My master loves those games when I am in a predicament like in Tackrider scene. This time I had to hold myself above burning candles and of course it was inevitable to fall onto them. Now there wasn’t any time limit, only my strength and my muscles was my hope to avoid my pussy and asshole being burnt as long as possible.

He built a really frightful device and wanted my pussy to be exposed to the danger much more than in Tackrider so he made an evil plan.

As a warming up I pumped up my tits and while my tits were in pain he pierced four big black safety pins into my outer lips. Hell, it was extremely painful and I was just screaming and screaming. He would have done better if he had gagged me :P

The safety pins were attached to chains around my thighs to stretch and pull my pussy lips painfully by their weights making my pussy wide open and defenseless. Just thinking of balancing in the air above the fire with this painful pussy opening gear was way too scary for me.

The device he built was like an uncontrollable swing. I had a bar above my head where I could hold myself with my arms, my feet in the chains, my legs wide apart above a coated metal bar that was full of  candles. It was hard to hold myself up and keep my balance in that position – much harder than in Tackrider.

And the top it all I felt the hot air on my pussy all the time I was trying to hold myself up, it was very very scary, I felt like a witch on the bonfire, my fear of being burnt really made me to avoid being too close to the fire. The wider was the straddle, the stretching pain caused by the safety pins were more intense and the burning pain was more unbearable on my pussy and ass. I should work out harder in the gym, I felt that my arms and legs were weaker and weaker. My body was sweaty and slippery so was my hands on the bar making my struggle more harder. Finally I didn’t feel my arms at all, my legs and my whole body was trembling.  Though my brain protested, after about 8 minutes desperate agony I completely lost the control, my arm muscles gave up the fight and my hands slip down. It was dramatic, I fell down like a ragdoll exactly in the middle of the fire and hot wax. I found myself riding the fearful fiery bar while my stretched pussy was deep in the hot wax. I was completely knocked out, I couldn’t feel and move my arms but my master wanted me to quench the rest of the candles on the bar, with my burnt and tormented pussy of course.

I tried to gather the tiny rest of my strength and grabbed for the bar above my head pulling myself up. This time my goal was to quench the rest of the candles and not to avoid them. I couldn’t wait to accomplish this mission, my muscles were trembling from the exertion, I hardly could hold myself up and since I was swinging constantly above the bar it wasn’t easy to lead my pussy into the burning candles.

Finally I succeeded to quench every candle on the bar and after dismounting from my special fiery horse I was happy to feel solid ground under my feet again :). After removing the safety pins and the chains, I felt a big relief and I think I really deserved the orgasm I got in the end.

The first part of the movie will be online in a few hours. I think if you liked the Tackrider movies, you will be a Bonfire fan! Much more hardcore and painful!

I am curious about your opinion and comments ;)

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  1. Queensnake:

    First of all long time admirer and huge fan. I love your videos!!! Thought the safety pins were fantastic!. Consider using more or perhaps on the nipples? What about using a needle and thread through your nipples and labia to be tied as a restraint or to weights. Also love in your other videos where you pissed and then applied it to your body.

    Keep up the great work. Your awesome and look forward to your future releases.

  2. Ive tried piercing myself for the first time, i pushed a few (5)needles through the skin of my dick( 4 from the inside out (1 side skin), 1 through and through, double skin) to end up sticking the needles through a carbordbox, and spread them a little, great feeling that was. Have to watch the vains. great experience that im gonna do more often

  3. Have you ever thought of riding the wooden horse? The “horse” is a 1×6 wood plank set on edge, at a height that would cause you to stand on your tip toes to keep your vagina off the edge of the “horse”, your arms would be tied above your head to keep you upright and your legs would be spread slightly wider than your shoulders. As your muscles tire, your vigina would carry more and more of your body weight and spend more time on the “horse”. Yhis would provide about 30-45 minutes of interesting entertainment for you and the rest of us. ;)

    1. Sure ;) I have already ridden so many different kind of “horse” but so far, I’ve never tried the good old wooden horse. I don’t want to miss it out!

  4. Adorable, pourrais tu faire un moulage avec de la cire? La cire chaude a l’interieure sera
    tres excitante, merci beaucoups et continuez cet excellent travaille.

  5. I sometimes make a pool of candle wax in my foreskin by pulling it forward; then small candle in urethra light then wax melts. Wondering if you could do something similar by pulling labia out so to keep dripped wax in, then light cnadle in your cunt to keep wax liquid and hot ?

  6. bonjour , je voulais te demander comment tu arrives a garder un si beau minou avec tout ce qu’il endure? continu tu es geniale!

  7. La dernière partie de Bonfire est une pure merveille! Quelle sensibilité! Bravo!
    Merci mille fois de ta creativité!

  8. Hello Queensnake: This is an ear-related idea you may like to consider .
    a few drops of strong chili sauce deep in the ears. When it starts to burn , add cold milk. So we have the burning sensation plus the temporary vertigo from the cold milk , plus vaginal stimulation frm a vibrator or other device . When done , wash out ears and add olive , or almond oil to lessen or stop any irritation / burning that may still be there.

  9. This is a really exciting video.
    I love these setups where you are forced to the point of fatigue where you can no longer support yourself, or have trouble at any rate. That you are a strong, well conditioned female makes it that much more exciting.

    Allow me to offer another such.
    Essentially the same setup but without the candles and with a two strips of copper tape running the length of the top of the bar with about 1/4 inch in between and hooked up to a strong estim box like the Erostek et312. Start with you sitting on the bar with your feet and hands in position to lift yourself. Then have someone increase the electricity till it becomes so painful that you are motivated to stand. Once you fatigue to the point of sitting on the bar again, the electricity is once again raised till you struggle up. And so forth until you are unable to stand and have to suffer very strong electrical stimulation. A 312 can be set to run a slow ramp up in power so that would be another way to do it. Also you could be made to fatigue a bit faster by tying the foot loops a little further apart so you cannot get them right under your legs.

    It is delightful to see you suffer so.

    The hard pussy slapping was also very erotic. Great touch.

  10. Queensnake, I absolutely loved this one. It looks incredible. I think once you make an ant-hill video, or more torture with needles and fire (oh how about hot needles? interesting…) I will become a member!

    You really are amazing, please keep pushing the limits its refreshing to see after having seen so much mass produced overly professional garbage lately, I really enjoy seeing the raw and totally edgy aspect of your site and updates! LOVE IT!

  11. u r realy great queensnake…but we are still waiting for a video ,where u shewing up ur pussy… :) :) :) kisses alex.

  12. Queensnake. I have noticed there are many people on here that want you to try different things. How about doing a sort of all request video where people suggest things for you and you do them?

    1. siii estaría muy bien a mi me gustaría ver algo de anal k creo k no tienes nada no?? fisting con el pie por el ano estaría muy bien. saludos!!!

    2. Do you mean like in the old insex movies when the girl’s torture was virtually controlled by the audience?

  13. Stunning! How about shooting a scene where you are in a position where you have to choose whether you put your pussy or your tits near candles?

  14. You often have had pins pushed though your labia; have you thought of having permament piercings, then your pussy lips could be held apartt more easily

  15. Hi… I notice on Twitter you mentioned an ant-hill? Could there be a movie of this coming soon? Oh, let it be so… if the experience was good.

  16. All your movies are usually great, but still there is a crazy thing you never completely did: in your movies you usually focus in torturing a specific,intimate part of your body. But have you ever sustained a full body torture? i mean the usual spanking, whipping, caning, nettles, wax, etc… to all parts to your body, from the neck to the plant of your feets, in hours of torturing game. Maybe you did privately, but if you ever do a movie like this, maybe in 10 parts it doesn’t matter, i bet it would pass in history. I would love a movie when all your lovers, meet you and take their turn to torture you, and mabye offer a “drink” to you, from time to time when they need to go, since would be a long movie. Well, it’s only a fantasy, and sometimes i can think really crazy, forget what i said, i truly worry sometimes, for your health.

  17. I love to see you play with fire and burn yourself. Some cigarette play would be nice in a future movie perhaps?
    Love your work, admire your determination and spirit.

  18. And now you are burning like a witch in the inqusition times! Extraordinary women you are!
    I love you…

  19. Great idea for a shoot, love it all !
    I would like some more on the blog about the after effects. How were you afterwards ? Did you do any harm to yourself ?, how did you feel.. ? how long did it take you to recover ? How many days before you could decide to have sex or to do something else ?

    Lots of questions I know but really interested on the afterwards. Also like to see more after effects footage on the shots, the after you have smiled and waved goodbye part. Love to see you in recovery mode..


    1. Hey Tim,
      You are right, the after effects would deserve more attention. After shooting “Bonfire”, we wanted to make some photos to document the after effects but there was only a few small and hardly visible blisters on my asshole and my pussy lips for about 3-5 days, minimal pain and burning sensation in the first 2 days (hardcore sexual activities are not suggested in those days to speed up the healing process of the wounds) and of course no permanent scars or marks were left :).
      I promise you that next time I will tell you more about the after effects ;)
      Hugs and kisses

      1. Yes i would like to see afterwards too, and if there wera only small and hardly visible blisters than you deserver a harder torture :-),
        P.S. You are tough and good girl QS

        1. “Harder torture”: Maybe you should see how long you can take a low wattage light bulb inserted into your pussy or pressed against your asshole?

  20. Superbe expérience, une fois de plus, nous avons hate de voir le film. Nous aimons aussi beaucoup ces jeux, que nous appelons “jeu de choix” : mettre la soumise dans une situation ou elle a, grace a une liberte de mouvement, a faire le choix entre deux actions, plus ou moins douloureuse. Dans ce cas, tu avais le choix entre rester au dessus des bougies, le plus haut possible, sachant que les bougies degagent une grande chaleur, surtout quand meme que tu en etais proche, ou les teindre le plus vite possible, sachant que pour cela, il fallait poser ton minou endolori par les epingles de surete, sur les flammes pour les eteindre. En plus, tu savais que de toute facon, il te faudrait en arriver à cette extremite !! Il te fallait donc lutter entre la douleur des brulures que tu savais devoir ressentir et la peur de te bruler en essayant, vainement, de reculer le plus longtemps possible le moment de la brulure !!
    A ce dispositif, j’aurai volontier rajoute une supplice supplementaire, en attachant tes seins par l’intermediaire d’epingles de surete plantées dans tes tetons et attachées par une ficelle à la barre de soutien de tes bras !! Ainsi, en descendant sur les bougies, tu aurais en plus tendu les tetons douloureusement !! Ce qui aurait freine ta descente sur les bougies, allongeant un peu plus le temps au dessus des flammes !! Qu’en penses tu ??


    Marie et Fabrice

    1. J’aurais peur de déchirer mes tetons, peut-être avec des élastiques il ne serait pas si dangereux. Et je pense que la crainte de la douleur dans mes seins ne serait pas m’aider à supporter plus longtemps, elle n’aurait pas d’effet de la force de mes muscles ;)

      1. Tu as raison, des elastiques seraient preferables. Le but de ce jeu de choix n’est bien sur pas de te mettre en situation de danger, mais simplement de devoir choisir entre deux douleurs differentes. Il faut donc que ca reste gerable et bien sur, non dangereux.

        1. Ah, oui, je suis d’accord avec vous, être forcée à choisir entre deux douleurs differentes rend le jeu plus excitant.

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