Aching Arch – Nazryana –

Queensnake decided to get creative with poor Nazryana. She bound her wrists and ankles to a metal device that looked like a T-shaped rack. Nazryana had no choice but to bend over, her stomach pressed against the cold steel, while her legs were spread wide open. Queensnake relished in the brutal pleasure of thrashing Nazryana’s plump derrière, leaving it a tender, crimson mess. Then she switched her focus to Nazryana’s tender back. With each strike, you could hear Nazryana’s muffled screams echo through the dungeon. Eventually, Queensnake got bored of messing with Nazryana’s backside. So she spun Nazryana around and contorted her spine into another painful backward bend. This time, however, Queensnake went straight for her belly, leaving bruises all over. Every now and then, she’d maliciously smack her pert little titties, savoring the sharp intake of breath that followed. Finally, Queensnake couldn’t resist anymore. She zeroed in on Nazryana’s most vulnerable spot – her pussy. With every swing of the whip, Nazryana’s pitiful screams grew shriller and more frantic. The sight of her writhing in agony brought Queensnake nothing but sheer bliss.

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