Fluoride Frosting – queensnake.com

So originally this fun little adventure was meant just for Holly, but she couldn’t quite finish the job, so I had to step in and help her out. First things first, she popped a silicone cleaning brush into her pussy and used toothpaste as lube (fancy, right?). Next up, she got frisky with a toilet brush. And finally, she even coated it with some frosty fluoride paste, but poor thing couldn’t push it in because it was too ouchie. She started crying and threw in the towel. But don’t worry, I swooped in like a superhero (or in this case, a toothpaste-loving hero) and took care of business by giving it a try with that frosty creamed toilet brush!


Real Cacti – queensnake.com

In the heart of a searing desert, QS sprawls across the warm sand, the rugged rocks of the wilderness surrounding her like a lover’s embrace. Her fingers dance over three petite cacti, each cradled within a hollowed-out wine cork – keepsakes from a nearby curio shop. With a wicked grin, she selects one and teases its spiny length against her swollen bud, eliciting a breathless whimper from her lips as the sharp points pierce her delicate flesh. Gently, she guides the prickly invader to her slick entrance, working it deeper until the entire plant disappears within her. With a groan, she strains, pushing the cactus back out, only for the cork to slip free, leaving the miniature succulent dangling precariously from her sex. Another heave, and the cactus rips free, tumbling onto the hot sand beside her. Again, she repeats this wicked ritual, until at last, she lies spent, trembling in the wake of a shuddering climax that seems to shake the very earth beneath her.


PRAYING MANTIS – queensect.com

While hiking in the mountains, I found a large, but cute praying mantis and invited him for a photo shoot. My plan was to convince him to start munching on my nipples and possibly later on my labia or clitoris, but unfortunately, he was not hungry at all. At most, he was willing to crawl around my genital area. Finally, I released him onto a huge flower. So, it was a rather uneventful session. Anyway, I’m uploading it here for posterity.


Gravels – queensnake.com

I have a toilet brush fetish, that is for sure. Everytime I go to a store where are any toilet brushes, I touch and press them and imagine how they would fit into my pussy. This time I was on holiday and found an interesting toilet brush with silver bristles in a local store and I could not stand to buy it to push it into my pussy. A beautiful beach with gravels and stones was ideal for my plan. I fucked myself with the t-brush many times while pushing as much gravels into my pussy as I could. I even hiked a little with the brush inside me.


New movie on queensnake.com – Bay Beach Bitches

We went to a beautiful beach with Jessica to fill her pussy with some pebbles but unfortunately we had some unexpected visitors (tourists) while I was just stuffing her pussy lol so we had to run away. I had no time to remove the pebbles so she had to run with the stones being inside her pussy. The next bay was very far away we had to hike about 6 kms in the hot sun. When we arrived exhausted to that lonely beach, first I removed the pebbles of the previous beach from her vagina, then I stuffed it again with new bigger ones. In the end she had to push the pebbles out of her pussy on me while I used a vibe on her clit. She came several times and she had her very first squirting in her life. That was a memorable adventure for Jessica, for sure.


New movie on queensnake.com – Splashy

I have spent a nice summer holiday with Tanita and her boyfriend at a beautiful place. I wore my special strict leather training bra with spikes – it has tiny metal teeth dig in my tits – and a bottom with sharp and spiky nails inside to pierce into my pussy. She enjoyed to kick my tits and pussy to make sure that I feel the spikes deep inside my flesh. I also had to try how it feels to swim in this special spiky bikini. But it was only a warm-up play. After she undressed me I learned how it feels being whipped with a wet flogger. I can tell you that it was much more painful than a dry whipping. The floggers got very heavy when they got wet and one of them also had knots on it. My poor hairy pussy had the most of the whip lashes. In the end I had suck and fuck her boyfriend and she did not stop to whip my pussy with the wet flogger.

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New movie on queensnake.com – Nettle Rivulet – Remake

One of my first nettle movies was the Nettle Rivulet, 11 years ago. I went back to the same beautiful place and I have made a remake of this movie. I haven’t used any nettles for about 3 years so I felt like a real newbie now like many years ago. I whipped my tits, butts and pussy with nettles and rubbed my nipples, clitoris and anus with them and finally stuffed my vagina as much of them as I could like in the old times. The cold water of the little stream called “Black Water” helped me to cool down my burning skin. I also smeared some mud on my body in the end. But the most painful part of the movie just came after I used some rubbing alcohol which contained eucalyptus and menthol to clean and sterilize my dirty skin, I never thought that it could cause me so intense throbbing pain that I almost puked lol. It was an unexpected agony but it is also recorded for you.

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New movie on queensnake.com – Epic Fails I – 2009-2019

It has been 10 years since we started to make bdsm movies. This movie is a kind of time travel from the very beginning until now. In this first part you can watch some never published or failed scenes that we made from 2009 until 2013. It is fun to watch back my very first whipping on camera from 2009 or the stupid game that we played with Nazryana back in 2010. I also laugh at our first pussy kicking scenes with Tanita which had a pretty bad outcome, we ended up in the ER with her because she was so worried about her extremely swollen pussy. And you can also watch some never published old videos in this compilation.

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New movie on queensnake.com – Fallen Leaves

It was a sunny November day when we went for a trip in the forest and fortunately we took the camera with us so now you can watch my union with the automn nature. After some self-fisting I stuffed my pussy with the dry and dirty fallen leaves – ooouch it was spiky and painful – and then I got fucked for good. My pussy was so swollen and red in the end that I am surprised how his cock was able to penetrate me at all. My poor vagina needed a week to recover from this automn adventure.

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