Tackrider – Tanita

Tanita could not avoid to learn the (tack) riding lessons.

This time the “horse” was a bit different: the base of the saddle was a hard metal bar and it was covered with more thumbtacks than in the earlier series and there wasn’t any time limit.

She was just smiling and laughing at me in the beginning but in the end she cried like a little girl in her pain. She is not a very fit lady :P so in a very short time she was already sitting on the thumbtacks, she wasn’t able to stand up, her legs and arms were trembling, she completely lost all her strength, that was too bad for her because she became an easy prey for me :)

It was so funny to watch her sweet agony, she was so helpless and weak. Watching back the movie now I found her crying so moving that I almost wept for her (sniff sniff).

She had a special riding technique: she pressed her buttocks – and not her pussy – against the saddle during the whole time that is why her beautiful butts and asshole was fully covered with scratches and red glue already at the beginning of her training.

My master used two cameras this time – one in his hands and an other static camera focusing on the thumbtacks so you can watch her angish from two different points of view.

The time limit was not an important element in this game, the only thing that mattered was to make her cry, weep in her pain for as much time as possible.

After releasing her she got some pussy kicking and the big head of the vibrator shoved into her pussy that she hated, but I loved that she hated it :D

Although I wasn’t satisfied with her at all, finally I had mercy on her and gave her an orgasm with the red miracle vibe. And she smiled again…

The funny part of this story is that instantly after that hard training – in the middle of the night – we took Tanita to the gym and she worked out with me. I introduced her my special “tormenting devices” and the exercises I usually do in the gym and she became so enthusiastic that since then she works out in the gym regularly :)

I hope you will enjoy her erotic agony as much as me.

12 Replies to “Tackrider – Tanita”

  1. We are a couple and just love your website. We only found it a few days ago but started watching together today and you are such a cutie with such lust! Loving what we see! I took my first nail through my right nipple today, just in your honor! Was so awsome! Keep up the good work! Love from Norway!

    1. Oh, that’s awesome! I wish I had been there when your nipple was nailed! ;) What was the size of the nail used in your nipple? I’m going to try it soon too… Hugs and love!

      1. It wasn’t really that big, but I need to be a bit careful since I’m breastfeeding. It was really sweet an innocent and I have to watch you doing it :) Would have loved to play with you while doing it :)

        Love from Ingrid

  2. Great new tack bar! The next design should not allow the rider to save her pussy from the tacks though….using a dildo would help guide her down properly. Is there a new anthill vid coming?

    1. Yes, you are right about the tacks ;) And yes, there is. I’ve had some new experiences with small anthills recently when we ran into them in the middle of nettle field :D

  3. Hmmm, must agree with Anonymous there, I can’t wait to see some more ‘hot’ play. Perhaps in combination with your sensitive nipples, such as putting the flames out with your nipples whilst being blindfolded?? I’m sure your Master will have a good idea…

    1. I am also sure that he will :) My nipples just recovered from a series of hard tortures, they’ve been so sensitive for about two weeks that only touching them lightly made me squirm. Making me extinguish the candle flames with my nipples would be exciting…

  4. I love the new tack rider. Hope you will try it yourself soon. Can’t wait to see you in pain on it.

  5. Bonjour Queensnake
    Encore une jolie experience, avec une belle complicité féminine. Ce superbe cheval est en tout cas une magnifique idée, et je me demande si vous ne pourriez pas le chevaucher à deux, ce qui permettrait que les mouvements de l’une de vous deux seraient immédiatement douloureusement ressentie par l’autre partenaire.

    Nous aimons beaucoup, en tout cas, ces séances où tu partages, donnes, recoit la douleur et le plaisir de l’une ou des deux amies superbes qui te fréquente.

    J’ai un problème avec les photos depuis poppy et pour cette série aussi. Impossible d’atteindre le telechargement des photos zippées. Je suis redirigé vers la page visiteur systématiquement.

    Bonnes estivales douleurs et plaisirs

    Marie et Fabrice

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