This session was a pure and harsh torture.

Nazryana’s getting more and more hardcore masochistic, although she is still dread of needles.

When it’s about any kind of needles she becomes a scaredy cat and a cry baby. She needs about 4-5 hours encouragement and talking before every needle torture and when we are about to start the session she is already weeping before doing anything, LOL.

This time I have decorated her body with some special “piercings” – indicator pins – pushing them into her buttocks, belly and tits. Before doing that I prepared her for the pain with some warming-up whipping and then I used saran wrap to prevent her moving and keep her still. Hehe, she looked like a cocoon, totally defenseless and vulnerable.

She was lying on her stomach and I cut a hole to free her sexy buttocks and I started to decorate them. Since the pins were blunt it wasn’t easy to thrust them into her flesh so it happened that I had to try it again and again that caused her extra pain. Finally she had 4-4 small colorful balls on her butts. They looked like some beautiful microdermal piercings.

I made her to roll over and lying on her back and on her pierced buttocks :D and I set free her belly and her pussy. She got 5 belly piercings but I had to thrust much more because her belly was too soft and the pins were too blunt.

When I started to torture her tits, she was already completely knocked out and she couldn’t stop weeping but I had no mercy on her. After freeing her tits, I thrusted 3-3 thumbtacks into her nipples.  That was the most brutal and the most painful thing that she learned that night.

Anyway she looked really nice with those colorful plastic balls on her body but I still wanted her to suffer. After I released my anguished cocoon, she had to keep rolling and rolling on the floor and then I trampled on her body with my high heels.

Her play piercings were removed in a special way. The pins in her butts were whipped out and the other pins were attached to some clamps that were connected through a line tied up to a ceiling hook, she had to hold herself in bridge position as long as she could and when she let her body down the pins were pulled out together. She couldn’t hold that beautiful bridge position too long, unfortunately.

Finally she got her well-deserved orgasm and after turning off the camera she got much more, she became a real orgasm machine, hehehe.  I hope you’ll enjoy her agony ;)

10 Replies to “Cocoon”

  1. I would love to see use long blunt pins stuck into you’re tits, nipple and you’re pussy and you’re clitoris, also blunt pins stuck into you’re in little brown ass hole.
    That would make wonderful video also I have another idea.
    Here is another idea take a soft a wooden board 5 inches x 2 feet and 1/4 inch thick, using soft wood will be easier to put brads in.
    mark the board where you’re lovely tits sit on the board then hammer 10 to 20 1/2 inch-long brads thought the board so that i/4 inch is sticking out of the board put your tits Colored Pins or tack nail your tits to the board.
    It a little work but you can play with the nail board different ways
    you sit on it you put your tits on the board beat them.

    Love Mater Barsh

  2. queensnake, Moss Bed was magicial!! To hear your whimpers and yealps as you welcomed our little crawlie and bitie friends… amazing!!! I so hope that the shooting of this prompted you to kneel as you were at the end right over our friends den.. As i’m sure they would have loved to explore you further. To see you spread wide open welcoming them inside you would be a masterpiece.. Thank you for your creative style.. Hope to see more a……s crawling deep inside you!!

    1. Hey Kevin, thanks for your very nice comment. We already tried to work out my dream which I talked about here in my blog earlier, so there will be an other movie. Although I wasn’t completely satisfied with the result. It’s so much easier to dream about something than making it for real :). A…….s are way too shy to enter the “unknown hole” but we did our best to encourage them…

  3. Very nice QueenSnake! I would like to see Nazryana take off your high heels and stick the pins in your feet.

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