Crow Castle

After the severe bullwhipping we went for a trip with my master to a nearby castle. Let’s call it Crow Castle.

That extremely beautiful castle was a perfect place to perform some flashing.

When we arrived, we ran into a group of  noisy college guys and we had to cut across them. I felt so uncomfortable because I knew that they could see my welts on my thighs. After leaving them behind, I started to flash and show my sexy stripes to the camera.

As we moved forward I became more and more brave and finally I was crawling and walking fully naked in the castle. Needless to say that I enjoyed it immensely but unfortunately we didn’t meet other people up there except a lonely cleaning lady :)

It’s a kind of art-movie, no pain and screams but I hope you’ll like it.

The second part of the film was made two years ago in another beautiful place – at the ruins of a castle next to the sea. That was a usual naked trip spiced some juicy thing ;) My body was fully covered with my own and my master’s pee – that last part was cut out of the film – and I was not allowed to wash it down for the rest of the day. I love that dirty and messy games!