    En 1er lieu le filet ne doit pas être plaqué contre ta peau. Au contraire, il doit toujours rester un espace suffisant pour permettre aux d’aller et venir facilement. Ce n’est que pour provoquer une attaque que cet espace doit se réduire par les moyens indiqués ci-dessous.

    Si je n’avais pas eu cette expérience, je t’aurais dit de la faire sur toi en même temps sur le sexe et sur les seins. Aujourd’hui je serais plus prudent. Mais à Toi de voir si tu veux le faire sur les 2 en simultané. Maintenant, tu es prévenue….

    Pour capturer des , mon piège fonctionne très bien, il suffit de repérer un endroit où elles sont assez nombreuses. Le filet de coiffure est aussi très efficace. En revanche ton idée de la pompe à vide me paraît pas bien du tout car les vont vite manquer d’air et mourir sans que tu puisses en “profiter”.

    Si tu réalises cette expérience, commence par le sexe. Pour cela je te conseille avant toute chose de prendre 2 petits hameçons munis de longs fils fins (tu verras pourquoi). Tu enfonceras un hameçon dans chacune de tes petites lèvres. Ensuite quand le filet sera en place avec les dedans et les 2 fils ressortant du filet, tu pourras ouvrir facilement ton sexe, en tirant sur les fils. Ainsi les pourront entrer un peu et quand le signal te sera donné tu relâcheras les fils d’un coup. Certaines de tes copines vont se trouver coincées entre tes lèvres et vont donc immédiatement te piquer.

    De même, en marchant le frottement déclenchera peut-être d’autres attaques. Si ce n’est pas le cas tu pourras agacer tes amies en les tapotant avec une baguette ou en les pressant contre toi par divers mouvements adaptés qui réduiront l’espace entre le filet et son sexe. N’oublie pas que les piquent quand elles se sentent en danger, et pour elles il y a danger quand elles sont pressées.

    Ton Maître devra nouer très solidement le filet pour que tu mettes beaucoup de temps à l’enlever si nécessaire et il ne devra jamais t’aider à te libérer même en cas d’attaque massive des .

    Si la séance se passe bien, tu pourras également placer tes seins dans une foule de contenues dans un filet tout en longueur, mais séparé entre les 2 seins par un noeud. Là encore n’oublie pas les fruits écrasés sur la peau pour nourrir tes invitées… au début.

    Tu verras comme c’est agréable de marcher, de se promener avec le Sexe et les Seins complètement nus et sans aucune protection en plein milieu de cette foule de petites bêtes dont la présence fait si peur.

    Puis, quand soudain une attaque se produit, c’est très excitant mais aussi très angoissant car d’autres peuvent suivre (et suivrons obligatoirement puisque c’est le but du jeu).

    Si tu le fais tu verras que c’est un TRES GRAND MOMENT mais très difficile……

    Je te souhaite bon courage et demeure dans l’attente de cette superbe vidéo.

    La prochaine fois…. Les rouges !!!!!


  210. Bonjour Queensnake. Super de me répondre en français.

    Dans les prochains jours je t’écrirais au sujet des et des . J’ai 2 expériences a ce sujet à te soumettre , dont celle des cet été.

    A très bientot d te lire. Ce que tu fais est vraiment super…. J’adore Bisous MARC

    1. I swear, i never meant to be cruel to you, in your website you mentioned bdsm, fetish, torture and humiliation, and that last word made me remember this fantasy about slapping.
      Also i really hope your lovely snake will recover from his illness, snakes are alot tougher than human in many aspects, so don’t worry, he will be better soon.

      1. Gianka, you are so sweet that you care about my snake. You are right, he is a lot tougher than we humans are, he is getting better and better :).
        I love to give and get face slapping anyway although it’s not about only pain… So I liked your fantasy ;).

  211. Hello Queensnake
    I have a fantasy, and were never able to see it fullfilled in many bdsm movies. Have you ever consider a movie on face slapping? Maybe is not as painful as many other things you have done, but i think it would be very thrilling and sexy: stand naked in front of your master (or a girl), legs apart, arms down, hands behind back, and just keep taking slaps on your face left-right-left-right as long as you can.
    Should be like a spank, if your master keep his hands open and slaps the right way, you should not take real damage on your mouth and theet, and maximize pain. The only problem whould be don’t exit your house for one day or two, till your redden face will heal.
    Is only a fantasy of mine of course, so don’t take too seriously, just one more thing: you are great ;)

  212. Hello dear queensnake. I have to say that I have never felt compelled to write a “fan” letter of any kind to anyone involved in pornography or BDSM (I think there is a distinction) before. Come to think of it, I doubt I’ve ever written ANY KIND of fan letter. I recently “stumbled” upon your unique variety of mayhem well skimming an endless list of BDSM video clips. I would hate to feel that I am “desensitized”, but I probably am. But each video maker just keeps pushing the envelope regarding how extreme they can become, which is getting to be quite extreme. But then I found you. Your videos and images are the most unique I have ever seen. Well they could certainly be referred to as extreme, your beauty, gracefulness and imagination allow them to transcend the typical BDSM/Pornogrphy fare. They are pure eroticism. I especially love your outdoor work and your use of nettles. btw, You have some especially nasty rashes after playing with nettles. Is there something that you do in particular to help relieve the rash? The unpleasant effects must linger for some time, way beyond their erotic usefulness otherwise. I do worry about lingering effects and scarification of your lovely skin….like with the staples…yow!! Anyway, I was just curious.

    Thank you

    Robert from Canada

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thank you for your beautiful compliments :).
      Nettles don’t cause permanent marks on the skin, the rashes disappear in 1-2 hours after the “treatment” and then a rather unpleasant tingling feeling starts – like millions of a……..s are running under my skin – and it lasts for about 5-6 hours. So when I had a full body nettle action in the afternoon, it means a sleepless night for me (aspirin can help).
      After that some itching remains for 2-3 days or more but the best part is that the sensitivity of the nipples and the pussy is very intense during those itchy days ;).
      The staple gun is very brutal but does not cause any harm and permanent marks.
      There is only one mark on my body now and it is because of our last whipping action (Latex night – The whipping movie) 4 months ago.
      Actually I prefer nettles, staple gun and other stinging things than whipping :).

  213. Hi Queensnake

    I’m a German (so sorry for my bad English ;-) ) By searching the web for movies about BDSM and nettles I discovered you and your site. You are doing all the things I have always dreamed of. I’m a real masochistic girl (and a little sadist I think) and now I see, that my fantasy is really possible. Your movies are really amazing, I’ve never seen anybody do stuff like this, not even in a movie.

    I really look forward to do something like your nettle lesbians movie. I’ve already ask a friend if he would like to play with so many nettles and he said he would :-).
    And of course I’m looking forward to your new movies. And as I have read you already have a lot of new ideas.

    Have fun ;-)

    1. Hi Kam,
      Thanks for your nice comment ;). I am so happy that you also want to play with nettles, I love such brave girls as you are. You will see that it’s a great mix of pain and turn-on. Actually when I met stinging nettles for my first time, my master rubbed some nettle leaves on my nipples and my pussy during having sex, I was very surprised at its effect, the pain changed to an incredibly hot and hard to describe tingling feeling in 1-2 seconds. I am curious about your experiences… ;)

      1. Hi Queensnake,

        We did it yesterday and it was amazing. I could write a full report, but this is your blog, so only a few words. We had 2 big plastic bags full of nettles – half of a big nettle field I found in a park nearby. They burned my hand through my leather gloves, so I think they must have been strong nettles… I laid flat on a bed of nettles from one bag, the other bag of nettles laying on my back and I was getting spanked on my back. Every inch of my body (except my head) was burning and hot. After spanking me he laid on me pressing me into the nettles an pressing the nettles on my back hart onto me. Then he grabbed some nettles and rubbed my sides which were nettle free until now, so now my hole body was covered in hot stings. Then he spread my legs and rubbed my pussy and my clit with the nettles – leaf after leaf he pressed to my poor clit an my nipples till they were red and swollen and then he took the small leaves from the top of the nettles and took 2 big clamps and clamped 5 of the little leaves with a clamp on each of my already swollen nipples… then he rubbed one leaf after the other on my bare clit until I came from the intense pain. He likes post orgasm torture so after my orgasm he stuffed all the nettles he could into my pussy and ass. Then he fucked me with all the nettles in my pussy… he was screaming and I came a second time, as he had his orgasm…

        I have to say that the pain was intense but not as heavy as I thought from watching your movies. Next time I’ll try and mix nettles up with wax or chilis. ^^


        1. Dear Kam,
          Just a big wow! :) Exciting action! I am so happy that you did it and did it as hard as you could, I loved your report.
          You’ll see that hot wax is cold compared to nettles. It is a very new and weird feeling using hot wax and nettles together.
          Capsicum is an other story, it can burn like the hell and it lasts much longer.

          1. I love your report on using nettles, wsih I could help you. sounds incredible having sex with nettles in your pussy. Yes I rubbed a chilli on my cock and it was agony for 60 mins

          2. Yep, the chilli is extremely painful on the genitals and the most cruel in the vagina or the pee hole.

  214. Hi Queensnake

    I’m from France and I just discover your site and your introducing texte. I understand what you feel, because I m a little masochistic, but especially sadistic (30% M and 70% S)

    I like very much what you do and your permanent search of pain.

    I would like to see your videos about pin, woodscrews …….

    Please, continue to suffer hardly for my greatest pleasur and try to find ever new idéas to make me happy.

    I kiss you


    1. Salut Marc! Alors tu es exactement comme mon maitre :). Je voudrais faire plaisir à tous les gens qui sont vraiment serieux dans le SM. Bisous

  215. I am very open-minded but Dolcett goes beyond the limits of common-sense, even as a fantasy, just imitating those plays is dangerous.

    1. Hi i just want to say i love your videos they are incredible i never thought i would see this kind of stuff and i saw your post with the a……..s are you still planning on doing that still and will try to find other things to bite

      1. Dear Lady,
        You are unquestionably one of the sexiest dominatrix I have ever seen.
        It would be an honor for me to be your “toilet”, to taste your
        exclusive champagne and to savor the delicacy of your exquisite
        It would be a delicious feast, which I hope will come true for me someday.

  216. It is great – spontaneous scenes which were born in mind !
    The best tortures are born in our brain. It is difficult to show. A simple association of real world can trigger explosion emotion.
    What about imitation some of the Dolcett fantasies?

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