Happy Birthday

My birthday was on 19th June – I rather don’t tell you the number of years, I’m too old :) – and I decided to make it memorable.

I have dreamed about being used like an object and humiliated by girls for a very long time and now I wanted that dream to come true so I asked my girlfriends to take revenge on me for all the pain I caused them before and to disgrace me the most evil and degrading way as they can.

Well, they really did their best to fulfill my weird birthday wish, they changed to angry, furious, grim bitches and enjoyed my humiliation immensely.

When they arrived in the evening we had some chit-chat and then I served them a beautiful birthday parfait cake – on my naked body. I offered them myself not just as a serving plate but as a plaything to do anything they want to.

As I was laying on the floor and watched them kissing, I got so aroused by seeing their passionate love and their super sexy long legs and pussy from beneath but I held back my feelings, I had to, I was just an object for them this time without thoughts and senses.

After tasting the ice-cream cake they were not satisfied at all with the serving so they rather destroyed the cake and took their anger out on their serving plate a.k.a me. They stuffed my mouth and smeared my face and my body with the ice-cold dessert and I just bore it obediently although I wasn’t able to gulp it, it was too cold.

The girls enjoyed that messy game so much that they treated me like a piece of junk, a piece of garbage. They kicked me around, kicked and slapped my pussy and my tits – that was way too painful since my boobs were swollen and hurt like hell due to hormones – and they opened my vagina using a speculum and filled it with the frozen stuff and then made me push it out. The stuff in my cunt was so cold that it hurt me inside and made me pee instantly. My pee running down my crotch and thighs warmed me up, it was a real recompense for me :).

In a very short time I looked like a real disgusting garbage, I was completely humbled, felt dizzy and lost the control over everything. When they were brutally slapping my face, I got really pissed off and began to fight back. Hehe it was funny to watch back that part of the movie.

Finally I got the rest of the ice-cream on my face, I wasn’t able to open my eyes so now I couldn’t see anything, just felt and heard the girls playing with themselves and having orgasms one after the other. In the very end I got a hot golden shower, they both peed on me.

I hope you enjoy my humiliation as much as my pain ;)

3 Replies to “Happy Birthday”

  1. I have downloaded this full movie but I cannot play it. I get the following error message.
    “A bad public movie atom was found in the movie (happy-birthday-360.mp4)”
    I have scanned it for viruses and malware but no infection was found.

  2. Happy Birthday – keep on the good work… :)
    I love your movies – why don’t we see you fuck in any of them?
    I’d love to see you covered in sperm after a painful session…

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