Merry Christmas
















This year I have a bdsm Christmas tree – suspended upside down and tied to the ceiling hooks by chains.

I think it really looks unconventional :) What do you think?

Merry Christmas and Holidays Everybody!

Glass Table

The idea of having or being a human furniture has been always one of my favorites and involving some pain into the play made it even more exciting.

We shoot our videos in our small living room and we need to rearrange the room all the time when we shoot. Having enough place is always a problem so minimizing our living room furniture is a never-ending project for us. That is why I decided the other day to give one of our glass tables away.

Before doing that I realized that the top of the glass table would be a perfect accessory for a “last” torture (it was already used several times in our movies). It is heavy (23 kg), transparent and its size is ideal for human furniture play. To add some more challenges and a big dose of pain of course, placing thumbtacks on the human holder seemed to be a good idea. At least Master loved it when I told him about.  I cannot say the same about my best girlfriend, Tanita who was not as enthusiastic as him when I told her that I want her to be my living table. She hates the thumbtacks. When I was trampling on her with my “vampire” shoes (“Spikes” movie) she hated it, she was completely freaked out of the pain and she knew that it would be something similar. But I told her that she is my only capable candidate for realizing my idea, since my body type is too skinny and the other girls are not strong enough either.

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Spicy Luna

That was one of our hardest shooting. I never thought that Luna would feel sick of capsaicin and would completely freak out of the burning feeling. Her pain tolerance is pretty high especially when it is about piercings and needles but this time she almost gave up before finishing the scene.

Her reaction to the hot pepper was unexpected not just because of her high pain tolerance level but because she already got some hot pepper massage cream on her pussy a couple of months ago just to test it. It happened after one of our shootings, I smeared her pussy with the capsaicin cream and she was not allowed to wash it down until she got home. She told me that before going home she would have a date and she was worried that how she would be able to handle the pain in her pussy while meeting the guy. And she was definitely able to handle it pretty well.

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Pin through my clit

I wanted my clitoris pierced so much and for so long time but I never had enough courage to do it. But I did it finally. After finishing our shooting with Greta yesterday, my master pierced a pin through my clit  while Greta and her owner was watching me and fucking. Having an audience during my torture helped me so much to bear the pain which was the most intense kind of sensation I have ever felt in my life.

We could have used a thin medical needle too but I learned that using a sewing pin is much more painful, usually bloodless, there is no scarring and the healing is much faster. So I prefer pins than med needles or piercing needles.

Of course the most painful part of the process was the puncture itself but it took for only a few secs, after that I still felt pretty intense pain in my clit for about a couple of minutes and when my pain has eased a bit my Master pushed a massager vibe against my clit and I was screaming in pain again. It was an evil torture, I cannot enjoy the effect of massager at all, I did not felt anything else just unbearable pain.

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