Sealed With Love

We are in so deep love with my dear girlfriend, Tanita that we sealed our love in a very special way. The other day when I was just looking in the art supplies shop I bumped into those beautiful white hearts made of satin in a sweet heart-shaped box and an extreme picture came into my mind: being stapled with white hearts that turns into red made me so aroused that I decided to make this dream come true.

Sometimes it frightens me anyway how crazy thoughts I have but I love to express my creative side in this wild way.

I couldn’t wait to share my fantasy with my lovely playmate and I was wondering if she would make it for me.

She had never used that kind of  staple gun before – especially for human decorating purposes – but she liked the idea and made it true for me with pleasure.

I wanted to be her little filthy slut and only hers and noone else’s and I wanted to indulge myself in the sweet pain caused by her. We dived into a hot lesbian love-making, it was hard to stop (you can only see a short part of it in the movie :) and in the end my heart was throbbing with excitement and I felt so warm inside.

And then I found myself naked and tied up waiting for the painful stapling. My heart was still beating so fast that I was gasping for air. My hyper sensitive nipples have never been stapled before so I didn’t know how intense pain to expect, I just suspected that it would be very painful. And I got the first staple right in the middle of my left nipple, it was very painful but I held back my scream, I wanted to show her my strength. Her first tries were not successful and the tiny white heart was not attached to my nipple perfectly so she took an other one and kept on stapling it to my nipple. Finally my left nipple was full of staples and two reddish small hearts were hung on it.

After practicing on my left nipple, she did a perfect job on the right one. The satin heart was like a nice nipple cover.

I thought that I was over the most painful part of my torture and I was relieved, waiting for the staples in my pussy. I remembered that it wasn’t so painful in the old “Sealed” movie. But I was wrong, after the first staple I couldn’t hold back my screams anymore, the pain was so shockingly intense and came the second, the third, the forth and so on. In the end my pussy was full of staples, closed and sealed with white hearts. When I saw the result in the mirror, I was satisfied and proud of being her slut.

And now my lover’s creation was ready to show to the world so we got dressed and went for a walk to the nearest public park.

It was hard to walk  as if nothing had happened. As I was walking, I felt stretching and hard piercing pain in  my pussy and in my nipples but especially in my pussy. The pain was harder and harder with the passing time, one of my big labias was swollen to double its normal size and the white hearts were getting redder and redder. I wasn’t complaining at all, on the contrary, I was proud of my tormented body and its decoration.

In the end of our walk we found a peaceful spot and I was allowed to pee through my closed pussy and then I was prepared to be unfolded. Before she started to pull the staples out of my pussy, we heard human voices, a bunch of local teenager came and they decided to stay and sit on the bench which was very close to us, actually they were about 5 meters from us and there was only a bush between us. First we wanted to find an other place to remove the staples but it was so exciting that they were so close to us that finally we stayed.

From my previous experience I knew that pulling out the staples wasn’t so painful, actually it was usually pain-free. That was my second mistake during that day. It was shockingly painful and I had to tolerate the pain in perfect silence without any sound. I thought that the cause of the very intense pain was being the staples in my flesh for too long time but it turned out that the main cause of my big pain was Tanita’s pulling out technique.

Tanita didn’t know how to remove the staples, she hadn’t had any experience in this so – since she already felt sorry for me – she did it as she thought it would be the less painful for me.  And the result was the most painful staple removing that I ever had. She pulled every staple very slowly and when she realized that it wouldn’t came out easily, she left it in its half way, went to the next staple and did the same. OMG it was the hardest part of my torture, I felt it would never end. My pussy looked like a raw flesh in the butchery.

It was funny that the group of teens stayed there as long as the very last staple was removed but they had no idea what happened in front of them behind the bush.

After cleaning my red and swollen pussy a bit, we headed home and I myself removed the rest of the staples from my nipples. It wasn’t easy because the staples were stuck deep into my flesh but – bad news for sadists :P – my removing technique wasn’t so painful.

After our lovely game, my pussy was so swollen that I was cooling it down with a bottle of ice cold beer between my legs :). My pussy was swollen for about 2 days and it turned into deep black after a while, I have never seen my pussy so tormented and colorful before. Me and my master both loved it. And I almost forgot my nipples, they were also swollen and unbelievably sensitive for a couple of days. The marks of this special torture were visible for about 10 days.

I hope you’ll enjoy the movie as much as I enjoyed being sealed with love ;)

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  1. Un-freakin-believable! The Kissing scen and walking up the steps … and then the staple removal after is simply W-o-W!!!

  2. Queensnake,

    I love your use of staples on your nipples and vagina, and understand that you use a standard industrial staple gun for this. I’m very curious about the sensation, but am also very concerned about infection.

    Do you prepare the staples by soaking them in alcohol first?

    Also, do you use some sort of solvent to dissolve the glue that holds the staples together in their normal stack, thus removing the rough edges so that when they penetrate your flesh, they pierce more than tear?

    Just wondering what precautions go on behind the scenes so I might do it safely.



    1. Hi Bob, please check my blog entry out about using staples. Of course we use medical alcohol to sterilize everything. About the glue, it is not so strong that it could tear the flesh. At least the staples we use rather pierce than tear.

  3. This is really fantastic and I like the way you make videos of the action.
    I would love to u use BLUNT PINS to pin the harts on your beautiful tits and your lovely pussy lips

  4. You are so incredible with such a pain thresh hold You are wonderful What is your limit >

  5. Bad that i wasnt there , if i would this tenns i would definately go to see what happen behind bush.

  6. This is fantastic and I really like the way you have filmed and written about the experience. Would like to see more of this, maybe stitching up your pussy with thread and needle, BUT hidden inside of you a remote control vibrator (egg). Give your master or girlfriend the controls and then you go to a cafe or somewhere where there are lots of people. He must make you cum before you can leave……… well my imagination is running wild. Hope you like this idea and give it a try sometime. kisses Tim

  7. I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
    The bright sun was extinguish’d, and the stars
    Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
    Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
    Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;
    Morn came and went–and came, and brought no day,
    And men forgot their passions in the dread …
    But women…

  8. I enjoyed this very much. I’d love to see more of the two of you missing lovingly while Tanita uses the staple on you, with you really enjoying the pain she gives.

  9. Bonjour Queensnake
    Un grand bravo très admiratif. Superbe séance. Autant nous sommes assez peu sensible aux tortures de la plante des pieds (sans doute parce que nous ne l’avons jamais essayé, mais pour le moment, l’envie n’est pas la!! sourire) autant, nous adorons des séances comme celle là. Magnifique. Nous avons hâte de voir la fin du film. Le sang qui coule, sa belle couleur rouge sur la peau, ou sur les accessoires, que ce soient les petits cœurs ou de fin tissu qui protègent si mal la peau (rire) nous plait énormément. J’aimerai tellement voir ton corps, “habillé” d’une robe, ou une tunique, en tissu blanc (ou clair, au moins) légèrement transparent, aggraffé à ta peau en de multiples endroits, surtout, aux endroits les plus sensibles. La cohabitation du fin tissu leger, doux, de ta peau si claire, si douce, et des agraffes métalliques, dures, froides, pénétrant douloureusement tissu et peau, faisant couler ton sang qui impregnerait le tissu clair et leger serait surement un spectacle superbe. Et plus il y aura d’agraffes, et plus ensuite, le moindre mouvement tirera sur chacune, dans un sens ou dans l’autre !! ALors, je te laisse imaginer le plaisir de danser ensuite, ainsi vétue.

    Petite question technique !! Pourquoi, ne joins tu plus des photos aux films, comme précédemment ? Les photos complètent bien le film. ET les 6 ou 7 qui accompagnent ton récit sont tellement insuffisantes !!

    J’espère que notre idée te plaira, et que tu auras envie de l’adapter et de la vivre.


    Fabrice et Marie

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