New Blog Rules

Complying with the rules of my billing company I had to remove every content – even comments – which contains words and terms of nature’s beings which are not vegetables.

So please don’t use any words in your comments that refers to those nature’s beings. If you use such words I will get in trouble :(

Thank you for your understanding.

PS: My billing company found too many forbidden words in the comments so finally I had to remove all of them and disable commenting :(. Free speech on the internet and having an uncensored blog even if it is not connected to my paysite is not allowed. I hate this so much but I have to comply if I want my site to stay alive.

My first pain session this year

Yesterday we shot a toilet-brush-like movie but it was somewhat different. I was suspended upside down by one of my legs for about one hour and I was fucked hard and spanked with several kinds of cleaning brushes. Actually we collected every kind of cleaning brushes we found in the local DIY store.

Tanita was the domina and she took the job very seriously. She became a cruel sadist.

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