Autumn Nettles

Maybe it sounds crazy but during my self-tortures I am falling into a kind of pain ecstasy, spiritually I am in an other dimension of my consciousness where I am able to get full control above my physical body transforming the pain to pleasure and this way getting a full body and mind orgasm. So it is easy to become an pain addict ;)

There are many kind of pain but my personal favorite is definitely the stinging and burning pain caused by nettles. So I think it’s nothing better than rubbing the most sensitive areas of my body with fresh stinging nettles.

The bright warm colors of the autumn forest gave me an extra delight and inspired me to become a vivid part of it embracing those spiny green plants so to say the wild nature itself.

As a warm up I rubbed my ass and pussy with previously gathered and cut nettles. It really warmed me up :), my asshole and my pussy burned like hell, got deep red and swollen. After a while I felt that my pussy was throbbing and getting wet.

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Stone Womb – Nazryana

Cunt-stuffing is one of my favorite games and if I have the opportunity to stuff other girls’ pussy than mine it’s even better. Though, there are not too many girls around me who let me do that :P  Nazryana did not have other choice on our holiday trip, she sold her body and soul to the devil – aka us LOL – for a week.

The island where we spent our holiday is the dream of BDSM fans, there are white sharp stones everywhere, even on the beaches.

Only walking barefoot on those stones is extremely painful, even our boots are torn during walking on them. There are some parts of the island that makes me feel I am on an other planet, there is no green anywhere, you can see nothing else than the ocean of harsh and rough white stones and the turquoise sea.

We took Nazryana to that beautiful and wild beach where we shot the “Stone Womb” movie last year. Although I told her about my good experiences with stones and she watched the movie, she was afraid of having them inside her cunt and wasn’t happy at all about doing that, but her fear and whimper made me be more sadistic with her :P

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Halloween Horror

That was the most painful, terrifying and weird experience in my life ever! I didn’t know too much about superworms (zophobas morio) before, I knew that they are the larvae of darkling beetle, they are used as food for reptiles, they have hard chitin, they have a defensive spike on the back of their tails and they eat about anything but I didn’t know that they have strong enough jaws to bite through the human skin.

This time they were kind of lucky since they were not food for reptiles, it was me who was food for them.

And it’s unbelievable but they tasted me indeed – especially my nipples and later my pussy, mainly my inner labias was their favorite dainty :) Actually they chewed tiny pieces out of my flesh while they were in the vacuum cylinder and therefore there was red fluid everywhere. That was scary, even Master was scared and stopped the shooting after he saw the butchery. First I didn’t realize what happened, I just saw Master’s and Tanita’s shocked and scared to death face and then I looked into the mirror and saw my tits, it was like a horror movie situtation :) We didn’t expect that result. As it turned out the wounds weren’t that bad (approximately 0,5-1 mm holes), the vacuum caused the intense red flow.  You can see some shocking photos in the downloadable zip file ;)

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