The Intruder

I can’t say that I loved it, I would rather say that I hated it and would never do it again but at the same time I am aroused thinking of being forced to bear those hated bites again.

After several unsuccessful ant hunting expeditions, we finally found some very angry black tiny creatures during our last trip.

Their home was in the grasslands under the ground, we hardly can perceive them, actually we almost gave up again although I was totally prepared for the experience and I definitely wanted to try it.

The first mound that my master found was in the middle of steppe. He stirred it up to make them angry, then I just pulled up my skirt and sat on the ruins of their home.

My bare asshole was the closest target for them so it got some very painful bites first, uh they were very intense, short and annoying pain shocks, a bit similar to the pain caused by electro shock. It wasn’t enjoyable at all at least for me :). My master loved to watch my suffering so I tried to tolerate the pain as long as I could to give him more and more pleasure.

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The first time when I heard about vaginal casting was when a nice artist told me about that and then he asked me to do it. I loved the idea and decided to make a try. I didn’t know anything about the casting process, I am not a sculptor so I made a little research about this theme using the information I got from him. I found some photos about vagina statues made of wax, they were simply amazing!

Although I would also love to have a wax statue of my vagina, first I just wanted to know how it feels when my pussy is fully filled with that weird stuff and what is my “size”.

To find and get the right material wasn’t an easy job but finally I found it in a dentist supply store. I realized that the best material for a first time moulding is a kind of dental alginate that is normally used in the mouth to cast the teeth. It’s a goo which sets into rubber in 1-2 minutes and it has a mint taste :), it’s completely safe, nothing toxic. Though alginate is not as durable and detailed as silicone, it’s the easiest and the fastest way to cast the body parts and in this case the vagina, so I definitely suggest you to try it with your girlfriend.

When I talked to Tanita about my casting plans, she also became excited to try it out so finally we decided to make a movie about this new experience mixing it with some fear factor and pain.

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My master loves those games when I am in a predicament like in Tackrider scene. This time I had to hold myself above burning candles and of course it was inevitable to fall onto them. Now there wasn’t any time limit, only my strength and my muscles was my hope to avoid my pussy and asshole being burnt as long as possible.

He built a really frightful device and wanted my pussy to be exposed to the danger much more than in Tackrider so he made an evil plan.

As a warming up I pumped up my tits and while my tits were in pain he pierced four big black safety pins into my outer lips. Hell, it was extremely painful and I was just screaming and screaming. He would have done better if he had gagged me :P

The safety pins were attached to chains around my thighs to stretch and pull my pussy lips painfully by their weights making my pussy wide open and defenseless. Just thinking of balancing in the air above the fire with this painful pussy opening gear was way too scary for me.

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