We are always trying to find new kinky friends and we are doing that mainly at sex and bdsm oriented dating sites. This time I found a real treasure, Luna! She is very young and beautiful – so young that she almost could be my daughter – a switch girl who proved to us that she is exactly like us: she is extremely open-minded, she enjoys receiving pain as much as giving it, she has creative ideas, she does not like verbal domination, she just loves the pure pain and needle games and she loves the welts and other temporary marks on her body. So it was a real pleasure to meet her.

It wasn’t easy to convince her to make a movie with us but finally she yielded herself to us. After that session she said that she enjoyed it so much that she wants to make more movies :) So it turned out finally that she is not just a little sweet pain slut but an exhibitionist. So I hope you’ll be meet her in other movies too.

She told me that her back is one of the most sensitive area of her body that was a bit surprising to me since I thought that there are not too many sensory nerves on that area of the human body but it seems I was wrong. Knowing her weak point, I found out to give her a special gift: a big spider needle tattoo on her back.

I used about 100 medical needles to draw the pattern so she had to bear extraordinarily large amount of pain. I wasn’t gentle to her at all, I knew that she loved the pain so I pierced the needles as slow as I could to extend and increase her pain. She was just crying constantly. At the end of the piercing process there was a real tear puddle on the stool, under her face :)

We didn’t let her enjoy the stinging tarantula on her back for long time, Master just made some photos and I started to pull out the needles one by one and as slowly as I could. I used candle wax to seal her wounds so her red body fluid was captured in hot bubbles :) Then I cleaned her back whipping the hot wax away and gave her a salty massage.

Her red spider pattern remained visible for about a week and she was very sad when it had gone.

What kind of marks would you like to see on her next time? ;)

5 Replies to “Tarantula”

  1. Dear Queensnake,

    Beautiful, such empathy and synergy with Luna. You push her to her limits and she responds, counting bravely with a clear voice. The wave at the end from both of you together was also exceptional.
    Must bring Luna back very soon, this time on the front with needle sunflower patterns on sex, belly and tits with stalks or stems joining the flowers in-between. For the center of the flowers, push the needles straight in to the flesh, so only the heads are seen. Maybe leave the needles in longer next time and connect them to electro-stim? That would be hot.

  2. Ok, now you’ve got to tell me, which dating site did you find this lovely girl on? Phew, great body, lovely decorated ;-)
    Hope she’ll be used more often!

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