Forest Witch

Last year I had played a lot with stinging nettles and I missed it so much. So Nazryana took me a trip to a very nice place to refresh my memories.

She looked like a red evil demon who captured a fragile innocent girl lost in the wood :D In a blink of an eye I found myself tied up to a tree and defenseless. She picked on my tiny tits to play with and she took some stinging nettles and started to rub them into my skin.

First I just enjoyed the hot feeling, it was so exciting and pleasurable for me. But she wanted to cause me pain and not pleasure so she changed her technique and started to pull and screw my nipples harshly and cruelly. Now that was painful! I just gasped and screamed in pain and she just enjoyed my agony.

She found a better place to continue my torture and tied me up to a very large tree. When I saw the long and strong nettles in her hands, I knew that a hard whipping would come on my poor anguished tits. The stem of the old stinging nettles were tough enough to use them as a hard whip and they also had stinging hairs which made the whipping more painful. She didn’t show any humanity to her victim, she stroke with her full strength and didn’t stop until I completely lost my self-control and became freaked out from the pain. Then I was just wailing and crying. I felt as if my left nipple has been torn up but actually just a few drops of red fluid was oozing out.

At the end of my humiliation and torture, she trampled me into the ground and the dirt with her tough rangers steel boots rubbing the remain of the nettles into my skin. At the end she tried to pee on my face but she can hardly ever pee in front of the camera and this time it wasn’t any different so I escaped her strong, coffee smelling squirts (which I hate so much) :D

We both enjoyed our roles in this session, it was an unforgettable adventure for us again and when I watched back the movie and the photos I was surprised at the environment, it was so fairy-tale-like… I mean demon-tale-like.

6 Replies to “Forest Witch”

  1. Hi Queensnake, have you ever tried to fuck with sandpaper? O would assume this is awesome too…

  2. i am so glad i joined your site, Queensnake! you do wonderful, painful things…

    the only way to improve this shoot would have been for Nazryana to press nettles to your body using her own flesh…

    maybe in a future shoot, you can do something like this, with two girls competing to show who is the toughest by sharing the pain precisely and exactly.

    with deep respect,


  3. Bonjour Queen Snake,
    Voilà un film superbe de plaisir dans la douleur, un accouchement mythique de gémissements dans la profondeur païenne de la foret, une camera agile et attentive, une interprétation magique et onirique qui font de la nature et de la chair un seul cri de vent et de feuilles tombantes à l’automne. Merci pour la beauté, merci pour le plaisir et soit remerciée pour la
    grandeur et la lumière que tu fais briller.

  4. Great forest shoot! Queensnake, I’d like to see a shoot called “snake food revenge” where you are tied spread eagle in a tight enclosed area (maybe even an empty bathtub) with your tits and pussy covered with a thin layer of peanut butter. Then Nazryana or your master could drop some hungry m……. or r……….s onto you and leave you there for awhile to let them snack. I’d like to see more a………..s too…..especially with honey and a speculum this time.

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