Hot Rain

That was an extreme and interesting session with Tanita, actually I envied her and I wished I could have got soaked by those hot wax drops too. Maybe next time…

Master built an evil device again – a  metal frame (made of aluminium bars) which was planned to use as a special candelabra.

He placed the red table candles horizontally, side by side and in the opposite direction on the central part of the frame. Every single candle was attached to the frame with a rubber band and the whole thing was fixed to the ceiling with a rope in a special way – through a pulley and a hook  – and the end of the rope was in my hand giving me the power to control the movement of the device.

The frame looked like a weird chandelier and there was nothing else to do than to make some light for poor Tanita who was laying on the floor tied up under the candles.

After lighting up the candles, the situation got hotter and hotter especially for Tanita. More and more hot wax drops hit her defenseless body and she tried to escape but the shockingly fearful cattle prod helped me to shepherd my foolish pet to keep under the hot rain.

Did you hear the sound of the hot wax drops hitting the floor? :) I loved that. It was really like the sound of  rain drops hitting the ground. I am not sure that Tanita enjoyed that sound the same way as I did, hehehe. All over her body was covered with hot wax and she was just whining and squirming like a poor trapped and scared pet, I had almost pitied her. But it did not happen, my dark side enjoyed that game way too much to stop. Her scared face inspired me to make her situation more and more uncomfortable so I let down the frame right on her anguished body, more exactly right between her legs, LOL. And then her fear of being burnt prevented her to move and voila I had a perfect prey, I could have done anything with her.

This part of the game ended rather dramatically. Since the rubber bands which held the candles on the bar had been burnt away after a while and the burning candles started to drop off one by one. That was a bit scary and dangerous so we stopped for a few minutes and blew off the burning candles before they would have dropped off uncontrollably and set the room in fire :)

The second part of the session was about pouring hot wax directly on Tanita’s nipples and genitals and in the end into her opened vagina. Of course I enjoyed the latter part the best but I also loved when her pee hole and her anus met the hot hot red fluid.

Next time I want my pussy to be used as a candle… ;)

3 Replies to “Hot Rain”

  1. I personally would love to see a pussy completely filled with hot wax, slowly poured in little bit at a time to build a candle then insert a wick and light it, then force the sub to act as your personal candle….That would be hot ;)

  2. Hot wax is one of my favorite things to see in BDSM, and very seldom is it done with much more than a few drops from a candle. I love to see when it is done to an extreme with near total coverage (I’ve seen it done a few times with pouring melted candles from a ladle – which is incredible to see).

    This looks great – you’ve done hot wax right. I’d love to see more along these lines.

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