Zipped – Jessica –

Watch Jessica disfigures her perfect bod for no good reason besides being an utter freak. She starts by tucking in those gorgeous tits and stapling them shut like some kind of deranged DIY surgeon. Because who needs nipples, amirite? Next, she gets all up in her own business down south. With sadistic glee, she staples her labia together, essentially stitching her outer folds into a permanent ‘closed for maintenance’ sign on her poor pussy. Her clit and inner bits are trapped, like the secret ingredients in a mummified burrito. Labia meet stapler, stapler crushes labia. What a waste of beautiful cunt! And then the pièce de résistance – she crams a vibe between her stitched-shut pussy and stapled clit, because why not add some pleasure to all that pain? When she finally climaxes, it’s like the ultimate middle finger to her own anatomy.

Spiky Kickbox – Nazryana –

I dressed Nazryana up in a spiky leather bikini and tied her hands behind her back. Then I started to punch and kick her tits, pussy, and butt so she could really feel those spikes digging in. With each hit, the spikes got more intense on her most sensitive spots. In the end, Nazryana was rewarded with several explosive orgasms – she never fails to impress me when it comes to having an orgasm, even after a tough pain session!

Pendulum – Holly –

Here’s another version of the Pendulum series. This time we’ve got Holly strapped in and spread out on that chain swing. I give her a good push to get her started, and Jessica is there with a variety of floggers and dragon tail for some action. We took it easy on Holly between sessions by replacing the whips with a dildo so she could just keep swinging into it for some fun times.

Fluoride Frosting –

So originally this fun little adventure was meant just for Holly, but she couldn’t quite finish the job, so I had to step in and help her out. First things first, she popped a silicone cleaning brush into her pussy and used toothpaste as lube (fancy, right?). Next up, she got frisky with a toilet brush. And finally, she even coated it with some frosty fluoride paste, but poor thing couldn’t push it in because it was too ouchie. She started crying and threw in the towel. But don’t worry, I swooped in like a superhero (or in this case, a toothpaste-loving hero) and took care of business by giving it a try with that frosty creamed toilet brush!

Lingerie Leap – Jessica –

Okay, so this time I wanted to give Jessica a little challenge. I picked out some super sexy new panties that I thought she would love and put them on her. Then I had her climb up onto a tall platform. I hung the panties from the ceiling hooks with some chains and tied her arms up too. Now when she jumped off the platform, usually the panties would rip right away and she’d land on the floor. But lucky for us, some of these panties were made of super tough material and didn’t tear at all! Instead, they just left poor Jessica hanging there in agony as the fabric dug deep into her pussy!

Swing – Holly –

Holly is obsessed with swings! Everywhere she goes, if she sees one, she jumps on it without hesitation. Today, it’s not her turn on the swing, it’s Jessica who gets to show off her moves. She starts by doing some super sexy kicks using the rhythmic swing motions, making sure to target Holly’s pussy perfectly. Just when things are starting to heat up, Jessica pulls out some green hot peppers and adds some tabasco to make a delicious mixture. She applies it generously all over Holly’s pussy, making her squeal in pain. But don’t worry – Jessica doesn’t leave Holly hanging. After they finish their intense swing-kick session, she gives her a refreshing squirting golden shower to help cool her down and relieve some of the tension.

Zipped – Nazryana –

Hello there! Today we’re gonna mess around with some medical staplers – something I’ve never really gotten into before. I mean, sure, I’ve used those heavy-duty carpenter things from the HW store and the little ones we use in the office, but this right here? This is different. I’m looking forward to seeing how much pain these bad boys can inflict on poor Nazryana. It’s all for science, of course, but hey, if it feels good too… So let’s dive in and see what kind of pain we can inflict! Don’t worry, as usual, our trusty volunteer has been more than enthusiastic about helping us explore the world of stapling. She knows what she is getting herself into, so no need to hold back.

Fill Her Up – Abby –

It’s always a blast to fill up your vagina with some piping hot wax! And Abby couldn’t resist giving it a go too! So Jessica scooped up all that delicious hotness and plastered it right onto Abby’s spread-out pussy until it was overflowing. Then, she gave Abby a good old-fashioned spanking to really send her over the edge. And Abby had one heck of an orgasm while her pussy was still packed to the brim with candle wax!

Kickstarter – QS vs Jessica –

Have you ever watched a movie where girls kick their inflated vaginas? Well, I haven’t either but I wanted to give it a shot! Apparently, doing that gives you an extra level of intensity which makes it even better. After the vacuum treatment, my pussy grew bigger than Jessica’s, so watching the footage back was hilarious because it looked like my fleshy bits were just flapping or flying around. The day after, I could still feel it swelling and it was super awkward walking around with this giant thing between my legs. But don’t worry, by the end of the week, everything had healed up nicely!

Cunt Cakes – Holly –

Holly is such a sweet tooth, that Jessica decided to give her a proper candy fix! First, she put the candies into Holly’s pussy, making sure they were inserted properly. However, when Jessica tried using a drill to spin the silicone and metal whiskers around inside Holly’s vagina, Holly found this a little too intense. So Jessica eventually switched to manual rotation instead. Finally, both girls reached their climaxes, satisfied from their sweet and steamy adventure!

Aching Arch – Nazryana –

Queensnake decided to get creative with poor Nazryana. She bound her wrists and ankles to a metal device that looked like a T-shaped rack. Nazryana had no choice but to bend over, her stomach pressed against the cold steel, while her legs were spread wide open. Queensnake relished in the brutal pleasure of thrashing Nazryana’s plump derrière, leaving it a tender, crimson mess. Then she switched her focus to Nazryana’s tender back. With each strike, you could hear Nazryana’s muffled screams echo through the dungeon. Eventually, Queensnake got bored of messing with Nazryana’s backside. So she spun Nazryana around and contorted her spine into another painful backward bend. This time, however, Queensnake went straight for her belly, leaving bruises all over. Every now and then, she’d maliciously smack her pert little titties, savoring the sharp intake of breath that followed. Finally, Queensnake couldn’t resist anymore. She zeroed in on Nazryana’s most vulnerable spot – her pussy. With every swing of the whip, Nazryana’s pitiful screams grew shriller and more frantic. The sight of her writhing in agony brought Queensnake nothing but sheer bliss.

Chili – Abby –

It was time for Abby to experience the heat of the chili treatment on her pussy! First, Jessica popped a few super-spicy chili peppers into her mouth and devoured them whole. Then, with her lips still tingling from the heat, she spat a mouthful of chili onto Abby’s pussy and massaged it in with her fingers. To really turn up the excitement, Jessica also gave Abby a good old fashioned pussy whipping while her poor pussy burned and throbbed from the chili peppers. And to make sure Abby’s pussy got nice and steamy inside too, Jessica slathered some red-hot chili pepper cream all over her sensitive areas and then gave her a good old fist pump!