Nettle Vase

In the end of summer and after their blooming the old nettles have stronger stinging hairs and their stem is almost as tough as a tree branch.  And there is nothing better than a good pussy whipping with those hard-stemmed nettles. Tanita got it.

After some harsh lashes, her pussy and asshole was getting more and more red and swollen. It was time to give her a vigorous massage rubbing the stinging nettles to her most sensitive areas.

Then her pussy was filled with the green stinging stuff and I gave her a vaginal massage pushing a black dildo deep inside her pussy.

It was a dry summer, those stinging nettles didn’t get enough water and they were rather dryish so I made Tanita pee into a bottle and then I poured her own pee into her pussy to use her pussy as a vase for the thirsty nettles.  I am just amazed that how many ways there are to use a vagina :D

When we got home, Tanita went to the bath  and took a vaginal shower. She found a big green ball inside and she couldn’t take it out by herself so finally I helped her and  pulled that nettle ball out with my fingers. Hehe, you should have seen her terrified, crying face…. :D

3 Replies to “Nettle Vase”

    1. After my last full body nettle treatment I tried everything (sitting in a hot tub for 4 hours, vinegar, panthenol spray, fenistil gel, rubbing alcohol gel) but they only make me feel a little bit better, the only thing that really helps is time. The worst (stinging) period lasts about 24 hours (at least for me), no sleep at all during that time but after that there is only some itching and nothing else for a few days so it’s not so bad. Of course it would be much better if we could enjoy the nettles without any after effects ;)

  1. A B S O L U T E L Y A W E S O M E !
    Thank you, please more stuffings, i….s, chocolate, candy, dirt, chilli-ice, soap-bar,
    what ever triggers your fancyness, just love it, keep up the excellent work. MERCI.

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