We shot these toilet brush scenes in November and first we didn’t want to publish it because of some technical errors during video recording. But we checked it again now and decided that it would be a pity to waste it, so we tried to fix the quality issues and here we are, you will see the result very soon.

Just a short behind story. There were three type of brushes:

standard toilet brush (I’ve already seen this in other extreme porn movies),

two “high quality” toilet brushes (a black and a white one) with heavy and thick bristles (haven’t seen it in any bdsm movie so far) and

an interesting double brush that is used in glass washer machines.

Needless to say that the heavy toilet brush fucking was way too hard and painful, actually I wasn’t able to swallow it fully, just almost fully :). Eh, but I don’t give up, next time I want to try it again although it seemed to be impossible to push it up completely.

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Fire Vixens

After more than one month break, we made a new movie a couple of weeks ago. Regarding to your votes in shaved vs hairy pussy poll, the pussy hair is gone and the process was recorded for you.

One of you guys suggested me to set my pussy hair in fire and when I told my master about that, he became enthusiastic over the idea. My pussy hair grew extremely long during about two months, it looked real hirsute, hehe. When I was a teen girl my pussy hair was so long that I plaited it for fun :D but now I can’t tolerate any hair on my body.

Since my girlfriend Nazry also had hairy pussy for a long time, we helped each other to get rid of the bush and we did it with nothing else than fire.

Nazry was the first witch who had to burn. I tied her arms above her head while she had to stand on tiptoe on a glass table and spread her legs wide. Needless to say that Nazry was a real scaredy cat (as always :) when I started to play with the fire on her pussy. Her hair was short and curly so it wasn’t easy to set it in fire, moreover she was afraid of the fire so much that she always pulled away her pussy while I was trying to burn it. But actually her squirm caused her bigger pain because I had to keep the fire close to the target for longer time. She just screamed and screamed and was knocked out of the fear and the burning pain. When I saw that she can’t tolerate more pain, I released her and her hairy asshole and pussy lips got some fire in all fours position. It was funny how she feared for her inner labia :) but of course she couldn’t avoid quenching two candles on her pussy lips.

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Poll Results VI

To be hairy or not to be hairy, that is the question :) The answer is rather definite. It’s good to see that everyone has a favorite but it seems that the shaved pussy fans are in clear majority. Thank goodness! I hated being hairy, it didn’t suit me at all and now I am happy that my pussy is bald and silky again.

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Kinky Foursome

I am telling you about an exciting bdsm game that happened a couple of weeks ago when my pussy was hairy. So here is my story.

We invited a kinky and nice couple to have dinner with us in our home. Of course everybody knew that it was not just a dinner invitation :). We first met them in a fetish party many years ago and since then we are not just good friends but fuck buddies. Though they are not into hardcore bdsm games – the man is dominant and sadistic, the girl is submissive and a little bit masochistic –  they know and like what we are doing.

Actually they love to learn new and exciting things and we try to spoil them with our weird games :P.

This time we showed them how to play with the rubber bands. Of course it was me who had to be the target for the shooters. Our guests and my master was sitting on the couch and I was on my knees before them (the distance was about 2 metres/6 feet) spreading my legs wide revealing my bare butts and pussy to the shooters,  bending forward and putting my chest on a pouffe,  so my face was protected and I wasn’t able to see the shooters.

Since they have never shot before with rubber bands, they needed to learn the right technique and practice on me. First they were clumsy but the more they shot the more pain I got.

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New Subscription System

It wasn’t an easy work to find the right solution but now the new subscription system is working on my website. I am sorry for everybody’s inconveniences caused by not working CCBill system, they are still searching the error… :( I think I can say that bad things can sometimes lead good things because I succeeded to have my website approved by an other payment provider, Epoch. They are fast, much more client and customer friendly, their billing system is working properly and Visa payment is offered.
I let CCBill process Direct Pay (internet bank) and Telephone, they are good alternatives for those people who don’t have or don’t want to use credit cards. Online checks and Ukash (anonym voucher) also will be available soon.

But now I put away these technical issues for a while and I am working on uploading the missing old movies and the brand new ones :)