Bath Diver

I took an other experiment with leeches but this time one of my girlfriends was the subject. Actually I wanted to test Tanita but she is such a scaredy cat, she got into a flap in the very last moment after everything was already settled, she was completely freaked out about getting leeches into her vagina.  So finally I had to find an other prey for my amazing giant-sized worms.

Fortunately Nazryana was brave enough to have a diving lesson in the water full of leeches. She looked so funny wearing scuba mask and clothes in the bathtub LOL and it was so good to see that she didn’t think it was funny at all, actually there was dread in her eyes and I can’t wait to make her screaming, writhing and squirming.

First she had to learn the first lesson: how to get used to cold water. The answer is: definitely not wearing clothes :) She got a cold shower and when she was already under the water shivering, I took a scissor and relieved her of her clothes.

I almost forgot to mention that she had not only a pipe in her mouth but an other bigger and glassy pipe in her vagina to offer a great shelter to the scared water creatures :D

The cold water training wasn’t satisfying enough, she was still shuddering so I helped her getting a little warm by pumping some blood into her ice cold tits. Accidentally the water in the cylinder was full of leeches and they were happy to attach their sucker to those delicious full-blooded boobs. That was a spectacular sight! :)

Meanwhile more and more leeches appeared in the water and I curiously watched them swimming in and out of the warm and dark shelter offered by Nazryana’s pussy. To help the leeches to find their safe cave, I took the pussy pump and led them in. It seemed that they didn’t like that black hole because they swam out in seconds :D

To make them stay inside longer, I drained the bath and put them in her open and stretched pussy. I just hoped that they wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get out like before. But my plan didn’t work too well, they crawled out quickly again and none of them stayed inside when I pulled out the stretching pipe. But it doesn’t matter, at least she learned the lesson :)

In the end she got her reward for being such a brave scooba diver and she became a real orgasm machine…

Before you ask, those leeches were not blood suckers but Nazryana didn’t know about that fact, she thought they would suck her blood hehehe.  Unfortunately, medical leeches are not available in my country :( so we used horse leeches (haemopis sanguisuga) and I bought them in a fishing shop where they were held as live baits.

None of them were injured or died during the session and they were released in a beautiful lake. Hopefully they live a happy and long life after their weird adventures in a pussy :D

Next year I’ll try to get some real blood sucker, I wanna try them and it seems I have no other chance to get them than picking them up in living water using my naked body as a live bait ;) or I should travel to an other country where they are legally used for medical purposes.

I hope you enjoyed the movie and I look forward to your opinion.

10 Replies to “Bath Diver”

  1. Should have really freaked her out, put a few in her mask and one down her snorkel.

  2. Hi,
    u’re the very greates of all time, thx a lot for youre videos ….
    u wanna try to put some electric- eels, or alive mouse in u’re pussy and ass?!
    I think it’s amazing u put some maggots in you?!
    Please write an Answere very fast and make the movie little faster :-)



    u think it’s possible to make an enema in a womb?!

  3. A B S O L U T E L Y A W E S O M E !
    Thank you, please more stuffings, insects, chocolate, candy, dirt, chilli-ice, soap-bar,
    what ever triggers your fancyness, just love it, keep up the excellent work. MERCI.

  4. Thank you for being so gentle with all your creepy, crawly “guests.” They may be a bit perturbed having feet near their home or being poured into a mysterious cunny, but they’re still being handled carefully and respectfully, which is only fair. All wormies and ants praise Queensnake!!!

  5. I think Nazryana is one of the most beautiful girls in the net, i love to see her purple pussy, her handy tits and especially her shiny red hair; it really stimulates my phantasy to make her fear, squirm and caress her. <3
    Here in Germany you can order medical leeches in the Pharmacy. ;)

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