Lingerie Leap – Jessica –

Okay, so this time I wanted to give Jessica a little challenge. I picked out some super sexy new panties that I thought she would love and put them on her. Then I had her climb up onto a tall platform. I hung the panties from the ceiling hooks with some chains and tied her arms up too. Now when she jumped off the platform, usually the panties would rip right away and she’d land on the floor. But lucky for us, some of these panties were made of super tough material and didn’t tear at all! Instead, they just left poor Jessica hanging there in agony as the fabric dug deep into her pussy!

Lingerie Leap – Nazryana –

Get ready for an intense experience as I unveil the latest version of my ‘Tension Test’ series! This time, I’m putting my dear friend Nazryana through her paces as my very first guinea pig. She’ll be strapped into a brand-new contraption that involves jumping off a high platform while her panties are securely attached to two chains connected to the ceiling. And to make things even more challenging, her arms will also be bound by chains on the side walls. When she leaps down, those panties will cut deep into her pussy, leaving her suspended in mid-air by nothing but her own sexiness. But don’t worry – once they tear, she’ll come crashing down onto the soft carpet below!

Inversion Therapy – Abby –

In this session I gave Abby a full body whipping therapy. I suspended her upside down, her legs stretched wide apart and I used a long, single tail bullwhip for the job. I started with her muscular butts, went up to her belly, tits and I finished it with her pussy. By the end I was pretty satisfied with the result as her body looked like an abstract painting. Of course she loved it and she bragged about it the next day in the gym.


Tension Test – Zara –

Zara’s recently increased body weight made her an ideal subject for the next wedgie stretch test – she definitely doesn’t need weights attached on her to have a chance against those heavy duty undies. So much so that by the end we needed to put three panties on her at once to keep her longer in the air.


Stretchy – Holly –

Holly loved the the Tension Test movie with the panties, so she definitely asked me to do something similar. So this time she wore different kinds of pantyhoses that were attached to the pulling machine while her arms and legs were chain tied to the side walls. Since the tights are not so strong materials she was not pulled up in the air, just standing on tiptoes. To make her situation much much worse Jessica was there with a flogger and whipped her full body continuously until the pantyhoses tore and Holly collapsed.


New movie on – Crotch Rope – Nazryana

Nazryana has to stand with her legs open, on tip toes and her hands tied up while she is wearing a rough rope tanga which has 2 kgs and later 5 kgs weights attached to it. This way the rope cuts into her pussy deeper and deeper especially when I swing the weights or when I add my own weight to it. And another bonus for her is some caning and spanking on her butts and tits with a wooden stick and with a riding crop.


New movie on – Tension Test – Micha

After this session Micha said that she would never wear panties again, ever, she did not think that they could cause her such an agony. She stopped the session several times because she could not bear the pain. Her lovely girlfriend Jessica cruelly pulled her up and kept her in the air while the only thing that held her was her underwear which deeply and painfully cut into her pussy until it torn and she fell down. Since Micha is a very small and light girl Jessica fixed some weights onto her ankles because otherwise the panties would have never broken apart and she would have stayed in the air forever, in the most horrible agony that she could not have imagined.

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New movie on queensnake. com – Thumbtack Dancer

This movie is for the foot torment lovers. I have to say that only the most masochistic girls are able to do it and Nazryana obviously is one of them. Dancing while a bunch of thumtacks were pierced into her soles made her cry like a baby. She was just weeping and screaming all the time and there was a point at the very end of this session when she screamed to stop and of course I immediately released her. But it was unexpected. Nazryana has never said to stop a scene before no matter how huge her pain was. This was the first time that she stopped it. So you can imagine her pain. But still she could have three squirting orgasm in the end. Lol. All is well that ends well. Please checkout my twitter for some extra uncensored scenes of this movie.

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