Silver Mud

About a month ago we – Master, Nazryana and me – went for a vacation to our favorite island. We couldn’t wait to feel the salty air and the magic of those beautiful and unbelievably wild landscapes. I wish I could live there! :)

We spent most of our days hiking, making photos and shooting. We shot 5 movies during our holiday time but it wasn’t easy at all. Playing sadomaso games and shooting outdoor after hiking and climbing for hours to find the right place was very exhausting. And to top it all our backpacks were fucking heavy. Even so we loved it and enjoyed it, after all we all are masochists :D

Silver Mud was the first movie we shot. Thanks to a lovely local nudist couple, we found that “secret” seaside muddy place which was perfect to try a lesbian wrestling game in the mud.

Ouuuffff, what a shameful experience it was! Before the match I thought that I am strong – I go to the gym three times a week, I bench press with 50 kg (110 lbs), I eat nutrition supplements, I even take creatine pills sometimes so Nazryana has no chance to win but I had to realize that I was sooo wrong about that. She knocked me down in a minute and I just gasped for breath and lost all of my strength already at the beginning of our fight.  Actually I have never wrestled before and had no idea how to do as you could see that :) Nazryana revealed her secret after our match: she had pretty much wrestling experiences with her ex-boyfriends, hehehe. So it turned out that it was me who had no chance to win.

First I just laughed and found the whole game funny but after a while I completely lost all of my strength, I was shivering, trembling and I just felt myself sooo weak and humiliated. I never thought that a wrestling match could be so exhausting before.

Since I was underneath in the cold mud almost all the time of the fight, my whole body from head to toe was fully covered with mud. It seems funny now but there was a point when I was in mortal fear when she sat on my face and my head was in a puddle, I was afraid of being drowned – but of course it was only a weird feeling, there wasn’t any real danger :)

In the end I gave up the match and I let Nazryana do with me anything she wanted. Since my body cooled down in the mud, I was shivering and trembling and I couldn’t wait to get something warm, I would have loved to be covered with her hot pee but unfortunately she couldn’t pee as usual :P and I got more cold mud instead.

That game was not just a simple wrestling contest in the silky mud since the mud was not silky at all, it was full of sharp shells and we got many skin injuries – deep cuts – caused by those sharp shells during fighting in the mud. Actually we shot a short clip a day after showing our scars and cuts that you can find at the end of the movie. So finally there was a sharp pain factor in our game too, although it wasn’t that apparent. The scars took about two weeks to heal.

Inspite of our injuries we all enjoyed this session immensely, especially Nazryana who proved us that she is a fearful woman warrior, a strong amazon :)

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  1. If you go back, or find another mud site, it would be great to see you both walk out into the mud until you are at least mid thigh deep and stuck. Then start your fighting, pushing each other deeper into the mud, stuffing her cunt and forcing the others head under until one submits to whatever torture/humiliation the other can think of!

    1. Cunt stuffing with mud is something I wanna try. I already have plans to shoot a movie about that. Or a hard whipping in the mud would be also exciting.

  2. i love it that even in sensuous mud, you are still suffering for our pleasure…

    how many viewers will dream of being subjugated by you and Nazryana in the mud, and forced into painful and delightful congress with you?

    ah, dreams!

  3. hi i read recently that in olden times they used to stick ginger roots into the asses of females who used to commit adultery. i thought that that might be something that you might want to try you know as a kink. it’ll be fun watching

  4. Bonsoir Queensnake, et félicitation pour toutes ces jolies aventures partagées.

    Il y a bien longtemps que nous n’avions pris le temps d’écrire, ce qui ne nous a pas empêché d’apprécier les dernières vidéos.

    Si nous ne sommes pas spécialement adeptes du fétichisme des pieds, j’avoue quand même un grand plaisir avec tous les différents jeux avec les petites bêtes !! A ce propos, j’ai lu dernièrement un article qui m’a fait pensé beaucoup à toi. Cet article annonce que les piqure de bourdons sont beaucoup plus douloureuses que les piqures de guêpes, mais que leur poisson est beaucoup moins toxique pour l’homme et que, à part pour les personnes allergiques, bien sûr, recevoir beaucoup de piqures de bourdons fait mal, mais n’est pas dangereux. Ceci dit, je ne suis pas médecin !!!

    Pour cette séance de combat dans la boue, je crois que nous aurions appréciés que vous ne commenciez pas votre joute nue, mais vêtue de jolis vêtements qui auraient tout d’abord été souillés de boue avant que vous vous retrouviez nue, en haillon.

    Enfin, suite au film avec Tania, j’aimerai faire part d’un petit jeu que nous avons pratiqué, en utilisant des aiguilles rougies à la chaleur !! C’est plus douloureux, et les traces durent plus longtemps. Par contre, la brulure de l’aiguille empêche que ça saigne, ce qui peut être dommage car les filets de sang sont un spectacle magnifique.

    Espérant alimenter tes envies.

    Bises et bonnes jouissances

    Fabrice et Marie

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