O Sole Mio

It was my first bastinado/falaka experience – now I know why it is said to be the most effective torture ever. It’s extremely painful and there is only few visible physical marks. At the end of my torture I had to fight to hold back my tears, the pain was almost unbearable.

Since we didn’t have any wooden plank to secure my feet, my master built an interesting bondage device to inspire me not to move my feet. My nipples were clamped by chopsticks and they were linked to my feet by a string that went through a pulley in the ceiling so the deeper I let my feet down, the more my nipples were stretched. Actually the pain in my soles was so intense that when the string was yanked the stretching pain in my nipples was nothing compared to the pain in my soles.

He used many different whipping devices: leather rose with wire stem, riding whip, flexible rod, plastic line, toilet-brush, hair-brush. After some warming up whipping in black stockings he burned the nylons down using an incense and then the rest of the material was removed and torn down by a fondue fork.

Now my bare soles were completely at the mercy of my cruel master. After the first lashes I screamed in my pain so loudly that he put a ball gag in my mouth. He kept on whipping my soles brutally and cruelly and I just kept on screaming and squirming. When I had a little break between two lashes I felt nice tingling and prickling in my soles but when he hit them again an extremely intense pain shooting through my nerves.

After about 25 minutes hard whipping I was completely knocked out, fully sweaty and tears were rolling down my face. I felt very intense tingling in my soles for about a week but it wasn’t bad at all, rather bizarre.

I think I am ready to step to the next level in foot torture ;) It is really for the hardcore masochists and sadists.

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  1. Hello Queensnake!
    You do the craziest stuff in the world and I love it!
    Is it possible to make some more foot torture movies in the near future? I’d love to see more bastinado and painful barefoot walking with Jade, with Jeby or with Tanita.

  2. Hello Queen Snake!
    I love your feet and saw thIs gem of a video and thought “wow, she did an excellent job of expressing her emotions.”

    Like when he tickles your feet shows how sensitive your feet really are and it just makes me think “oh jeez, here it comes” in which a lot videos do not have me thinking such because they feel staged. You video just seems extremely genuine~

    It’s an amazing video and just wanted to look more of you up and say you are doing an excellent fan service for you foot lover!

    -thank you~~ <3

    P.s what size are your feet if I may ask? I know this quite an older video and I don't expect an answer but you never know.

  3. Hi dear
    i`m fan on nylons so…. can i give to you one idea? why you don`t make some movie with nylons? putt in your ass, in pussy, lick next… fuck heels and something like that. i will be verry happy and i`m sure not only I. 10x
    Go QueenSnake. We love you!

  4. Dear QueenSnake
    Thanks for all your videos , so exciting , i can see you the best sex slave in all world , i would like to see more foot torture for you and the other girls , i adore falaka so much , please many falaka videos for your sexy feet ,looking forward for your sexy videos

  5. hey you are amazing in bastinado you take pain good and your feet so sexy by punished , why you don’t make anther from this videos , plz want some falaka and feet torture videos you are the best kisses

  6. Hi Queensnake,

    This is one of the best bastinado/falaka videos I have ever seen! Have you considered making another foot torture video? You could tie your ankles and toes together, and have your master beat your soles with canes and whips.

    Take care,


  7. Queensnake, you are ready to step up to more intense foot torture. I want to see medical sharps, sewing needles, and safety pins used on your feet. Perhaps even skewers through your sexy long toes or through your heels. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. Great video. Please more foot torture. What about heat, wax, pinwheels, rubber bands, extreme tickling. I think there are many others outside there who would like to see this.

  9. Please, more foot torture!) You can try crushing some glass, or staple your sole(and walk after that))

    1. Dear QueenSnake, I take that back…Pins and Safety pins must be used on your beautiful feet. How? Its up to you and your master…however, if I would be fortunate enough to be your master, this is what I would do: – I’d make sure that your feet are restrained tightly so that there would be no movement. Your feet would be perfectly still. Next, I’d cleanse your heels with alcohol and prepare to insert the pins. Basically, I’d use your heels as a “pin cusion”. I’d poke the pins slowly, and deeply into the bottom center of your heels. Next, I’d get some big safety pins and grasp your 2nd and 3rd toes. I’d push that safety pin through until both your toes are “pinned” together and I’d clip it shut. I would continue to torture your feet with pins and needles until you passed out from the pain. Your feet are SO SEXY and DESERVE such foot torture. Please consider doing a session like this. Film it and take pictures. I’m sure it will be a “Hit” amongst us foot guys who like to see torture, especially with pins and needles. -xoxoxoxo- Randy

  10. You are a brave girl, and this is a good training for more severe foot torture. I think you are ready to try rubber bands snapping, pins insertion, stappling, pinching with pliers and even burning with cigarettes and candle flame. Hope to see some of those soon, and congratulations for your performances.

  11. Dear Queensnake,

    Great courage and resolve are required for this, which command respect and admiration as for all you do. Even if not at all my favourite either.
    Would love to see more outdoor in spring/summer with a…..s, w…..s, m………s. And an army of spiders would be just so erotic too …. Are you really thinking about w…….s as well?
    Your site is so amazing, absolutely unique :)))

  12. Not my favourite on the site although I like almost everything about you and what you do. Maybe the feet thing just not for me !

    A suggestion for a future shoot, have you tried orgasm torture ? I would like to see you cum over and over again while restrained and no way to stop it. For instance a vibrator fastened to your clit or sybian while you endure torture and pain, not sure what but could be whipped or laging on tacks … just a suggestion.

    This is such a great site and I think you are simply wonderful to take all this punishment especially the way you torture yourself … I am a real devoted fan of you.

    Kisses xx

  13. Hello Queen of Snakes,
    Tu travailles trop!
    Il n’y a aucune star de cinéma qui travaille autant que toi…
    Et qui dépense tant d’énergie vitale dans la douleur.
    Merci, merci, merci.

  14. This isn’t my thing either, you need those feet to live on every day, same as your hands. Those parts are not my favorite parts, but everybody has his own. I like the sexual tortures, those who might even make you exited too. But you are doing very good trying every kind, suggested.

  15. So far this is not my thing, I prefer the self torture or whipping of your back and bottom. Anyway I love your site and enjoy all that you do especially when you really push your limits.

  16. Great! Create more of that) Just an idea for you – what about rough bastinado on the nature. And after that falaka you should walk on something(hot asphalt or maybe some sharp gravel)

      1. you can also take hot footbuth before bastinado. It will make you feet softer and let you fill better)) And I would really appreciate if one day you would do video were you walk on the hot asphalt)) Really hot one, on which is hard to stay still)) Hope you will do that on summer))

        By the way, you never thought about something like that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mGKN2KCjA0. Well more sexy version of course) And why not you try stappling feet? You stapled you pussy and you tits, but not your soles))

  17. Hehe, I was waiting for the blog for this video!

    The first two parts have been awesome so far – we can really hear your suffering! :) I must also say the partly-torn hose being held there by your toes was a wonderful idea.

    I think this video might suffer a little from the same thing as rubber band – the feet seem to have a little too much freedom of movement. In rubber band this had its benefits – Nazryana clenching them together and believing she was safe was brilliant – but here part of the idea was that they were tethered to your nipples, which for all the foot movements didn’t seem to move much.

    That’s a tiny gripe though. Far more important is that you might be interested in doing more foot torture stuff – that’ll keep me subscribed, hehe!

    1. Hehe, you are absolutely right. From the aspect of the victim, that too much freedom gave me some more extra pain in my toes and insteps instead of my soles, it was also very painful. But when I watched back the movie I thought the same as you. Maybe we should have used only standard strings instead of rubber bands because this way my nipples were not stretched enough to restrain me.

      1. Well, careful with that, hehe! A tether that’s not flexible at all risks causing damage if you struggle too much!

        Good to hear, though. I’m confident you’ll find the sweet spot :)

  18. Dear Queensnake,

    first of all, thanks a lot to your master to include my suggestion so quickly into your training program. He did it very well, with excellent variation.

    Maybe he will build a falaka rod next time, and might use the support of two persons to help? Or fix it at the ceiling?

    Regarding instruments, I prefer thin and elastics tools, which are applied with high speed without hurting bones or muscles in you soles. “Repetitio est mater studeorum” – this is also valid here: Real success just starts after a certain repetition, even if this is not so interesting to watch in a movie…

    Looking forward to interesting ideas of your master…


    1. Dear Chris,
      We are not foot torture experts (yet :) so your comment help us to improve our technique. Many thanks for that.
      You are right about the thin and elastic tools, they are much safer and can be as painful as the harder ones.
      It’s interesting that many don’t like the foot tortures and I admit that before trying it I thought the same, I didn’t understand why some people (my master too) were keen on it. And when I tried it first, actually I was surprised at the high intensity of the pain, I didn’t expect it and now I understand why the real hardcore sadists find it exciting.

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