New movie on – Bullwhipped Cunt – Jessica

I whipped Jessica’s pussy with a single tail whip until she collapsed. This way she had 10-15 batches of whip strokes continuously for about 20 minutes. It was funny when the whip just stuck in and it was tangled with her huge inner labias. I did not count how many lashes she got altogether but I am sure that it was a pretty big number. It is unbelievable that the more whipping she got, the more wet her pussy was.

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New movie on – Bullwhipped Cunt – Holly

Holly loves her “pawl” – that’s what she calls her huge inner labia – to be punished. This time I whipped her pussy with a bullwhip until she freaked out but then she always came back for the next round offering me her cunt willingly. I managed to break her until she burst out into tears and I really felt like that she was mine. She is a perfect sub.

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That was the first time for me being whipped by a girl and since the girl – Tanita – has never done any kind of whipping before, I was a bit afraid how she would be able to use the long bullwhips on me which were new tools not just for her but for me as well.

We found an abandoned military base that has already been taken back by the nature, it was a perfect place to test the new bullwhips.

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