That was the first time for me being whipped by a girl and since the girl – Tanita – has never done any kind of whipping before, I was a bit afraid how she would be able to use the long bullwhips on me which were new tools not just for her but for me as well.

We found an abandoned military base that has already been taken back by the nature, it was a perfect place to test the new bullwhips.

My hands were tied up above my head to a column, first showing my back to my wannabe mistress and pushing my butts out to offer for her. She started to whip me with the smaller bullwhip and I had to count the strokes. The rule was the usual: as I pronounced the number, I got the next lash. My master did not predetermine any number of the strokes I had to bear, she simply flogged me until my master decided to stop.

The first lashes were not too professional and slightly painful but the more she whipped the more pain I got, she were getting better and better in using the bullwhip and she really enjoyed that testing game and practicing on me. Finally I counted 55 lashes but actually I got 55+2, it seems that I wasn’t too good in counting.

Then I had to turn around and now my tits, my belly and my pussy were the targets. That was much more painful already in the beginning. Especially when she tried the bigger bullwhip. OMG, it was way too painful, I could only bear 5 strokes so she returned to the smaller one. Since I am very slim and I have almost zero fat tissues, the strokes are much more painful for me than a girl with a normal body type but I think I don’t have to explain it to the experienced BDSM fans. When she started to flog me with the smaller bullwhip I wasn’t sure that I would be able to tolerate as many lashes as I could bear on my buttocks but finally I did it: 5 lashes with the big bullwhip and 51+1 lashes with the small bullwhip.

She was fucking good in the aiming, she hit the middle of my navel and my nipples with engineering accuracy, a pro mistress wouldn’t have done it better and I was just squirming in pain and I hardly could count. The last stroke was the killer for my right nipple, I wasn’t able to hold back my scream. She hit exactly the same point of my nipple two times and after the second lash the pain was so intense that I thought my poor nipple had split off. Of course it hadn’t. There was a deep rip right in the middle and blood but nothing serious :)

In the end I said congrats on Tanita’s whipping skills and I was proud of the red welts on my body. After we drove Tanita home, we went for a trip to a beautiful castle but this is an other story…

The marks on my body were visible for more than 3 weeks, I looked like a tiger, LOL.

24 Replies to “Bullseye”

  1. Your movie with Nazryana (tits tack) was really a cruel one…..how she bearded that much pain….dI’d she ask to stop any point of time ? What was she doing the breaks

  2. With this film I discovered years ago that Queensnake is the most attractive and extraordinarily masochistic woman in the BDSM universe. You’re the best!

  3. super marks, makes u more sexy and fucking hot chick on this earth… more sever marks and flogging expected. After Getting flogged get fucked that would be really awasome.

  4. Hi !
    Ich finde diesen Film mit der auspeitschung als sehr schön. Aber auch sehr erregend.
    Ich würde mich auch gerne mal so peitschen lassen.
    Bin aber leider männlich und daher nict so schön wie die hübsche schlanke Frau im Film.
    Eine Bestrafung dieser Art wäre genau das Richtige für mich.

  5. I’d love to see you get whipped on the back brutally. I’m a fan of that kind of thing.

  6. I really loved the pictures of you whipped to the blood by the girl Tanita…They are extremely stirring and exciting and I confess I got wet just by looking at them.
    I both admire and envy you for your capacity of absorbing pain from a bullwhip, since I’m more of a sadist than a masochist, but I’d love to try and learn to enjoy the whip…
    Sweet kisses and hugs,


  7. Hi

    Just love your slender body tied and stretched. Love to see your ribs so clearly. For a future scenario I would see you hanged by your wrists and flogged/whipped on your upperbody, Only top-less. The impression should be a slave or prisoner-whipping.

    Micke in Sweden

  8. I love your work, but why ist bullseye not on Clip4sale? Would be nice!
    And by the way, you need some bacon on yout hips! ;-)

  9. How long did the whipping marks last Queen?

    Please, more foot torture please! Your beautiful soles deserve to suffer a lot! It would be wonderful if you would have your soles brutally whipped, flogged too… also to see you dancing barefoot on broken glass.

    Any chance to see you walking barefoot in public places, in the street, with very dirty soles?


    1. For about a month, now I need new ones :)
      Walking barefoot in public places, I would love it and you will see it soon.

  10. I am afraid this side got me interested in sadism.Usually i am more into psychological stuff,but seeing somebody enjoy pain so much is really fascinating.

  11. Dans toutes les religions, depuis qu’elles existent, il est normal de torturer ses adversaires. Il existe des listes détaillées de tortures infligées aux hommes et aux femmes «martyrologes’ , pour leur faire abjurer leurs croyances.
    Mais toi, ô divine Queensnake tu le fais par plaisir et par décision personnelle, ce qui te rend infiniment plus noble, voluptueuse et altruiste que tous les « martyrs obligés » qui t’ont précédé. Il faut t’ériger un temple grec dans un site merveilleux !

  12. Hello i am french and one time i ask you about whipping photo but you told me they was not so good . today i saw your whipping it s wonderful i love specially slim body and i know the pain on those that you talk it s more painful really your video is one of the best i have seem thank you for that.

    1. I remember when you asked that old forest whipping video :) I am glad that you like this new one and I hope we can do more outdoor whipping in the future.

  13. Hi Queensanke how long you already do bdsm in your life? And when started your masochist nature?

    1. I was introduced into that world about 8 years ago, that was the time when I first experienced my masochistic side.

  14. I love your work. Everything is so brutal and beautiful. I look forward to seeing you enduring more extreme punishments in the future.

    One thing I wish to see from you is a caning competition with another girl while be figged. Now that will be something to see. Oh and I can’t wait to see the invasion part two.

    1. Thanks :) I am going to call one of my girlfriends for a whipping/flogging duel, it would be a good fun!

  15. I Love the whipping, would like to see more of this please. All of your stuff is great I am huge fan, really like to see you push your limits further and further.
    Kisses Tim xx

    1. Thanks Tim. The good classic whipping! I love it too. Moreover my master told me the other day – when I had those stripes on my body after the Bullseye session – that I should wear whipping marks constantly because they are so sexy and arousing for him. Hehe, so I am sure that you will see more whipping sessions in the future ;)

  16. you are so hot, i love your movie and pictur… I’am not a member but i will be soon

  17. Superbe, absolument magnifique. Ces marques sont admirables. Félicitations.
    Fouettée au sang, quelle superbe torture.
    Nous avons hate de voir la fin du film.
    Pour la prochaine seance, je propose un duel entre Tanita et toi, chacune avec un fouet, bien sur, et un vrai duel ou l’enjeu pourrait etre le premier cri (d’où la necessité de se retenir de crier, d’endurer la douleur, et de l’infliger pour faire crier l’autre. )
    Fabrice et Marie

    1. Merci bien pour votre gentil commentaire. Hehe, j’aimerais ce duel et je veux le faire avec Tanita ou Naz mais elles sont moins enthousiaste à ce sujet que moi :P

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