New Separated Blog – the new website where you can read my blog in the future. Freedom of speech is important for me so – after my payment provider forced me to remove several blog entries due to compliance issues with their rules – I decided to move my blog to an other domain and server. It will be uncensored and separated from my paysite so there will be no direct link to it from my site.

In the next two weeks you still can click through to my new blog (which still remains censored during this time) to make it easier for you to bookmark it. After that time I will remove the direct link and I will restore my original, uncensored blog entries.

If you would like to read some behind-the-scenes stories about my movies or just want to keep yourself updated on the latest news of my site(s), I suggest you to visit my blog regularly.

I have got so many nice comments from you, thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with me and with our small kinky community ;). Opinions, feedbacks, suggestions are always welcome, I am trying to answer all of them.

I also draw your attention to the new poll about your favorite torture types. Please check it out on the sidebar and take your votes ;)

12 Replies to “New Separated Blog”

  1. I love to watch your movies because I would like to have most of thi done to me . I have already had my Mistress use nettles on my ass and on my cock and balls she made me go into her garden naked and walk thru the nettle patch to fetch them for her . I must show her your movies to give her more ideas Thank you
    slave alan

  2. Would luv some cigarette torture lesbo flicks. Concentrate more on the pussy. last even on the clit. Dangerous but erotic. Some fireplay can be added. Or a hot lightbulb in the pussy. By the way a hardcore fan of your work.

  3. your videos never cease to impress me. However this blog doesn’t seem to have shaken its bonds that allow it to become free as indicated. when will the transition be over and all the gory details laid open here? I’m looking forward to it!

  4. Do you do requests? if so how about some cunt stuffing with some jewelry braslets . earrings and necklaces.
    Maybe even a few razor blades.

  5. I love your devotion to your Master and your ability to endure torturous pain without being restrained. However, I do like seeing you bound or inescapable restraints while being tortured also.

    One suggestion is to get a baking whisk that will fit nicely into your pussy, cover it with a condom, fill the condom covered whisk with crickets that you can get a any reptile pet shop. Insert the whisk into your pussy and then pull and tug at the condom until it breaks leaving all the crickets inside your pussy. Push the whisk all the way in so that just the handle is sticking out and your pussy closes around the handle trapping the crickets in your cavernous pussy. I would then think you could go for a walk or out to lunch with the little critters crawling around inside of you. You can do this without the condom by inserting the whisk most of the way in and then loading the crickets into your pussy one by one.

    I’m a fan of your site…


    1. Hallo Claudia,

      altough I can understand why you ask for this (it is indeed a nice torture) I would not advise anyone to do this.
      Crickets and grasshoppers (locusts) are known to cause allergic reactions. So I would not do this or if you/she does it, then make sure she/you do not react to it by touching some locusts, smell them and them wait 1 day to see if there is a reaction. If not you/she can try it.
      Locusts can cause servere asthma attacks or even shocks.

  6. Hey QS, Seconding the queries about the A… Videos….what has happened to them? Loved to see you get tormented by a…s, I am assuming they were some kind of violation of thing’s you’re permitted to put on the site?

    Would like to see the a… and i…..t play back, if you can!


  7. I cant get the ant hill vid, Did you take it out????

    I 2nd the blog suggestion for a tack spiked dildo and hook suspension

    Please try it soon

  8. Just joined your great site.
    Please, More tit suspenion- longer hang time & punishment
    1. Full crotch rope suspension- with pussy tied wide open2
    2 . Nettle rope—Maybe combine with #1
    3. Weight lifting with your piercing –tit and pussy

    hope you like my suggestions

  9. Great move, seeing the results of your surveys now works. How about you and diamond taking turns with Cactuses and cunt stuffing? I think it would satisfy about 110% of your followers.

  10. I think its a great idea so, you’ll have no problems with absurd rules that limit creativity with censorship.

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