Needles in Tanita

My dear girlfriend, Tanita always was frightened when I just mentioned the word “needle”, hehehe. Finally I succeeded to convince her to overcome that strong fear and she let me to pierce some medical needles in her beautiful nipples.

In the beginning she got some warm-up lashes on her belly and tits with my favorite red-rose heavy flogger and then with the red and black Cat-O-Nine. Then her nipples and the needles came. The fear in her eyes was a big turn-on for me and made me more sadistic.

I pierced the needles as slow as possible so I could enjoy her pain agony much longer, I love the way she whines, it’s erotic :P

She got 4-4 needles pierced right in the middle of her sensitive nipples. She just  looked stunning with those decorated tits!

And the hardest part of our game had just started. I found out an evil way to make her pull out the needles: I tied the needles up to the ceiling hook using rubber bands, lines and hooks and I caressed her delicate skin with two different electro shocking devices to make her move and dance.

Whether her fear of pulling the needles out or her fear of electro shocks was stronger? The latter was the winner. After a while she was so stressed and knocked out from the electric shocks that she forgot the needles in her nipples and they were pulled out in a second, she hardly could perceive it.

The funniest part of her agony came when I put a pair of chopsticks on her clit and pushed the powerful massager vibe against it. Just watch her squirming dance :D

Then her swollen and exposed clit got some very cruel electro shocks. That was the top of her torture and I am sure that by that time she already forgot her fear of the needles :)

In the end I pleasured myself, squirted on her and to cause some extra pleasure to my foot fetishist master, I trampled her down pushing and rotating my dirty high heels on  her anguished nipples…

After that rather brutal session, my sweet Tanita asked me to pump her tits up because she wanted to try it and mainly because she wanted to go home to her boyfriend with bigger tits. Hehehe, I fulfilled her wish with pleasure but she didn’t think that it would be painful! She always says that she is not like me, she is not masochistic, she can’t bear and definitely hate the pain but after those experiences it doesn’t seem so for me :P

My master also realized that she didn’t get enough pain during the needle session so he slyly smeared her pussy with hot chili massage cream. Now that was too much for her, she cried like a little girl for about half an hour. Needless to say that me and my master how much enjoyed her suffering :P It’s a pity that we couldn’t shot a movie about this.

8 Replies to “Needles in Tanita”

  1. I have a new torture for Queen snake. Buy a paint ball gun. and have your girlfriend shoot your pussy with it. they hurt like a bitch. You can adjust the amount of air pressure in the gun to shoot lighter or harder. They leave nice whelps and bruises. On bare skin they can even cut into your skin. I’ve been black and blue by them, in paint ball matches. I think you would love it and I’d love to see it. You bending over with a small dildo in both holes and her shooting your ass and pussy with it. Much love to you bitch slave.

  2. Tanita is so a candidate for our friends the a……….s!! She can wine all she wants as you insert out little bitie friends inside her spread open pussy!!!! mmmmm can’t wait!! Come on Tanita!! Time to step up!!!

  3. Hi QS,
    can you try to do my wish?
    You and a girlfriend used a hose from fire extinguisher, and put it in your pussys.
    Maybe the pussy can filled with powder from the extinguisher?
    I think this was a great clip

    Greetings from Germany…:)

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