Real Cacti –

In the heart of a searing desert, QS sprawls across the warm sand, the rugged rocks of the wilderness surrounding her like a lover’s embrace. Her fingers dance over three petite cacti, each cradled within a hollowed-out wine cork – keepsakes from a nearby curio shop. With a wicked grin, she selects one and teases its spiny length against her swollen bud, eliciting a breathless whimper from her lips as the sharp points pierce her delicate flesh. Gently, she guides the prickly invader to her slick entrance, working it deeper until the entire plant disappears within her. With a groan, she strains, pushing the cactus back out, only for the cork to slip free, leaving the miniature succulent dangling precariously from her sex. Another heave, and the cactus rips free, tumbling onto the hot sand beside her. Again, she repeats this wicked ritual, until at last, she lies spent, trembling in the wake of a shuddering climax that seems to shake the very earth beneath her.

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