Moss Bed

The first part of the movie was shot completely spontaneously. We went for a trip and started to make some nude photos just for own pleasure on the beautiful moss carpet that we found in the forest and while I was posing, I spotted an ant colony under the dead fallen leaves. I wish I didn’t do that! :) This time my master didn’t let me run away of course, I had to put my feet in the middle of the ant-hill and he recorded my pain agony caused by their bites.

Actually first I thought that this video would be shot only for his pleasure not for the public but it turned out finally that he meant to publish it.  He has a very very intense foot fetish and the foot fetish mixed with pain is his number one favorite. I think I will never be able to understand men’s foot fetish but when I see that how my feet turns him on, I try to give him what he craves for :)

Probably those people who has no foot fetish don’t like this movie but sometimes it’s nice to please foot fetishists too ;)

The second part of the movie was shot a couple of weeks later. And this time I could meet those huge and formidable carpenter ants. They are not only tremendously huge but the larger workers have sharp bites which feels like an electric shock. Therefore it’s a quite unpleasant and pesky pain that is mixed with that tickling feeling caused by those creatures crawling on my skin. So that kind of pain games are still not my favorites, but I know that there are many extremely kinky and sadistic people – like my master – who love and enjoy to watch those scenes, the better I hate it, the bigger their pleasure is. It’s weird but despite my bad feelings during the hated plays, one day later thinking back of the session is a kind of turn-on for me too.

As a nature loving girl, I want to emphasize that every member of the ant colonies remained intact, neither of them were killed during our game.  A small part of their home was ruined but I am sure that they can build a new better one. I fed them with my sandwich in the end :)

6 Replies to “Moss Bed”

  1. Excellent stuff! I love anything to do with bare feet torture and punishment. I also love exertion and humiliation. So, an absolute joy would be to see these things combined in a LONG HARD session. The first half could be you undergoing a long session of forced nude exercise/marching drill etc. Second half , a long session of bastinado on your tired, dirty stinky feet.
    What do you think? Genuine hard humiliating punishment!

  2. Love your nice feet. would love to see a video of a foot torture/pain session, soles of your feet caned then needles inserted into your toes behind the toe nails, then some more sole caning, then hot candled waxing of the toes covering them with wax then heating up the needles using the candle flame to give you a hot foot last the whipping off the wax removing the needles and a final severe beating of your soles after which you can pleasure yourself.

  3. Hello!
    I love your videos with ants on your pussy. Why you never do some video with flies on your pussy… it will be extremely hot watching how flies coming eat your sweet pussy juice.
    Bye Necr!

  4. Maggots and mealworms, you should really public the video made and if not make a video with maggots, mealworms, roaches or earthworms just make sure they are disease free and proper
    certain insects are not safe, I think folks are scared of bugs and rightly so because they are from you know where, you don’t know where they are from, dirt, and so on.

  5. Another wounderfull addition!!! To hear your whimpers as these woulderfull creatures sampled your sweetness was awesome. The last frames of the shoot were you poised to allow the carpenter a………s to explore another part of your anatomy? To watch as they explore the inside of your pussy would be great. Would luv to see them bite the soft inner flesh of your pussy!! Kepp up the good work!! You have the Best site on the internet..

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