The Intruder

I can’t say that I loved it, I would rather say that I hated it and would never do it again but at the same time I am aroused thinking of being forced to bear those hated bites again.

After several unsuccessful ant hunting expeditions, we finally found some very angry black tiny creatures during our last trip.

Their home was in the grasslands under the ground, we hardly can perceive them, actually we almost gave up again although I was totally prepared for the experience and I definitely wanted to try it.

The first mound that my master found was in the middle of steppe. He stirred it up to make them angry, then I just pulled up my skirt and sat on the ruins of their home.

My bare asshole was the closest target for them so it got some very painful bites first, uh they were very intense, short and annoying pain shocks, a bit similar to the pain caused by electro shock. It wasn’t enjoyable at all at least for me :). My master loved to watch my suffering so I tried to tolerate the pain as long as I could to give him more and more pleasure.

Although I hated the ant bites, we kept on searching other ants in the wood. We found some black small ones in the sand and some huge carpenter ants on a dry-rotten tree trunk but they were not interested in my pussy, lucky me! :P

It was sunset and we headed back home sadly because we found only one small anthill and way too few angry ants. But on our way back we ran into a bigger mound and my master wanted me to make an other try with some agave syrup on my pussy.

This time I realized that the bites were not so horrible and I started to kind of enjoy it. First they were just crawling on and in my pussy and drank the sweet syrup but after a while they revenged the intruder and bit me more and more times. It was painful but not so annoying than at the first mound, maybe I was getting used to it.

In the end my pussy was sticky and dirty so I couldn’t see any marks of ant bites and I had to masturbate until orgasm in the car on our way home. It was so exciting that my pussy was so messy and filthy!

When we got home, I had a shower and I was very surprised, there weren’t any redness or after-effects on my pussy, as if nothing had happened :) Maybe I will get to like the ants in the end ;)

Please tell me about your experiences about ant bites. How painful were they for you or for your slave? What kind of ants have you already tried?

81 Replies to “The Intruder”

  1. i have been interested in ant play for long time and yet to find a man who would enjoy this with me I live in Ontario Canada near torornto

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  3. Another vote for mosquitoes!!! That would be so hot to see them sinking in to you and filling up as they dine one your sensitive spots.

  4. Sorry, my English is not good.
    You are just absolutely amazing! Your site content is really unique and the video quality excellent.
    We Would like to see lots more ants, you could continue on this line.
    this is my idea:
    You could then insert a speculum in your pussy…ass and open it wide, with your knees high and tied around your shins and thighs so you could not straighten your legs, then pour a some sugar or sweet into your open pussy & ass.

  5. Hallo from Germany,
    my English is not so good
    but we found to play with ants fantastic and very eroticly.
    In Woods near an Sea, there are huge ants. My fantasy is, that you sit down on the nest and many many huge ants are of your beutiful body (for erotic pictures and movies).
    your idea with yellow ants is very good, too :-)
    here, too….please…..more of his.
    Many thanks, Mathias

  6. Hallo from Germany,
    my English is not so good
    but we found to play with ants fantastic and very eroticly.
    In Woods near an Sea, there are huge ants. My fantasy is, that you sit down on the nest and many many huge ants are of your beutiful body (for erotic pictures and movies).
    your idea with yellow ants is very good, too :-)
    here, too….please…..more of his.
    Many thanks, Mathias


    You could continue on this line. Here is an idea: two girls, one tied up with open wide legs and pussy lips spread wide with clamps and tape. The other girl puts honey on the tied upp girls pussy and the result is that the ants will come and investigate. Please do this and more similar stuff!

    Or another idea:
    Stuff the pussy full with messy food and let the ants come and take some of it form the pussy


  8. Wow…I was never in to this sort of stuff before, but I sure am now!
    I’m thinking about becoming a member for some reasonO.o
    …I’ll probably wait until some more ant/other bug videos come up

    Greetings from Sweden

  9. live critter play is very erotic and you do it so well. If your Master ties you over an ant nest for a longer period of time with something smeared on your pussy to attract them, more ants will come out of the nest to feed when the first ants go back into the nest and communicate to the others that there is a food source just outside. Also, once you are tied over the nest, if water is poured into the nest, the ants will swarm out in an effort to escape drowning, this will result in hundreds of angry ants all over your body.

    Another fantasy is you hanging upside down with a wisk holding your cunt open. Then a handfull of crickets are poured into your open cunt. Then push the wisk all the way in so that your pussy closes around the handle preventing the crickets from escaping. After a bit of time, you can go for a walk with the handle hanging down and the crickets moving around inside your cunt.

  10. Queensnake you are fantastic, I love all your escapades especially the cunt stuffing and the ant invasion. The ants were particularly exciting to watch, and like many others I would love to see you laying on your back, with your knees high and tied or taped around your shins and thighs so you could not straighten your legs. Your master would position you not on top of the ants nest but alongside it so your cunt was maybe 30 to 45 cm from the nest. Your master could then insert a speculum in your cunt and open it wide, then pour a small qualtity of sugar water into your open cunt. Then he would place a stick, made of wood about 30 to 45 cm long, running from the top of the ant mound to the opening of your cunt, from where the ants would have an excellent view of the sugar water inside and they would do what ants do. :) It would also be necessary for your master to pour some sugar water on your clit and to rub a little on your cuntlips too. Then it is just a case of sitting back and enjoying the sensation while the ants investigate along the stick, to your sweet inviting pussy. Beautiful!

    1. Hi Queensnake,

      Great idea to let run the antsover your labia and let bite them. Maybe for the next time, first you catch a lot of ants and put them in a dark place. take a small whisk, the one you could sleeve in to your pussy and fixed the whisk at a box which you could close with a transparant cover. so the ants couldn’t out the box only to the whisk which is in to your pussy. If you use flash light at box they will be angry and bite. Hang yourself up side down with your legs spread. Put through each nipple a needle and fixe a small chain to each nipple the other side fixed it to one point. your arm are crossed at your back. injoye the fun.

      Greatings Master Ricard

  11. Hate to be the lone voice if dissent in a sea of admirers, but both this video and the leech one make me a bit… uneasy. I know that neither ants nor leeches are the most advanced species on the planet, but the fact that several of them most likely died while making those vids sort of bothers me. I fully support your right to do just about anything to yourself or a consenting adult, but when you cause harm to others (including animals) you’ve, in my opinion, crossed a line of sorts.

    I know that there’s no chance that a single buzzkill can convince you to stop making vids featuring harm to animals. I love your work, but such materials make me really sad and angry (yes, even if they’re “just ants”). I just wanted to share my opinion before I left.

    1. I am very sad that you left and I understand your concerns. I also love animals and I would never harm any of them on purpose especially during my games and I do my best not to harm them accidentally either. The leeches that I bought in the fishing shop – where they were kept as living bait :( – were released in an ideal place for them after The Bait session, none of them were harmed or killed. About ants, I felt sorry for them because I ruined their home but I hope they could build a new one.

  12. Chère Queensnake,

    Je découvre aujourd’hui votre blog et vos oeuvres et je suis totalement fasciné. Etant moi même à moitié masochiste et à moitié sadique (masochiste par sadisme ?) je viens de voir ici des choses que j’ai toujours rêvé de voir et notamment une femme laissant des fourmis courir et mordre sa vulve. C’est une petite torture que je me suis infligé sur le pénis avec de petites fourmis noires. La sensation de ne pas pouvoir maitrise ce qu’elles vont faire, où elles vont mordre, la sensation d’être dévoré est totalement délicieuse. En revanche elles m’ont à chaque fois laissé des marques durables je pense qu’il s’agit de brulures d’acide formique qui durent largement plus d’une semaine.
    Merci infiniment pour ces images merveilleusement excitantes.

  13. Queensnake as a new member to your website. I am totaly amazed by your work. The Intruder is by far your best… Seeing the ants enter your spread open pussy and your yelps as they explored your suculant moist pussy was amazing!! If you do an Intruder 2 my sugestion would be to isolate your open pussy and introduce the ants directly into your spread open pussy giving them full access. Place an attracting agent deep inside your pussy so they will go deeper inside you. Also have your pee hole opened to encourage ant exploration their.. Seeing ants enter your pee hole would be a total turn on!! Thanks for doing what you do, pushing the envelope for all things naughty!!

  14. hey Queensnake if you are giung to try more exhibitionism stunts try to inspire yourself from Lexoweb or some of the daring girls from the series Extreme Public Pissing… I love how shameless these girls are(masturbating, pissing, drinking own piss etc), they do this in very crowded places where people actually see them… do something kinky in a bus station or even in a crowded bus at rush hour, you might get a lot of humiliation from strangers, they might spit on you or call you names… I don t know where are you from, I think you can pull this off especially if you are in a city where there are not a lot of policemen patroling ( I ve never seen a man of the law in Extreme Pub Piss series…and they filmed in Czech Rep, Hungary… but you can try this in Romania or slavic countries

    hope you guys consider this

    1. EDIT:
      surely you can add the bdsm touch to this, this being of course your speciality :P
      when going out in public, go out with a lot of cum on your face and try to talk with random people( can you tell me where this place is and you show him/her the map )

      damn, I could be a porn director…

  15. I’m always amazed at the number of folks who like combining insects with sex, especially in BDSM situations. The thought of the little biting critters making their way up your vagina and ass gets me going for sure. One caution. Pick your critters carefully. You wouldn’t want to end up having an allergic reaction and having to explain to an emergency room doc what you were doing sitting bare-assed on an ant hill.

  16. Fist thank You for an great site an great work, I so love this site! :-)

    I haw three ideas to bring this to the next level.
    Some off they have been mentioned her bay other persons.
    But her is My ideas.
    Do the ant hill attack again, but this time whit an inserted speculum keeping the way open for the invaders, peeper the vagina whit some honey to draw the guests in to there new home!
    I will really love to see them marching in there…

    The other way.
    You upside-down and an inserted speculum then fill the vagina whit ants…
    When You are full remove the speculum and let them fin there own way out…

    The last suggestion.
    When filed whit ants get dressed whit an short skirt an walk the streets.
    Visit an cafe or some other public place…

    There are many things that will be great to bring to public places! :-)

  17. Hi QueenSnake, Not sure how I got here but I have to say this is amazing erotic performance art… I love how you push the limits & are so beautiful doing it! I’m a BDSM/Fetish artist & often include exposure to insects as part of my peril situations – I have a series called “Jungle Captives” where helpless females are bound, gagged & mercilessly harassed by voracious insects… Somehow I find this erotic in a sadistic way… strangely I’m putting together a new comic called “BugBait”… then I see your blog, I’ve never seen a live ant attack until now… Hmmm… I would love to see you tightly staked out in the dirt by the neck & ankles – arms strictly behind you & somewhat submerged in the soil… and a ring gag… Next your sprayed with sugar water & the ants have a real picnic… You would look incredible squirming with no way to escape… :)

  18. I do think it would be rather hot to fill your pussy up with either maggots or big worms. Then staple your pussy closed so they slimy insects have no other option but to slither around inside your pussy….you could even take it further and have your master take you out in public to like an outdoor cafe or crowded area and have you wear a short skirt and while sitting at a table at the cafe or on a crowded park bench you have to slowly push the maggots or worms out of your pussy… I would love the reaction of the people who caught on to where the maggots or worms were falling out of ;)

    1. holy cow! thats freakin’ hot…
      Queensnake if you do this or any other exhibitionist stunt try to inspire yourself from Lexoweb or some of the daring girls from the series Extreme Public Pissing… I love how shameless these girls are, they do this in very crowded places where people actually see them

    1. Hehe, brrrr! OMG they are so meaty! :) I’ve never seen this kind of worms before. Thx for the link!

      1. :) could be fun if your master put one in your pumped cervix halfway and just lets go. Which way will it go?

        Btw if you end up using regular earthworms, wash the soil off and leave them for a while, they get kinda pissed and start moving more rapidly.

  19. Love your site and the extremes that you push for pleasure. Check out a site called genki genki, it’s a very intriguing site.
    love ya, dug

  20. Here’s a thought ‘to put in’:
    I think it’s related to the witchetty grub. I’d like to see you taking a hand full of them via speculum then after they’re deep enough take the speculum out and see them find their way out. Would also work with maggots like in those jungle camp shows (just maybe a feeew ounces LESS) :)

    If you want to do ants again *g* collect some and pour them in through a speculum too let them march on your cervix (wash them out later though).

    Wasp idea is also interesting. Like taking a glass tube all the way in, put the wasp in the tube so the only way out is into your pussy and see what happens (it’ll likely fly towards the light again, so keep tube in).

  21. Few days ago I accidently sat with my naked ass on one of those. Yep, I was iching for a next 2 hours

  22. If there some german girls here, who love the same games, like queensnake, please contact me:)
    Queensnake, can you help me, to find a german girl like you;)
    Is it ok, to post my ICQ here?? 327607961
    Sorry, if i break rules…if this so, please delete this post.

    1. Dear Tim,
      I would help you to find a girl but I myself can’t find any to join me in my games. There are way too few really open-minded girls in this world. But let’s don’t give up! ;)

      1. I think everything you do is amazing. I wish you wouldn’t blank any suggestions to do something with maggots though – speaking from first hand experience, the filthiness of having them all over you just feels incredible. Like you say, there are way too few open-minded girls out there.. surely maggots are not beyond your daring?

  23. Very nice Vid:) I hope there comes another vid, with a lot of ants and other insects, deep inside your cunt trough a speculum or a glastube…if your cunt is full with this little creatures, remove the speculum, and press the insects out, with your vagina muscles :) That would be great :) And im still love the wasp idea:)

  24. I think that we all would like to see mosquitos biting your cunt. You can get a mosquito eater “mosquito magnet”, its a trap that catches them live. It would collect hundreds over night. Put them in a glass jar on the ground, with a piece of paper over it. Handcuff your self and have master put the key up your cunt. Sit on the jar, master pulls the paper out and the mosquitos will attack your cunt. I think five minutes would be enough to show some nice welts. You would then try getting the key out and unlock yourself so you could itch and apply bit cream to your cunt.

    1. Brrrr, it sounds so scary! My master “threatens” me with mosquitos for a quite long time, he has the same idea as you ;)

      1. Fear is the enemy you must over come it. I threatened to tattoo my wifes tits with dirty shit for a long time when I finally did it it was the hottest thing ever. Threats can become reality. Her tits are now what she calls graffitti tits. I make her look at them and repeat what they say when she is cumming.

    2. Agree! but don’t forget the nips. A mosquito filled jar over each tit would be a nice way to spend some time. Definately need more than 5 minues. Love to see bites on the actual nipple. Can you imagine the sexy itching afterwards on those?

      Please Please Please!

  25. Yes, ant is good. But what about cactuses?! Just find a bunch of them and try to walk throught)) fun will begin)) But be careful, dont injure face)

  26. Hi Im new to your site having been a member of INSEX and other sites I hope your master will get rougher on you I think everyone wants to see more ants even wasp’s and maggots. In the Intruder I would have loved to see ants inside your cunt even in your asshole. I live in Australia we have really big bull ants I hope you do get more in to ants and hopefully in to maggots and wasp’s too if you do I will be a member for ever you are a really hot woman.

    1. Thanks for your comment, nightsky. What a lucky woman I am that I don’t live in Australia :P I’ve already read about those big bull ants, being stung by just one of these huge ants is extremely painful.

  27. Dear Queensnake,
    Love your mosquito fantasy, really hope we will we see it some time soon.
    Now too is the ideal season outdoors for ants, flies, bugs, slugs and insects. Hope this will give you ideas too :))
    And those the maggots you found on the nettles looked interesting.
    By the way, otherwise, have you ever thought of medical instruments: forceps, tweasers, metal speculum etc. maybe along with saline injections?
    Sincerely admire your courage and imagination

  28. Wunder schönen guten Tag Queensnake,

    ich muss sagen, ich liebe deine Videos!

    Darf ich um ein Video bitten bei dem du mehr Anal machst, oder ist das nicht so deine Welt?

    i hope you speak german too ;)


  29. Hello,
    love your movies – why don’t we see you fuck in any of them?
    I’d love to see you covered in sperm after a painful session…

  30. Very nice video and you look totally sexy.
    I would also love to see you spice it up more. Some time ago I saw a video of a girl getting stung by a wasp in the nipple and clit. I think that would be very painful but also very hot and I know you are tough enough to manage that.
    Hope to see that soon ;)

    1. I wanna see that video too! ;) I am in dread of being stung by wasps on the very sensitive nipples and clitoris, I think it would way too painful for me. But I know that my master wants me to get stung by wasps…

      1. Hi. I too have seen the wasp sting video (I think I have a clip somewhere on my HD) and it looks very painful !!! The clip has no sound, but in my mind I could hear her scream, her physical reactions were that intense. There are a couple of clips of the same woman with stings to the nipples and to the clit on more than one occasion. So he must love it.

        1. Thanks for the info. I found and watched that wasp video. Although there was no sound and the video has not too good quality, it seemed brutally painful. Oh my God, is it my fate?!

  31. This video is fantastic, you are very brave. Can I suggest for a future shoot in the studio you wear some latex shorts in which you have made a small slit. Attach a string to your clit piercing and pull your clit through the slit. This string would be tied off and honey applied to your clit. Then just add ants!

    1. I can not wait to see the video. Thank you for the idea and our dear Queensnake to suffer for our pleasure

  32. Queensnake this is incredible, I would love to see this taken to another level…I found that it is a good lesson for a slave to be punished by making her pussy feel filthy and disgusting….rub dirt and garbage on the pussy then fill it with maggots or worms or both! Tie the slave down and dumb garbage over her while she is forced to lay there with a busy full of maggots and worms…. This is a beautiful lesson in humility :)

  33. Extraordinaire Quuensnake,
    Dans ton entreprise titanesque de faire l’amour avec tout ce qui existe, végétal, minéral ou vivant, te voilà devenue Reine des Fourmis!
    La Reine fournit aux autres fourmis des informations sur son statut social par l’intermédiaire des cires cuticulaires. La phéromone émis devient caractéristique de sa supériorité.
    Standing ovation for you, amazing Lady!

    1. Aucun autre site de ce style (s’il en existe) n’a retenu mon attention. Sur ton site Queensnake tout est tout simplement fabuleux. Au delà de la souffrance et de la jouissance tout le monde sait pourquoi il est là et cela donne une ambiance fabuleuse.
      Les fourmis c’est fabuleux par le fait d’être livrée à un animal dont on ne contrôle pas ou peu le cmportement. Félicitations et merci.
      J’aime beacoup ton commentaire Nadine.

  34. You are just AMAZING, well done, yo ujust made my day, cnt wait to see the next clip
    keep it up, you are the best

  35. Very novel torture.

    I’m told that crickets (readily available live in pet stores as pet food) will give small bites if you put a little sugar solution where you want them to bite. This could be very interesting in your cunt.

  36. Et des vers de terre fourre a l’interieure sera bien super maso…pour la prochaine fois.
    Excellent travaille.

  37. Hej
    I really loved this one like The Bait II!
    I hope to see more of ants/worms/leeches etc inside you. That I missed at this one a little. You have to put them inside!

  38. New idea with ants – challenge! You and one of your girlfriends covered their pussies and ass with somewhat sweet(honey maybe) and sit on the anthill. Who stand up earlier lose and should be punished(for example she should cover her feet with the same honey, put it in anthill and stand as long as winner were))

    1. Loved your idea! I should find a girl who is brave and tough enough to join me in this game, unfortunately every girl runs away when I tell them about my weird ideas and experiences, LOL

      1. That just a question of the right inspiration)) And no need in so tought girl or the video would be too long))

      2. Try to find girl from japan. If you asking why – find “blood moon” and “Sadistic tragedy of Blue Rose Mansion” and than you will understand))

  39. I really hope this experience inspires you and/or your master to do something with maggots. I’ve played blowfly maggots (which don’t/can’t eat living things) and the abrasive writhing feeling they provide is just amazing. They look great visually too – Nothing looks or feels filthier than being covered in maggots!

  40. How about maggots, just make sure its mealworms and they are certified disease free-dead eating tissue only, garbage maggots can eat live tissue such as the screwworm. lab roaches are great, they DO USE IT in contests, but not like in queensnake, ok clarify, not nude just on legs, and sometimes under pants,shirt, or underwear, not bsdm like ok maybe partially.

    I am surprised the ants were not crawling rapidly, did you use syrup, where you staked out?
    Its probably best to be stuaked out or to have your feet tied up standing, ants would then crawl to your vagina as a chip left, place a couple ants and then let it go back and forth from nest.

  41. i reali like this video clip and look forvood to see the hole video.
    her is a ider.
    i on`s sar a controled sting bie a vasp in a small kontainer and have alvvies thort about a women thad daer to poot sots a devise on her clit.

  42. Dear Queensnake,
    You are just absolutely amazing! Your site content is really unique and the video quality excellent. I came across a short clip of yours on the web and joined the next day.
    Would love to see lots more ants and think spiders would be fascinating too …. Have you thought about mosquitoes maybe in the future? Obviously the logistics may be difficult and they would have to be sourced carefully, but the bites certainly show ….
    Thank you for being so inventive

    1. Hi Xenoathic,
      Thanks for your nice feedback, you made my day :)
      About ants, I want to make an other try later if we can find a bigger anthill. I think this small one was a good start and it inspires me to step to the next level ;)
      I’ve had a fantasy about mosquitos for many years: being tied up to a big tree near the river where the air is full of hungry mosquitos, my face, my legs and arms or maybe my back and belly would be protected by some anti-mosquito stuff (cream or maybe liquid latex or something) and only my genitals – the nipples and open wide pussy – would be offered to them. I hope one day this weird fantasy becomes reality :)

      1. This mosquito fantasy sounds great! I hope one day you can make it happen. The torture and torture would be incredible.

        Thanks for the ant hill release. Your site is brilliant and I can’t recommended joining enough to anyone who is still thinking if it is worth it.

        I have once spoke to a women in our swingers scene who had a fetish with fleas. She would collect them in a glass then hold the glass over her nipple and let the little biters go to town. She once tried it on her pussy, but the fleas escaped before they could get into action.

  43. Chere Queensnake
    Nous n’avons jamais tenté de jouer avec les fourmis. Pourtant, par chez nous, sous les tropiques, il y a des fourmis redoutables. J’ai deja moi meme ete confronté a leur morsure (ne serait ce qu’en jardinant dans le jardin a proximite d’une de leur fourmilliere), et leur piqure/morsure est tres douloureuse. J’ai ete juste atteint au niveau des pieds et des chevilles!! Ca passe assez vite, mais c’est tres intense. Pour le moment ,cela ne tente pas MArie, et je ne sais donc pas si cela pourrait devenir un vrai douloureux plaisir pour elle. Nous n’essaierons, bien sur, que le jour ou elle aura envie d’une telle experience.
    J’espere qu’avec le recul, tu vas mieux apprecier, et te souvenir agreablement de toutes ces petites betes qui t’ont fouillée, explorée, endolorie. J’avoue que le cote salissant de la chose m’exite aussi beaucoup.
    Fabrice et Marie

    1. Ouch, je pense que je préférerais rester loin de ces fourmis formidable tropicales. Heureusement ici il n’y a que de petites fourmis noires et rouges et des grosses fourmis noires (charpentière) mais pas agressives.
      Je crois que je répéterai cette expérience fourmi si nous pouvons trouver une plus grande fourmilière.
      Mon maître a aussi aimé la partie salissante de mon aventure :)

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