The first time when I heard about vaginal casting was when a nice artist told me about that and then he asked me to do it. I loved the idea and decided to make a try. I didn’t know anything about the casting process, I am not a sculptor so I made a little research about this theme using the information I got from him. I found some photos about vagina statues made of wax, they were simply amazing!

Although I would also love to have a wax statue of my vagina, first I just wanted to know how it feels when my pussy is fully filled with that weird stuff and what is my “size”.

To find and get the right material wasn’t an easy job but finally I found it in a dentist supply store. I realized that the best material for a first time moulding is a kind of dental alginate that is normally used in the mouth to cast the teeth. It’s a goo which sets into rubber in 1-2 minutes and it has a mint taste :), it’s completely safe, nothing toxic. Though alginate is not as durable and detailed as silicone, it’s the easiest and the fastest way to cast the body parts and in this case the vagina, so I definitely suggest you to try it with your girlfriend.

When I talked to Tanita about my casting plans, she also became excited to try it out so finally we decided to make a movie about this new experience mixing it with some fear factor and pain.

Tanita was the first “victim” in our casting game. As a warming up play I encouraged her to crawl on all fours by poking her with a cattle prod and then she got my fist and cruel rough foot fisting deep in her pussy. She screamed in her pleasure and in her pain at the same time, I loved that. Her cunt was so hot, tight and silky inside, it felt amazing to fuck her with my fist and foot.

After stretching her pussy to its limits, I prepared the ingredients for the casting. To make the moulding more exciting I added a box of thumbtacks to the goo.

I had to mix the stuff very quickly because it became solid in 2 minutes. I opened her pussy with a speculum and poured the dense material in. I saw the fear on her face while the mix filled her cunt but actually I knew that the thumbtacks wouldn’t cause any pain or harm but she didn’t know that. After her cunt was fully filled, I  pulled the opening device out very carefully and slowly.  The goo set rubber unbelievably quickly and now I know that I should have pulled the speculum out much earlier to have a more perfect vagina cast, maybe next time I’ll be more experienced.

The funniest part of our game was when Tanita wasn’t able to push out the vagina-like dildo, she cried and she was so freaked out that we had to stop the movie at this point.  I calmed her down and she tried again. Finally with a little help she gave birth to that big big “whale”, LOL and she was surprised that it was not so big big as she thought and the terrible thumbtacks did not cause any harm. That is one of my reasons why I love BDSM, it helps people to know their own body.

After laughing at her suffering she revenged on me. I got some very harsh electro shock with my “favorite” cattle prod, she was real evil to me and she succeeded to knock me out in the end. Then she also fisted and foot-fisted my pussy as I did before to her. She had a bigger fist and foot than me so I think I got more pain than her but I could enjoy it. What I didn’t enjoy was – after being tormented and knocked out by the cattle prod and the fisting and foot-fisting play – my master told us that he’d messed up something with the camera and it didn’t record anything. So what you see in the film it is my second 20 minutes torture, I wasn’t too fresh and fit :)

I couldn’t wait to feel the cool goo in my vagina, it was a real relief to me after that those many electro shock and painful pussy stretching. The feeling that my vagina was fully filled with the goo was amazing and pushing that special stuff out wasn’t a big deal, it was just like a big dildo and I didn’t feel the thumbtacks in it.

It seems that my and Tanita’s vagina has almost the same size and form, maybe mine is a little bigger and the size and the form of the cervix is also almost the same. I am curious about other women’s form and size ;)

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  1. Excellent pornart, a closer view of cervix would be a turn on for some, love to see more of your cervix to the service.

  2. There is nothing sexier than seeing a woman’s beautiful foot inserted into another woman’s pussy, more please.

  3. My GF and I tired this but not in her pussy. We put the goo in her ass and let it sit and she was able to push it out with no problem and it was like 10in long lol. I would love to maybe see you do this and maybe punish your ass more

  4. dear queensnake

    I’d love to see you stuffing your anus with 3 candles and you could wriggle the candles out of your ass in just 1 minute

  5. You and your girlfriends, put simply are amazing sexy and hot. I love seeing your slender, very veiny sexy powerful barefeet being buried deeply in a naked pussy. My absolutely favorite sex scene. Especially when they are measurably diity like in “Moulage” or extemely dirty like in ” TACKRIDER TANITA”. The dominance and intensity with which you used to pleasure and torture her pussy with your barefoot was masterful. More of this type of lesbian foot action please. Very hard to find. You see women doing men, with their feet, all the time on the net. I’m sick of seeing “dick” all the time. A dudes cock and balls is the last thing I want to see also. Add more of this type of girl/girl foot action to your site and you will have me as a member for life. Love you babe!

  6. I’d love to see a pic of your entire foot in your friend’s vagina, if possible. Keep it up!

  7. This is another thing that i think can have an public twist.
    After it have harden.

    When filed get dressed whit an short skirt an walk the streets.
    Visit an cafe or some other public place…
    Why not then remove the cast in public… ;-)

  8. I loved this shot! More of cunt casting! I’d suggest combining it with other toys, e.g. a couple of small vibrators, followed by a walk in the streets. Or even better, add an outer rigid cast and just relax! (For inspiration, see the overly soft

  9. Lovely fisting… I remember those fish hooks some time ago. Why not combine them with fisting?

    1. I am going to make an other website about this theme. Here at you won’t see any tormented cock and balls ;)

      1. I was v pleased to read that you are going to do a cbt site, as I like watching both pussy cunts and cock being tortured. If your tortures to your pussy are to go by, then cant wait for cbt site. hope you will put link. I do cbt, nettles, wax, electric, croc clips weights, whipping and had neelde though foreskin and into balls, been in video. do you need any male slaves !

  10. L O V E I T… Stuffings is a complete turn on, keep it up! Love to see a special on food, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, Musterd, Chilli sauce, chocolate, baked beans, ground coffee
    raw meat/fish, jam, ham, poultry and the whole pantry…Love your work.
    p.s. Loved your “Chilli/ice” dildo, more of it please.

  11. It was great , but i still prefer the most painful ones , mainly when the pussy is tortured.
    once , i read on your twitter , that you’ve tortured your master’s cock an balls . I’ve never seen you torturing your master , so i became curious for how sadistic are you torturing a man . So , i ask you a cock and ball torture movie .

  12. have you ever thought about pumping?

    1. Hmmm, nice vid. I’ve never pumped my pussy like she did but you made me curious about trying it ;) Thx

      1. If you’re going to prolapse your cervix, have you thought of “decorating” it with tacks?

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