Just a short story about this outdoor session. It was about not only the pain but doing something bizarre.

I am very enthusiastic about stuffing my pussy with different kind of things especially with the bounties of the nature like beautiful wild flowers :) The huge red poppy fields always charmed me and I wanted to dive into that sanguine flower sea.

My wish came true when we drove home from our last trip and I spotted a poppy field next to the motorway. Fortunately the camera and my backpack with some bdsm accessories is always with us so we left the road and headed toward the red meadow.

Stuffing my pussy and decorating my tits and pussy with those silky red flowers was an interesting mix of bizarre creativity and pain.

In Persian literature, red corn poppy flowers are considered the flower of love so I hope it is forgivable that I took them home in my pussy. After getting home, I had a bath and pushed the beautiful flower bath ball out coloring the water reddish while the ball was falling into tiny parts. In that special floral bath, I started to play with myself using the water spout and the orgasms just came one after one.

Red and Black

An other painful toilet brush session, this time with my girlfriend Tanita. It was much harder for me than the first version where I was doing it for myself mainly because Tanita was unexperienced in this theme and she didn’t know how to use the t-brush so we had to stop shooting too many times because I wasn’t able to bear the pain that she caused with her wrong torture technique.

The story began in a design store where I spotted those beautiful red and black toilet brushes, I thought that they could be perfect tools in our sado-mazo games and I had already begun to fantasize about a lesbian toilet brush fuck.

If it’s about fucking my sweet girlfriend Tanita is always ready for the challenge although she had no idea how painful it could be especially if I use a toilet brush instead of a dildo to fuck her. So she was enthusiastic in the beginning and she was crying and hated me in the end.

She was suspended by one of her legs, her hips were lifted a little bit and her arms were bound behind her back, she was blindfolded and ball-gagged (though somehow she hates being ball-gagged). That was a very defenseless and sexy position and ideal for a sadist like me.

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Crow Castle

After the severe bullwhipping we went for a trip with my master to a nearby castle. Let’s call it Crow Castle.

That extremely beautiful castle was a perfect place to perform some flashing.

When we arrived, we ran into a group of  noisy college guys and we had to cut across them. I felt so uncomfortable because I knew that they could see my welts on my thighs. After leaving them behind, I started to flash and show my sexy stripes to the camera.

As we moved forward I became more and more brave and finally I was crawling and walking fully naked in the castle. Needless to say that I enjoyed it immensely but unfortunately we didn’t meet other people up there except a lonely cleaning lady :)

It’s a kind of art-movie, no pain and screams but I hope you’ll like it.

The second part of the film was made two years ago in another beautiful place – at the ruins of a castle next to the sea. That was a usual naked trip spiced some juicy thing ;) My body was fully covered with my own and my master’s pee – that last part was cut out of the film – and I was not allowed to wash it down for the rest of the day. I love that dirty and messy games!


That was the first time for me being whipped by a girl and since the girl – Tanita – has never done any kind of whipping before, I was a bit afraid how she would be able to use the long bullwhips on me which were new tools not just for her but for me as well.

We found an abandoned military base that has already been taken back by the nature, it was a perfect place to test the new bullwhips.

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Happy Birthday

My birthday was on 19th June – I rather don’t tell you the number of years, I’m too old :) –¬†and I decided to make it memorable.

I have dreamed about being used like an object and humiliated by girls for a very long time and now I wanted that dream to come true so I asked my girlfriends to take revenge on me for all the pain I caused them before and to disgrace me the most evil and degrading way as they can.

Well, they really did their best to fulfill my weird birthday wish, they changed to angry, furious, grim bitches and enjoyed my humiliation immensely.

When they arrived in the evening we had some chit-chat and then I served them a beautiful birthday parfait cake – on my naked body. I offered them myself not just as a serving plate but as a plaything to do anything they want to.

As I was laying on the floor and watched them kissing, I got so aroused by seeing their passionate love and their super sexy long legs and pussy from beneath but I held back my feelings, I had to, I was just an object for them this time without thoughts and senses.

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