New movie on – Bullwhipped Cunt – Jessica

I whipped Jessica’s pussy with a single tail whip until she collapsed. This way she had 10-15 batches of whip strokes continuously for about 20 minutes. It was funny when the whip just stuck in and it was tangled with her huge inner labias. I did not count how many lashes she got altogether but I am sure that it was a pretty big number. It is unbelievable that the more whipping she got, the more wet her pussy was.

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  1. Good !, This is improving! This time the lashes have been somewhat harder. It seems that Jessica is increasing her level of resistance to pain and that this time she has managed to get more horny as she was receiving lashes in her pussy. I guess Jessica will be very proud of her progress! Now is the right time for Queensnake to acquire new types of harder whips so that QS and its masochistic girl friends can accept increasingly hard lashes and thus all of them will be able to withstand increasing doses of pain and harden their bodies increasingly.

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