Red and Black

An other painful toilet brush session, this time with my girlfriend Tanita. It was much harder for me than the first version where I was doing it for myself mainly because Tanita was unexperienced in this theme and she didn’t know how to use the t-brush so we had to stop shooting too many times because I wasn’t able to bear the pain that she caused with her wrong torture technique.

The story began in a design store where I spotted those beautiful red and black toilet brushes, I thought that they could be perfect tools in our sado-mazo games and I had already begun to fantasize about a lesbian toilet brush fuck.

If it’s about fucking my sweet girlfriend Tanita is always ready for the challenge although she had no idea how painful it could be especially if I use a toilet brush instead of a dildo to fuck her. So she was enthusiastic in the beginning and she was crying and hated me in the end.

She was suspended by one of her legs, her hips were lifted a little bit and her arms were bound behind her back, she was blindfolded and ball-gagged (though somehow she hates being ball-gagged). That was a very defenseless and sexy position and ideal for a sadist like me.

As a warming up play I was just playing with a toilet brush on her tits and on her pussy whipping and tormenting them until I got the right screaming reaction. If it’s about sado-maso games I change to a cruel sadist even if my best girlfriend is my victim, I think every woman has an evil and sadistic side maybe in different levels and many just don’t admit and accept it but it is there so is the masochistic side.

The white hard-bristle toilet brush proved to be a brutal torture tool especially on the very sensitive genitals. Her tits and pussy had a wonderful red color after my treatment.

Then I prepared her vagina for the cleaning :) by doing some fisting. When her pussy was dilated enough I started to shove the black toilet brush very slowly. It made its way into the hot and flexible hole rather easily and it was completely engulfed in a very short time. She felt nothing else just intense pain and since she was blindfolded she didn’t know what was happening and she didn’t even know that the brush was already inside.  When I started the cleaning inside by moving the brush in her in a circular motion, she kept on moaning and squirming in pain but I enjoyed it immensely. I pulled the brush out slowly and then pushed it back in quickly and I repeated it a few times, she just loves being fucked (evil smile).

In the end she was completely knocked out from the pain but I wanted to shove the other, white toilet brush in, too. That was an unsuccessful attempt because her pussy was already so anguished that she wasn’t able to tolerate more pain and I realized that there were some red goo and I had mercy on my weeping prey.

Of course the other toilet brush, the beautiful red one was still waiting for being swallowed by my pussy. Now it was the time of revenge for Tanita and I got it. She was doing everything in the most painful way and I was already knocked out at the beginning of her game when she  just started to torture my tits. Anyway I realized that there are not too many very experienced sadist women out there, most of them who are told to be experienced in bdsm have a wrong torture technique. I myself have to learn much too. The gradation and watching the slave’s reactions are the key words during the tortures. The aim is not to knock out the slave as soon as possible but to extend her suffering and pain tolerance level and if a higher level is already attained in a session, it’s meaningless to get back to a lower level, it confuses the slave and in a film it frustrates the audience as well.

Getting back to my story, the most painful thing that she did was when she tried to shove the brush in moving it around, rotating and rapidly pushing. OMG I was just screaming in pain and we had to stop the shooting at this point to tell her the right technique. Maybe because of the wrong position – I was on all fours – she didn’t succeed to push the brush in so I was allowed to turn around and offer her my pussy lying on my back and spreading my legs wide.  Now she started to shove the brush in again without rotating but with not enough strength so finally I helped her to push it in holding the handle of the brush. Finally with my help the head of the brush vanished slowly in my pussy.

Then she started to play with her cleaning toy moving it around and pulling it out not completely just a little bit and then pushing it back in. Finally my pussy looked like a piece of raw flesh and I was completely knocked out from the constant pain and just touching my pussy with the brush was unbearably painful but that’s me, I still wanted to embrace an other, glass-washing brush, unfortunately and shamefully unsuccessfully. I swear that next time I will engulf it fully… ;)

In the end we were so worn-out that we had no energy left for the usual “happy end waving” :)

After that hard session my master checked Tanita’s and my vagina using a speculum and he saw only some red bruises at the entrance of the vagina and in my case on the pee hole. The excoriation on my pee hole caused me some pain and red goo flow after peeing but it healed in 1-2 days.  Of course some sterilizing and healing vaginal irrigation was a must after that hard  torment to prevent infections and keep our pussy healthy. This way there wasn’t any problem at all, our pussy was ready to be fucked in a day ;)

If you have a maso slavegirl and you are a cruel sadist, you should definitely try this game, you both would enjoy it. The secret of a successful toilet brush insertion without causing serious damage is shoving it with full strength but very slowly and without moving it around and rotating it. And some of you suggested to use a plastic bag to make the pushing session easier which is a very good idea but I haven’t tried it yet.

Do you have any experiences in toilet brush insertion? Please tell me about it.

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  1. I was always wondering about the aftermath of T-brush games.
    It’s one of the hottest things there is, imho.
    I am wondering what healing vaginal irrigation you are using with good results.
    Might be helpful for fellow t-brush riders ;)

    1. After t-brush games there are some micro abrasion inside the vagina with a little blood, mainly at the entrance of the vagina and even at the entrance of the peehole, it usually heals in a few days (2-3 days). We always use brand new and sterilized brushes, sterilization is very important and after the brush games I always use Gynoflor vaginal tablets for 3 days in the evenings before bedtime. It keeps my vagina healthy and restores the vaginal PH. I hope this helps. Happy brush plays ;)

      1. Thanks QS. Yes, I am aware that the brush has to be new and in first place sterile!
        Unfortunately Gynoflor is a subscription drug, where we live, so we need to get creative ;)

  2. hey queensnake love ur site and have to say only other T-brush stuff i’ve seen the girl also did bits of cervical play which i would love to see u do some day also it would be great to see u do maybe u could have one of ur girlfriends and urself compete to see who could take more of it

  3. Censorship on art shouldn’t exist, the superworm video would sell like crazy! Just keep that in mind… Also that is awesome you have been doing urethral sounding! Cervical play is also very challenging and hot like sounding is… Maybe start sounding/training your cervix to accept penetration? It is a challenge ;)

  4. Thanks Queenshake for your reply. So look forward to seeing that!!! Lots of little creatures crawling inside you and making you wimper..

  5. Dear Peppercorns, thanks for your nice comment. Currently using an urethral sound itself is a completely new thing and a real challenge for me without any boost. Maybe ants in my peehole would be a next level.

  6. My sexy Queensnake, Your videos are amazing!! I to am very interested in see more i……..s!! A………..s deep inside your pussy and crawling inside your pee hole. l…… attaching themselves to your cervix, pee hole, clir and along side your spread open pussy lips. So hot that would be my lady!! Have you thought about incerting a sounding rod covered with ants into your pee hole??!! Or widen your pee hole and lets the a……..s crawl in on there own!! Your work is outstandind!! Keep stimulating us with your perverted mind..

  7. Even the red one looks very hot on you, you can have all kind of colors. But you need an experienced person, or someone who nows how the use the brushes when pushing them into pussies, taht’s your experience now, Great video!

    1. Thanks Pascal, unfortunately there are not too many women out there who are experienced in cleaning the pussy with toilet brush :)

  8. No video about the worms or insects? Your kidding right? It’s like the one thing everyone has been wanting!

  9. Hello beautiful queensnake,

    come on, everybody want to see the w……s video!

    Please give us more i….t videos, here some ideas open your pussy wide with a speculum and fill it with:

    mini ….s then Speculum out and they have to stay in there a few minutes!

    Also try:

    or a new thing, I would also love to see that Tanita is shitting in your speculum-spreaded pussy, then she fists this dirty hole and after that she’s cleaning it out with a Toilet brush!

    1. Sorry, i forgot:

      and l…….s again like we had in Bait, but try much more, 50 maybe?

      1. Nice list of tiny critters! :) I like to experiment and to try new painful things but not anything and everything.

      1. LOL, I had better not to mention my homemade video about my first experiment with worms, it seems I stirred up too many people’s passions.
        And now I am in trouble again because I am not sure that I can publish the superworm video – at least without censorship – that we shot a few days ago, because it is way too brutal.

        1. If not a video, a description of your experience would be great. I think lots of us would still love to see you do something with blowfly maggots. They’re no where near as fierce as superworms – maybe that’s a turn off for you? I’ve had experience with maggots and they feel great.

  10. Dear Queensnake,

    This is great! Looking forward to some more full videos with a…..s, w….s, s…s or m…..s … and hope we will see the fish-hooks again soon.
    Have you thought anymore about adding a section with webcam clips?
    Love your site. You are unique.

    1. no to m……s, that shit looks boring, they just bite a bit it isn t painfull…only the skin gets red lumps… I too say yes to a…..s, w…..m and s……..s

      1. Hehe, then you haven’t been attacked by tons of huge mosquitoes yet!

        Most of the worms don’t bite so there is no pain at all, don’t you think? ;)

        1. YES to the mosquitoes !!!!!!

          “Tons of huge mosquitoes” = exquisite torture. Lots of requests for this :-)

    2. Thx Xeno! I was already thinking about adding a live webcam section to my site but I have no time for working it out and especially doing live performance.
      I would love it anyway, I used to be a webcam model on livejasmin for about 2 months, though I was online only 3-4 days in a month, I tried it just for fun and to study their webcam system, it was a very very interesting experience and I enjoyed it immensely.

  11. Have you considered pushing the brush into your vagina using a tube– something akin to a tampon ‘applicator’– that would allow you to smoothly insert the brush? You could use an oversize brush (that might not otherwise fit), and have all the fun when you finally have to pull it out.

  12. great queensnake I love you….
    I think also sharon can be interested in a similar treatment…..

  13. The T-brush is back, great story, hope you getting more experienced by trying, I think it helps that the healing goes that quick, great first part.

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