Halloween Horror

That was the most painful, terrifying and weird experience in my life ever! I didn’t know too much about superworms (zophobas morio) before, I knew that they are the larvae of darkling beetle, they are used as food for reptiles, they have hard chitin, they have a defensive spike on the back of their tails and they eat about anything but I didn’t know that they have strong enough jaws to bite through the human skin.

This time they were kind of lucky since they were not food for reptiles, it was me who was food for them.

And it’s unbelievable but they tasted me indeed – especially my nipples and later my pussy, mainly my inner labias was their favorite dainty :) Actually they chewed tiny pieces out of my flesh while they were in the vacuum cylinder and therefore there was red fluid everywhere. That was scary, even Master was scared and stopped the shooting after he saw the butchery. First I didn’t realize what happened, I just saw Master’s and Tanita’s shocked and scared to death face and then I looked into the mirror and saw my tits, it was like a horror movie situtation :) We didn’t expect that result. As it turned out the wounds weren’t that bad (approximately 0,5-1 mm holes), the vacuum caused the intense red flow.  You can see some shocking photos in the downloadable zip file ;)

The bite of a superworm was like a pinch or a bit like the touch of a violet wand so one bite is not a big deal but when dozens of them bit me simultaneously, the pain was way too hard to tolerate, very annoying and not enjoyable at all. And Tanita didn’t scrimp on the worms, she put handfuls of them into the vacuum cylinder so they fully covered my tits and when she started to pump, the worms got angry and offensive and started to bit me viciously.

After tormenting my tits, I went to wash my tits down and then my pussy came. The concept was similar: worms on my pussy, pumping and cunt-stuffing. I will tell you about it later when the next part of this session will be published, provided that you are fearless and not faint-hearted to watch it. Are you? :P

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  1. A B S O L U T E L Y A W E S O M E !
    Thank you, please more stuffings, insects, chocolate, candy, dirt, chilli-ice, soap-bar,
    what ever triggers your fancyness, just love it, keep up the excellent work. MERCI.

  2. Awesome, really awesome. please do more with insects. How about bloodsucking flies or mosquitoes? The thought of naked , open vunerable pink female flesh being eaten by bugs drives me wild! Many thanks for a great site.

  3. Dear Queensnake,

    This video is just amazing and unique on the web. More please! No problem with the red stuff, as you say. Can’t wait to see you in the second part … I am just about to renew my 6 month subscription just for your special horror movie !!! Worms, ants, spiders, can we see more of them all ? And just love the needles with Luna too :))

    You are just great

  4. Dear Queensnake

    I`m very glad that you added to your list of “activities” torture with small anymals, like worms, lychees, etc….
    As I allready wrote in one of my previous mails,I used to epmloy those creatures very often on my fromer sub. I know the pains, fears and pleasures they can provide :) Most of the “drive” derives from fear and disgust but in some cases, the pain has its share as well :) The feeling of beeing eaten alive is something special. Maybe , somewhere in the future your Master will look for some huge grasshoppers and/or praying mantises. Specialy later is realy a beast, it woul chew your flesh gladly and its bite into clitoris can be quite intriguing, not to mention letting it feed upon your sweet rosebud :) It takes a few days to recover and it is quite bloody bussiness, but with no permanent trails or damage.

    Anyway, looking foreward for the continuation of the worm story :)
    Wish you all the best, as well as to your friend in pain Nazryana..

    1. Dear Doloroso,
      Yep, you already told me about those creepy creatures (grasshoppers and praying mantises) :) I think it takes for a while to gather my courage to try their bites :P

    1. Maybe ants. Their painful bites and that weird tickling feeling as they are crawling on my body uncontrollably is definitely the worst experience, at least for me :P

        1. We already shot a movie about that theme – we haven’t published yet – but the result was not satisfying. The ants escaped very quickly and didn’t interested in the honey covered speculum at all :( To find out stories and fantasize about those scenes with ants is so much easier than make it real!

          1. Even though the shoot didn’t work quite as planned, it will still be great to see the attempt on video. An insect that hasn’t been mentioned that has a sting like a bee is a black scorpion. you could clamp your pussy open then be forced to “pet” the scorpion with your clit:)

      1. I would love to see a show with using maggots. I have seen these used a couple times before. They buy them in the fishing bait store. The have the tendency to climb inside and force there way wherever they want to go. They also hold a certian eariness to them. Please concider these. Other than that i just think that his is the best site on the net.

  5. I think you can do a present to all..post the second part please…
    you can demonstrate with this that you are the most courageous bdsm slave of all the world

  6. I seriously hope to see more content like this! I feel this is why so many members/visitors are here, to get the kind of kinky visuals that no other site has! I CANT WAIT FOR THE SECOND PART!!!

  7. “The concept was similar: worms on my pussy, pumping and cunt-stuffing” <——can´t wait for it…the mere thought of it, makes me horny as hell.

  8. Hi, QueenSnake,
    Your Hallowe’en Horror is my reason for becoming a member; I have never seen, or hope to see, anyone exposing themselves to such an array of punishment as you do. I particularly enjoy your “playing” with insects, since they are not as controllable as other forms of torture. Or, so it seems to me. You really do not spare your body, and at the end, you come up smiling and waving. Brava!
    I can hardly wait for the next part of this superworm episode.

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    a kiss.

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