Just a short story about this outdoor session. It was about not only the pain but doing something bizarre.

I am very enthusiastic about stuffing my pussy with different kind of things especially with the bounties of the nature like beautiful wild flowers :) The huge red poppy fields always charmed me and I wanted to dive into that sanguine flower sea.

My wish came true when we drove home from our last trip and I spotted a poppy field next to the motorway. Fortunately the camera and my backpack with some bdsm accessories is always with us so we left the road and headed toward the red meadow.

Stuffing my pussy and decorating my tits and pussy with those silky red flowers was an interesting mix of bizarre creativity and pain.

In Persian literature, red corn poppy flowers are considered the flower of love so I hope it is forgivable that I took them home in my pussy. After getting home, I had a bath and pushed the beautiful flower bath ball out coloring the water reddish while the ball was falling into tiny parts. In that special floral bath, I started to play with myself using the water spout and the orgasms just came one after one.

5 Replies to “Poppy”

  1. i love that little holster of needles on your wrist. you came prepared!

    and thn you came!

  2. This is awesome! I love nipple torture/play! I’d love to see more of it. And I miss your nipple piercings!

  3. C’est vraiment des magnifiques images que tu nous offres la !
    Et tes recits sont tous plus agreables a lire les un que les autres.
    Une idée pour le future : pourquoi ne pas mettre à service des guèpes ou des abeilles pour tes petits jeux douloureux ? Original non ?


  4. L’un des plus belles performances de la Déesse du Plaisir, de la Beauté, de la Douleur et de la Nature. Qui a dit que le bdsm ne pouvait pas être poétique ou esthétique?
    Merci infiniment!

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