Desert Heart

I always wanted to try how it feels when my pussy is fully filled with hot sand. In this scene you can see the result :)

That bizarre desert-like land is our favorite hiking place, we come here several times a year to make some nude photos and enjoy the silky white sand, and when we are lucky we can also find some mud here.

Filling my cunt with sand was a completely new experience for me, so before doing that I made a little research on the web about this theme. I haven’t seen any girl who stuffed her cunt with sand or mud, I only found a medical story about having sand in vagina accidentally due to fucking on the sandy beach, hehe. The gyno doctor calmed down the anxious girl¬†and he said that no need to worry at all. So there was nothing to stop me to make my wish come true.

I didn’t want to have only some sand in my pussy, I wanted it to be filled fully. Since I have some experience in cunt-stuffing, I know my own body – especially my vagina :) – very well and I know how to take care of it and how to stay healthy ;)

When we arrived to our small desert, I pulled up my mini-skirt and pushed up a plexi cylinder into my cunt. I was walking along the auto road having a big hole between my legs, it wasn’t easy to pretend that everything is normal since it was very uncomfortable, a little bit painful and it was hard to hold the cylinder inside, but my inner muscles proved to be strong enough, fortunately.

After about 500 meters walk, we found the ideal spot for the shooting, I dropped my clothes and I threw myself into the sand sea.  First just dancing and crawling on that hot and soft carpet under my feet and then I started to pour sand into my opened vagina. Finally I fully stuffed my vagina with sand and when I stood up the sand was flowing out quickly, it looked like a sand clock :) Such a bizarre game!

To feel the sand all over inside, I slowly pulled out the plexi trying to hold in as much sand as possible. Then I peed on myself and my master also covered my body with his pee. I felt and looked like a dirty and filthy bitch, I loved that feeling :)

Since there was no steril water there, I used a bottle of CC beverage to clean myself. Hehe, that was messy, I made mud in my pussy so actually it wasn’t a too good cleaning process, much wet sand remained inside :)

I love to masturbate in the nature, it’s so exciting to know that anyone can come and see me, especially when I am in humiliating situation, just like now – fully covered with mix of pee, drink and sand. And yes, a woman and her dog was just passing by me right after my orgasm. She obviously saw me masturbating. The dog started to run toward me ardently but she stopped him and called her dog back very quickly :)

After this unexpected interact, I headed to the flowing water. When I found its spring, I could wash the remain of sand and dirt down. Then we drove home.

Of course right after arriving home, I made my usual vagina cleaning ritual, first I used clear water shower then some colpo-cleaner tablets and sterilizing iodine for my vaginal health. And finally my vagina was crystal clear again… ;) So sand in vagina? This ain’t a dream no more, it’s the real thing :)

12 Replies to “Desert Heart”

  1. Sand up there! Already in the mouth it’s uncomfortable, but imagined there, in the pussy. And how long does it take to remove it all. Still, the experience must be wonderful, in particular if combined with strict bondage. OOooooow! I would love to test that!

  2. Pain on her face? Did you get rejected by ever women you ever hit on? Jeez this is super hot but some of you guys who comment are psycopath antisocial freaks. These girls are strong, their couragous additude is amirable.

  3. A B S O L U T E L Y A W E S O M E !
    Thank you, please more stuffings, insects, chocolate, candy, dirt, chilli-ice, soap-bar,
    what ever triggers your fancyness, just love it, keep up the excellent work. MERCI.

  4. Hi QueenSnake,

    do you have long movies to : 45 minutes ore 90 minutes pls
    I like to see more anal pls and play met your snake inside pussy ore ass pls

  5. i just love ur vids thay r sooo kool and u should do one where u stuff ur pussy with chololate ;D

  6. Hi, QS. Thanks for your reply. Of course I respect their need for privacy, so I wouldn’t have written what I did had there not been episodes in which we have seen Tanita and Nazryana without any face covering. Perhaps their circumstances have changed.

    1. Hehe, yep. Sometimes they are braver and then they get paniced. In my opinion, a wig and a good make-up should be enough to protect their privacy and everybody would be happy ;)

  7. May I offer a comment? Half the pleasure in watching a beautiful woman subjected to a painful ordeal is in seeing the pain on her face. This business of putting masks on Tanita and Nazryana and of wearing shades yourself mostly ruins those films. I understood your shades in the bullwhip session, since your eyes needed to be protected, but otherwise this is a big mistake. You are shooting some of the hottest videos on the net but then draining their heat by obscuring the faces of the beautiful subs. Please reconsider.

    1. I completely agree with you and I would be the happiest girl if my playfellows – they are my best girlfriends in real life anyway – were brave enough to show their face but I must accept and understand their fear of being unveiled by their family and co-workers. They have a civil life and job, they are doing that whole bdsm film thing in secret, they are not professional “actors” and they don’t want to risk their families and jobs.
      Anyway I am trying to convince them to leave the mask but I’m afraid they can’t. I’ll never give it up, of course ;)
      And then why don’t we work with professional actors? Because we are doing so extreme, unusual and real painful things that if I told them what I want, they would run away screaming :(

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