Crow Castle

After the severe bullwhipping we went for a trip with my master to a nearby castle. Let’s call it Crow Castle.

That extremely beautiful castle was a perfect place to perform some flashing.

When we arrived, we ran into a group of  noisy college guys and we had to cut across them. I felt so uncomfortable because I knew that they could see my welts on my thighs. After leaving them behind, I started to flash and show my sexy stripes to the camera.

As we moved forward I became more and more brave and finally I was crawling and walking fully naked in the castle. Needless to say that I enjoyed it immensely but unfortunately we didn’t meet other people up there except a lonely cleaning lady :)

It’s a kind of art-movie, no pain and screams but I hope you’ll like it.

The second part of the film was made two years ago in another beautiful place – at the ruins of a castle next to the sea. That was a usual naked trip spiced some juicy thing ;) My body was fully covered with my own and my master’s pee – that last part was cut out of the film – and I was not allowed to wash it down for the rest of the day. I love that dirty and messy games!

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  1. Damn i don’t know if i would be able to resist if I ran into you hiking nude. The sight of a well whipped ass is a turn on to me and that was certainly whipped well Queensnake.

  2. C’est toujours quand les décors qui t’entourent sont beaux et grandioses – forets enneigés, campagne verdoyante, lacs aveuglés de lumière, châteaux –
    que tes interprétations quittent le quotidien pour atteindre l’exquise et mythique intensité de ta personnalité magique et de ton vice. Merci!
    Bravo, mille fois bravo à toi et au cadreur.

  3. Queensnake,

    Beautiful video… at least, so far, as I’ve only seen part 1.

    Since you did this mellow and pleasant shoot right after the severe bull whipping, I’m curious if this is a way of “de-stressing” after the very physically demanding prior shoot?

    I ask this because my muse and I frequently shoot a basic art-nude or fun pin-up session after our very demanding shoots like the nude hogtie in the snow, or the barbed wire nude shoots. I think it helps prepare us for the next physically demanding shoot. Actually, I think this is more for ME than for her, as I have to bear the very heavy responsibility for her safety, yet she’s generally ready to do more right away.

    Just curious. :)

    Great work!

    (FL: Bob42)

    1. Hi Bob, yes, it was a way of “de-stressing” as you said :) I feel the same as your muse after a very hard session.

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