Fire Vixens

After more than one month break, we made a new movie a couple of weeks ago. Regarding to your votes in shaved vs hairy pussy poll, the pussy hair is gone and the process was recorded for you.

One of you guys suggested me to set my pussy hair in fire and when I told my master about that, he became enthusiastic over the idea. My pussy hair grew extremely long during about two months, it looked real hirsute, hehe. When I was a teen girl my pussy hair was so long that I plaited it for fun :D but now I can’t tolerate any hair on my body.

Since my girlfriend Nazry also had hairy pussy for a long time, we helped each other to get rid of the bush and we did it with nothing else than fire.

Nazry was the first witch who had to burn. I tied her arms above her head while she had to stand on tiptoe on a glass table and spread her legs wide. Needless to say that Nazry was a real scaredy cat (as always :) when I started to play with the fire on her pussy. Her hair was short and curly so it wasn’t easy to set it in fire, moreover she was afraid of the fire so much that she always pulled away her pussy while I was trying to burn it. But actually her squirm caused her bigger pain because I had to keep the fire close to the target for longer time. She just screamed and screamed and was knocked out of the fear and the burning pain. When I saw that she can’t tolerate more pain, I released her and her hairy asshole and pussy lips got some fire in all fours position. It was funny how she feared for her inner labia :) but of course she couldn’t avoid quenching two candles on her pussy lips.

Then it was my turn. I was tied up on the same way as Naz but the difference was between us that I couldn’t wait to get my pussy hair burnt down. When she started to burn my pussy hair, I pushed my hip out to offer that hated bush for punishment. Since my hair was very long, I expected that it would easily flame up and yes, I was right. There was not only smoke but flames too. That was creepy and sometimes very painful when she let the hair in fire for longer time and the flames reached my skin. The more hair was burnt down, the more pain I got because the fire could touch my skin easier. Naz did a good job, she burnt down almost every hair on my pussy and I enjoyed it. My master was surprised when I laughed in my pain. What a maso bitch I am, I can’t help being without pain!

My firy adventures didn’t finish this way, my asshole and the entrance of my pussy was still a bit hairy. The hair wasn’t so thick and long on that area because I pulled the hairs out by the root all the time using an epilator device, I admit that I do this regularly not just for a silky pussy but for the pain, this process is fucking more painful than waxing :)
So I was in all fours position, my asshole and pussy was exposed and Nazry started to burn down the hair while my asshole and pussy lips was also burnt. Finally I got three candles quenched on my pussy and one in my open pussy, that was cruel :)

In the end we both sit on the glass table, pushed 3-3 candles into the pussies and we had to cum – here I’d like to explicitly state that we never ever fake an orgasm in our movies, for real :) – and quench the candle flames with our squirt. It was an easy task. The candles were quenched and launched out, there was pee everywhere, it was a real pee shower :D Of course we were rolling in our pee to cool down. Eh, it was a fantastic adventure again! I want more! :)

Under the shower I shaved the rest of my pussy hair and yeeeees, I got silky pussy again! There were some burn (small white blisters) on my pussy, even on my inner labia but it is nothing, it will disappear in a couple of days, no permanent marks.

Although many of you don’t like hairy pussy, I hope you will like watching the punishment of the hairy pussies :D

18 Replies to “Fire Vixens”

  1. Hi. This is the first time I write and it is to congratulate you. You have managed to create a style which was missing: straight forward pain/pleasure fun and sane experiences. No talking, no verbal humiliation, no weird fetishes, no disgusting scenes like scat or pee, no borring endless bondage, no excessive outfits (latex, leather, rubber etc…). Great!!! Plain S/M playing just as I, with many playmates, practise it. It’s the first time I get so identified with a line of SM video production. Keep it up. Just one little question… do you have in mind trying cigarette torture? It’s something which I notice you haven’t done. It’s only just because it relly turns me on… But you’ll know better what to do or not.
    Weel done,

    1. I forgot something. Although you are totaly convinced about your masochist nature, I can’t help feeling that you are gradually enjoying more and more the sadistic side in you. Specially in the last couple of months. I love it… Even if I’m wrong and it’s only an impression of mine, I have to tell you that what turns me on most of all, is the expresion on your face when you are beeing specially nasty to your poor girl friends. Your sadistic face, as I call it. It sends shivers down my spine…
      He, he, he….

  2. Nice! I’m impressed, looks like you girls really know how to have fun with fire. I’m a guy and I love playing with fire, setting myself on fire, watching girls enjoy being on fire, and sex while on fire. A willing partner is rare so I mostly set myself on fire alone and enjoy the flames.

    If you’re really into fire, check out some of my videos and feel free to message me if you want to know more.

  3. Hi queen

    I’m still hoping you will try my string insertion. I think it would be interesting if you and your friend Nazryana would share a string. For example you have half and she has half, so this ties you guys together or if you keep it inside for a day and then she pulls it out of you and then she keeps the same string for a day. See how long you guys can do this. Tie weights to the string too or try a tug of war with each other. Love your new set up

  4. Hello my Queen,
    I love your site and can’t wait to see the rest of the fire vixen movies. You and Nazryana playing with fire is a huge turn on. I would also love to see you being used as a human ashtray, putting hot cigarette ash in your pussy or on your tits.
    Perhaps an idea for a future movie?

  5. I welcome queen perhaps you would try with hot wax poured to the piece of pussy and to the asshole, on speculum to put the condom and then to pour hot wax to the piece of pussy and to the asshole you could do it it was so that very much excited with Nazryana. Please.

  6. Nasty accident, get well soon, we all just wait, and watch your new movie when YOU are ready to zip it up. Maybe you put that t-brush inside and then zip it from two sides. Im a big fan of the t-brush, but you already noticed that I guess. By the way great site for members, keep up the good work. But first get well, see you soon my queen.

    1. Hehe, yeah I know, you are a t-brush fan. It would be interesting to go for a walk with the t-brush inside and closed by a zipper ;)

    1. It was just a stupid accident in the gym. My forehead was cracked by an edgy device and the surgeon stitched it. I hope the scar won’t be too bad.
      So I am officially cracked (zinzin) :), now I am laughing at this unfortunate accident but then I was rather frightened seeing my face fully covered with blood.
      Sports are much more dangerous than any hardcore BDSM!

      1. I hope you will soon fully recover from your accident, and that it will not leave any significant scar , that in any case can be faded with light make-up.
        I expect you will soon gratify us with a video of the needle in your sole, and some other foot tortures.
        All the best for you

      2. Dirty snake,

        i would love to see you get cleaned out with a toilet brush! Some outher ideas, firea……….s insertion with speculum, or ice cubes, mini e…….s, c……….s…

        sweet dreams ;-)

    1. Yep. Actually I were going to do the pussy sewing this week, I was so excited about that and I couldn’t wait it but unfortunately I had an accident last night so now I have to be better first…

      About the Zipper, I will definitely zip my lips and my buttocks! ;) It is one of my favorite ideas!

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