Pendulum – Holly –

Here’s another version of the Pendulum series. This time we’ve got Holly strapped in and spread out on that chain swing. I give her a good push to get her started, and Jessica is there with a variety of floggers and dragon tail for some action. We took it easy on Holly between sessions by replacing the whips with a dildo so she could just keep swinging into it for some fun times.

Swing – Holly –

Holly is obsessed with swings! Everywhere she goes, if she sees one, she jumps on it without hesitation. Today, it’s not her turn on the swing, it’s Jessica who gets to show off her moves. She starts by doing some super sexy kicks using the rhythmic swing motions, making sure to target Holly’s pussy perfectly. Just when things are starting to heat up, Jessica pulls out some green hot peppers and adds some tabasco to make a delicious mixture. She applies it generously all over Holly’s pussy, making her squeal in pain. But don’t worry – Jessica doesn’t leave Holly hanging. After they finish their intense swing-kick session, she gives her a refreshing squirting golden shower to help cool her down and relieve some of the tension.

Cunt Cakes – Holly –

Holly is such a sweet tooth, that Jessica decided to give her a proper candy fix! First, she put the candies into Holly’s pussy, making sure they were inserted properly. However, when Jessica tried using a drill to spin the silicone and metal whiskers around inside Holly’s vagina, Holly found this a little too intense. So Jessica eventually switched to manual rotation instead. Finally, both girls reached their climaxes, satisfied from their sweet and steamy adventure!

Cunt Kicking – Holly vs Jessica –

Jessica and Holly squared up, emotions running high as they prepared to engage in a heated battle. With legs apart, the person on the receiving end placed their shaky hands behind their head, exposing their vulnerable area to their rival’s ruthless strikes. The room echoed with the satisfying sound of bodies connecting, interspersed with pained moans and frantic pleas. They took turns dishing out and receiving blows until one of them could no longer carry on.

Eggstasy –

Holly let Jessica borrow her pussy as a mixing bowl for the eggs! Jessica was so excited to try out three different types of whiskers on Holly’s vagina – shiny stainless steel, soft silicone, and smooth plastic. But things got a little messy, and just when Jessica thought she couldn’t get any more turned on, she squirted all over the place during an explosive orgasm!

Grinder – Holly –

Instead of lighting up some sparklers, Jessica decided to give herself and Holly a little treat this New Year’s Eve. Using her trusty grinder, she sprinkled sparkly dust all over Holly’s breasts and down south, giving them a nice glow. But that wasn’t enough! Jessica had something even more special planned for her friend. After teasing Holly with the sparkles, she pulled out her riding crop and went straight for the good stuff. With each whack, Holly moaned louder and louder until tears started streaming down her face. When she couldn’t take it anymore, Jessica switched things up by pulling out a giant strap-on dildo and fucking Holly with it until she climaxed. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, Jessica took it one step further and gave Holly a golden shower to wash away all the dirt and grime of the year.

Moulage – Holly-

Holly`s pussy used to be so snug that no one could even fit their fingers inside! But now, thanks to some intense training, she’s been able to accommodate a whole hand – and even more extreme things! I mean, just imagine what Jessica did when she decided to make Holly’s vaginal mold session. First, she filled her up with alginate, which is basically a kind of jelly-like substance. Then, once it hardened up inside of her, Holly had to push it right back out! And if that wasn’t enough, Jessica got all motivational on her ass and gave her a good whacking with a flogger to help her give birth to that alien thing.

Holly’s Safety –

I’ve kept Holly’s boobs and vagina nice and safe by pinching them shut with some safety pins. She got three sharp pins through each of her nips and another three through both her inner and outer labias until she had one right in her clit hood too! After all that pain, we put a rubber band on her hood and tied it to a belt so now she can enjoy a vibrator whenever she wants to reach orgasm!

Heel Hooked – Holly –

Holly is not fond of wearing high heels, as a matter of fact, she doesn’t wear them at all in her personal life. However, this time she put on some heels for a specific reason – to punish herself for being a masochist. Jessica decided to insert a hairbrush and three types of toilet brushes into her pussy and attach their handles to the heels. Once she had set up her punishment, Jessica began to whip and spank Holly until it became unbearable and she yanked the brushes out of her vagina.


Jessica took a zucchini and put it inside Holly’s pussy, then secured it to her labia with multiple medical needles. Once the veggie was safely tucked away in there, she had Holly perform some physical activities such as squats and jumping jacks while she cheered her on with a little whipping from a single tail. Finally, after all that hard work, Holly earned herself an amazing orgasm!

Twin Brushes – QS & Holly –

So Holly and I were getting down with each other and decided to try using a double toilet brush as a double-ended dildo. However, when we tried to use it, we realized that the bristles were way too stiff, it felt like a wire brush or something. We didn’t want to hurt ourselves, so we decided to stop. My girlfriend Holly wasn’t able to get it in all the way, but I managed to have some fun with it. But don’t worry, we didn’t give up on our mission! Instead, we found two different types of double brushes that worked perfectly for us. Woohoo!

First Needles – Holly-

So, this session was extra-special because it was my friend Holly’s very first time getting pierced! She had always been super hesitant about letting anyone stick a needle through her skin, but look at her now – she did it! And it looks amazing! I used sterilized medical needles to carefully poke through her nipples and gorgeous, asymmetrical inner lips. Who knew saying ‘never’ could turn into such an awesome experience?