New Separated Blog – the new website where you can read my blog in the future. Freedom of speech is important for me so – after my payment provider forced me to remove several blog entries due to compliance issues with their rules – I decided to move my blog to an other domain and server. It will be uncensored and separated from my paysite so there will be no direct link to it from my site.

In the next two weeks you still can click through to my new blog (which still remains censored during this time) to make it easier for you to bookmark it. After that time I will remove the direct link and I will restore my original, uncensored blog entries.

If you would like to read some behind-the-scenes stories about my movies or just want to keep yourself updated on the latest news of my site(s), I suggest you to visit my blog regularly.

I have got so many nice comments from you, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me and with our small kinky community ;). Opinions, feedbacks, suggestions are always welcome, I am trying to answer all of them.

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New skin

My lezdom paysite had shed his old heavy skin and changed it to a lighter and more modern one to crawl faster than before ;) Hopefully you won’t have any problem due to this change and you don’t need to do anything but it can happen that you need to press a refresh button in your browser if you find my site’s design crashed.

I hope you will like it ;)



When it’s about conkers (aesculus hippocastanum) my imaginary about how to use them in our BDSM games is almost infinite lol. This time my favorite green prickly fruits made for shooting pussies.

Master built us a weird – a bit catapult-like – shooting device that was actually a slingshot (rubber bands and a piece of leather) attached to a mount (ladder).

Before starting the game, we had to learn how to use the shooter device and mainly we needed some target practicing. I must admit that the aiming wasn’t easy at all – unfortunately we girls never played shooting games in our childhood as the boys usually did – and we were exceptionally clumsy in the beginning but we had some really nice hits finally.

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Last time when we were in a hardware store, I ran into a nice boat mooring spring and I wondered how it fits into my pussy and how to use it in our games. I found that it is not just a perfect and exciting stretching tool but it can be used as a special speculum to make it easier to stuff my pussy with anything I want and probably we can use it in our electro games too.

Since the spring doesn’t cover the inner wall of my vagina but still stretches and opens my pussy, the sensation inside can be much more intense than using a medical speculum. I decided to try the stinging nettles first so I filled the spring with a bunch of them and started to push the special stinging dildo deeper and deeper in my vagina.

As an extra aggravation I didn’t wear gloves during the whole session, it is more natural and more painful :) Although it wasn’t easy at all to come over the burning pain when I touched the nettles but finally I got to used to it and it wasn’t so bad.

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