Crimson Thorns

There were three hard shootings behind us that week and we decided to have a little rest on Sunday so we went for a trip to the nearby lake. Of course, as always we took the camera and some bdsm accessories with us in my backpack – just in case we would find something interesting to shoot.

There were many people around the lake but we found a peaceful spot with some beautiful wild rose bushes. Their sharp thorns had amazing crimson color and they definitely seemed to be very scary for many people but for me they were definitely tempting :)

When I started to whip my ass, I felt and heard as the thorns ripped my skin but after some warming up lashes I fell into a kind of pain trance and started to enjoy it. I kept on whipping until many many red dots colored my buttocks.

Then I focused on my belly and my tits. Whipping my sensitive tits was the hardest for me, I tried to lash them with full strength but there was a resistance in my brain and so the movement of my arm was so moderated that my master was not satisfied with the result: there were not enough red points on my breasts so finally he took over the thorny sticks to teach me the right whipping technique. I learned the lesson and now my tits were also decorated with many tiny red spots.

Finally my pussy also met the thorns and after some whipping I decided to make my vagina a vase for those beautiful branches and pushed them in slowly until the thorns caught into the entrance of my cunt. As I kept on moving the sticks around in their “vase”, they stabbed the inner side of my pussy and I felt pain and pleasure at the same time.

In the end my body was sweat, dirty and full of small scratches, the sterilization was a must. So I washed my wounds with my own pee. It burnt like hell but I felt clean afterwords :)

13 Replies to “Crimson Thorns”

  1. I would love to see you break off the thorns from the rose plants, and fill your pussy with them!!

  2. How do you clean up the damage of welts, piercings, and liesions from whipping and your other abusing activities.. Your skin is so clear and beautiful and shows practically no scarring. How long and how do you repair the damage?

  3. First I would enjoy to sorry for my English, not my first speech. though I believe that our group Rammstein music title Ich Tu Dir Weh could be a perfect music choice for your passion for discomfort as well your mr to head bang to. Quite lyrics supplied:
    …Stacheldraht in die Harnröhre-Darm-Trakt, Legen Sie Ihre Fleisch in Salz und Eiter…Bites, Tritte, harte Schläge, Needle, Zange, Säge stumpf, Was du willst, weiß ich sagen nein. *translated* Barbed wire in the urethral tract; Put your flesh in salt and pus…Bites, kicks, hard blows; Needle, pliers, blunt saw; What you wish, I dont say no.
    ich bereits Liebe deinen Videos, though playing this in the background would make them that much besseren. Please deliberate for us in Deutschland : ))
    Ich liebe dich KöniginSchlange!

  4. Je viens de réessayer, et voilà le message qu’il me donne :
    Username already taken. Please choose another one.
    Pourtant j’utilise le meme nom (justement!!) le meme mot de passe et la meme adresse mail !!!

    1. Nous avons trouvé un bug dans notre système et nous l’avons réparé. Maintenant il devrait fonctionner;) Je suis désolée pour les inconvénients et merci beaucoup pour le feed-back.

  5. Bonjour Queensnake
    Juste un petit mot pour te dire qu’on aimerait se réabonner, mais le site refuse que nous reprenions le meme pseudo, il nous dit qu’il est deja pris et d’en créer un autre !! Faudra-t-il créer un nouveau pseudo à chaque réabonnement, ou existe-t-il une procédure de réabonnement particulière qui ne passe pas par le “join now” ?
    Merci de nous répondre, que nous puissions nous réabonner.
    Nous avons hate de voir la belle flagellation !!
    Fabrice et Marie

    1. Cher Fabrice et Marie,
      Si vous utilisez le même pseudo, mot de passe et adresse e-mail comme avant, il doit travailler.
      J’espère que cette information a aidé si non faites-le-moi savoir.

  6. Lots of maggots or slimy worms, anything disgusting feelin and humiliating, like feeling you pussy full of maggots then being forces to walk through a crowded public place as they slip out of your pussy ;)

  7. Your films are fantastic, but seriously, what would it take to get you to do something with maggots!?

  8. I love your films, yet, how come I haven’t come accross any anal torture so far?

    In this film “Crimson Thorns” as in others, you appear alone. I hope you understand my comment: would you consider the idea of being the plaything of a mistress?. I would like to see you whipped by another person instead of yourself.

    Kind regards, and as I said before: I love your films.

    1. I got it and you’ll get it, I mean the whipping scene you mentioned. ;) I disclose that in the next film you will see me being brutally whipped by a mistress (more exactly a “wannabe” mistress :P, Tanita). She was fucking good at it, in the end my nipple was ripped.

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