My master sometimes becomes an evil inventor who is testing his new device on his experimental  pet aka me :)  This time he built a cruel and amazing tormenting device mixing the Tackrider idea with some electricity.

The most important part of his equipment was a hanging long metal bar fully covered with thumbtacks and attached to the violet wand.

I was placed above this scary thing applying a spreader bar between my ankles keeping my legs wide spread and preventing me to walk. I had to stand on my tiptoes to avoid the stab of the electric thumbtacks while my hands were tied up behind my back and my hair was tied up to the ceiling hook to keep me in balance.

That was a tricky situation, I hardly could move, I felt myself like a poor creature being caught in a trap :) But my suffering hasn’t been started yet.

Although it wasn’t easy to keep myself in balance and on tiptoes for too long, my master decided to make my situation even harder. He put some self-adhesive pads on my soles and insteps attaching them to his Folsom PSG-MAX device and started to play with the buttons.

I tried to avoid the pain in my pussy and to keep myself up above the stinging electric bar but when I experienced that annoying and hardly tolerable pain in my feet I rather chose to sit on the electric bar instead of being tormented on my feet. In the end I realized that I let the thumbtacks being pushed deeply into my groin. I was so knocked out of the pain that I already didn’t care about anything.

And he just enjoyed his new invention and my squirming and my gagged screams.

Finally I got my reward and I was allowed to cum but it was a reward itself and a big turn on to see the satisfaction on my beloved sadist’s face and on his more below body part ;) during the whole time of this game.

I wish I could have seen every sadist’s reactions while I was writhing…

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  1. Queensnake;
    I just finished watching this movie and as usual you were awesome with the way you allowed your pussy to get shocked to save your feet. YOU ROCK. Now my sadistic side is working overtime and I had an idea for a sequel Electrider 2. The situation is the same except that your master opens up yourr pussy like in bonfire either with fish hooks or safety pins and you ride the tack bar with the electricity to your feet with the addition of alligator clamps to your beautiful and sensitive nipples also connected to electricity. You must endure thirty minutes of this torture with your master increasing the intensity in two to three minute intervals, until finally the last three minutes are at full power. Would love to see this please consider it.

  2. Hi!

    Maybe a bit off topic, but actually you’re the only person I know who can answer me. I had a conversation with my partner, or if you prefer- master, about the way a submissive person sees a master during very intensive s/m sex.
    The way I feel it is increaing feeling of worship, a pleasure found in being treated like a subject without a right to refuse.
    I would be glad to know how you’d describe it yourself:)

    1. When we are playing, it’s like another dimension where my partner/master rules everything, he has the power to own my body and my thoughts, I am only his play thing, his toy and nothing else and he can do anything with me that pleases and entertains him. So I see him and our sm games this way ;)

  3. Bon, heureux et douloureux anniversaire, chere Queensnake, puisqu’il semble que ce soit le moment de te le souhaiter.
    Petite question sur le joli jeu electrique ici décrit.
    Comment est alimenté electriquement le dispositif (source electrique? branchement ? ) car pour que tu ressentes le courant dans les punaise, il fallait que tu soit “branchée” par ailleurs ?
    Cela m’interesse beaucoup, car l’idee est tentante à reproduire … à moins que le système soit protégé par un brevet !! lol
    Fabrice et MArie

    1. Voila la recette :)
      1. Prends une “violet wand”.
      2. Couvres la partie en verre de “violet wand” avec du papier d’aluminium.
      3. Prends un câble de demarrage (jumper cable) et joignez une de ses extrémités au papier d’aluminium relié à la “violet wand” et son autre extrémité à la barre d’aluminium qui est entre les jambes et sous la chatte.
      4. Prends un ruban adhésif large (cello tape par exemple) et perces les punaises et ensuite places/colles la bande sur la barre.
      5. De cette façon, le chef des punaises connectent directement à la barre d’aluminium et quand tu touches les punaises tu te sens le courant sur ​​ton peau.

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