We shot these toilet brush scenes in November and first we didn’t want to publish it because of some technical errors during video recording. But we checked it again now and decided that it would be a pity to waste it, so we tried to fix the quality issues and here we are, you will see the result very soon.

Just a short behind story. There were three type of brushes:

standard toilet brush (I’ve already seen this in other extreme porn movies),

two “high quality” toilet brushes (a black and a white one) with heavy and thick bristles (haven’t seen it in any bdsm movie so far) and

an interesting double brush that is used in glass washer machines.

Needless to say that the heavy toilet brush fucking was way too hard and painful, actually I wasn’t able to swallow it fully, just almost fully :). Eh, but I don’t give up, next time I want to try it again although it seemed to be impossible to push it up completely.

The movie begins with a weird toilet brush riding, it was funny to watch back but actually it hurt a lot then. The torturing device was a white heavy t-brush that had so thick bristles that I felt them deep in my flesh and the pain was almost unbearable. After a while I was sure that the my pussy was bleeding but it wasn’t, it was just a feeling. The pussy is incredibly durable :D. After my master released me, my pussy was dark red and it burned.

My next “fuck buddy” – the standard t-brush – was already familiar to me from my first t-brush experiment I told you about earlier. It wasn’t so easy to push it up but finally the bristles were disappeared in my tormented hole. Moving the brush inside was very enjoyable, actually I would have kept it inside for long time. My fantasy has already started to play with some ideas… :)

After pulling out the t-brush very slowly – it was like a weird pussy flower :) – the double glass washing brush (a long and a short one next to each other) came. I started to sit into the long brush, as it was sliding in slowly, I felt the shorter brush on my clit, it was very painful.

The last set up was the most cruel: I had to sit into a black heavy t-brush that had a long handle. You will see that it was a real agony, I tried to push the brush in with my full strength but it moved very slowly and it was extremely painful. In the end I was completely knocked out and gave up before my pussy would have been able to swallow it completely. This time I was convinced that my pussy is full of blood, it was hard to believe that there were only a few small scratches on my anguished cunt.

Scrubbing my vagina with different t-brushes several times was much harder than I expected, actually it was so painful in the end that I was very close to burst into tears but now I feel that I would do it again and I know that I will do it again with an other set up and maybe with one of my girlfriend ;) Until then I need to train and stretch my pussy.

Apropos, what do you think of pussy stretching? I am starting a new poll about fisting, I am curious what do you like the best to watch: self-fisting, lesbian fisting, lesbian foot fisting barefoot, lesbian foot fisting wearing stockings, high heels or maybe you don’t like fisting at all?

I am also waiting for your reactions and ideas about the t-brush story ;)

40 Replies to “T-Brush”

  1. This an great video, i want to see some more….ants….toilet brush….Earthw……..

  2. This an great video.
    That i thing can be broth the the next level in tow different ways.

    First when fully inserted.
    Work the brush, rotate it, work if in and out.
    Attach an drill to it to give it some extra rotation…
    Bay changing the direction off rotation, let it rotate on way for an time the change the direction this will make all the brush straws do interesting things inside You :-)

    And then my favorite twist! :-)
    This is another thing that i think can have an public twist.
    After it fully inserted.
    Get dressed whit an short skirt an walk the streets.
    Visit an cafe or some other public place…
    Why not work and then remove the brush in public… ;-)

    Other interesting ways to use an brush…
    Insert and play whit an brush in the urethra .
    Use an speculum to open You up and the insert and play whit an brush in the cervix .

    1. Hi Queensnake

      First of al you have a great site, i love it how you take each challenge en bring it succesfull. Maybe the next challenge you would like to try it, of cours is with brusches but know with diffrent hairbrusche
      Maybe you could play as follow. you are blindfolded spreadeageled and labia streched. A girll friend
      takes control over you she usses the different brusches at the same time ( round or diffrent schapes) strongnes of the bristols are not the same and the size may change to. The girll brusch and slap al over your body and tender parts with the diffrent brusches. After you are heate up she runs a brusch in to your pussy and rotate untile you have an orgasme.

      Greatings Master Ricard

  3. Another question, I would really like to know your mind/emotional state during these scenes of intense torture. Different masochists seem to approach this from different perspectives.

    Some are turned on by the fantasy and then endure the reality.

    Some approach it like an athletic contest and push themselves to take ever more. This can often be connected to doing this for their master.

    Some are intensely aroused by the pain, or being bound, or being controlled and lose themselves in a haze of arousal.

    Some are aroused by the exhibitionism, “humiliation” and then take the pain as punishment for being “bad girls”.

    I am sure there are others as well and some of these grade into each other. I am curious about you because you seem to have such high limits and yet don’t seem to go into subspace or to use direct erotic stimulation during torture.

    I hope you get a chance to comment on this.

  4. And I look forward to seeing the black brush pulled out after you get it in using the trick described.

  5. Outstanding session!
    And very good to see you realize the reward of the extreme painful stimulation of having a brush all the way in your cunt. One of those very special ways of stimulating a female that reveal the essentially masochistic nature of female sexuality.

    As to getting those brushes in, I understand that putting them in the way you did has a lot of show value but with my slavegirl, what I do is put a plastic bag with the bottom cut off over the brush and then lube the bag and insert. Once its fully in, then I remove the bag. It still hurts a lot going in but it goes in much easier and faster. I also like the psychology of her knowing that it is going to hurt a lot coming out. I am quite sure you could have gotten the black brush in that way and the pain inside and coming out would be beautiful to see.

    Like you my slavegirl finds that once the brush is inside her, working it around is extremely stimulating though also very painful. We more often use round hairbrushes with little plastic balls on the tip. These are available in many different sizes.

    And I have to say that the scene of you pulling the white brush out is indeed like a flower opening and knowing how painful it was one of the most beautiful SM scenes that I can remember.

    1. Thank you JJ! Nice comment!
      About the trick you described, it’s very inventive and I will probably use it with the strong black brush if it won’t go in :)

      1. Another way to make this a torture is to attach weights to the handle and have you walking around holding tightly onto the brush with your pussy. Do different weights until you get one that is more than you can hold after a few minutes. You stay tightly and painfully contracted around the brush as it is slowly pulled out by the weight.

        Another would be to fasten a rope to the handle and the other end of the rope to a spring scale so that the force you could exert could be measured. Then have you crawl pulling against it to see how high you could go holding onto the brush with your pussy.

  6. I would love to see you fuck a big dildo or something else big, lubed with icyhot or deepheat and sprinkled with corse sand. The sand have to bee cleaned out with a stiff brush afterwards…..

  7. I really enjoyed the video in the member section it was really hot!
    As an idea for a next video featuring a brush, maybe coming on screen with a brush inserted hidden you under your skirt/dress and go from there?
    (Always liked surprises inserted under cloths like in the end of “Nettle Rivulet”)

    1. I agree, it’s very exciting to walk among people knowing that my pussy is filled with something unusual or painful stuff and I have to pretend that nothing interesting happens… :)

  8. I want to see you do it again unbeliveable and fantastic ! Please forget the girlfriends and do it again yourself… love to see that way you handle the pain and the pleasure especially when it challenges you to the very limits of your endurance.

  9. Queensnake
    Is really incredible,I love you for this. Please do it again with a fucking device or a rotating device in your pussy. I hope to see you again with the black brush,completely inserted….can be after a preparation of nettles…?
    I kiss you……do it again

    1. Hi Ettore,
      I would love to do it again with one of my girlfriends focusing on rotating and moving the brush inside, it is so intense and enjoyable, I want them to feel that. And I love to watch when the brush is pulled out slowly, it is like a blooming flower ;)

  10. I´m proud of you, watching the last part of the T-brush. Realy proud. You did such a great job, unbelievable.

    1. Thanks Pascal, you are nice! I am not so proud anyway, that fucking black toilet-brush is still a big challenge for me :D

  11. Hi QS,
    As usual brilliant material from you.
    Will you and your girlfriend consider a movie of pussy slapping or kicking… very erotic, especially the sound.
    How is the weather there, in the past you mentioned possibly some ant hill movies.
    keep up the good work,, hugs..

  12. Hi Queensnake

    Congratulations to your new series, it is fabulous and so are you (but this you know, of course :) )
    I am allways anew astonished how reslient is vagina, how can it endure
    so many and so extreme abuses and in a day or two it is again as new, sexy , inviting , asking for more pain, more pleasure :) And of course this pleases me much :) I enjoy giving pain without destroying it permanently . And allmost as much I enjoy watching you going through all those tortures . I can allmost feel your energy :)
    Keep on exploring the limits of your body and your mind , all the best

    Excuse my bad english, I`m a bit out of practice :D

  13. Great shots in part two, nicely done. And you seem to enjoy it intensly, at least I do.
    Brave girl!

  14. Hi. Great new site. I was still wondering about urethra torture. Maybe small bottle brush, catheter or both w hot suace on the area. tied open and watch yours or your friends reaction to insertion and or hot sauce.Keep up good work.

  15. Also been waiting for this and fire vixens. Since Puppy it’s been all nature stuff – nettles, conkers, stones, flowers and leeches.

    For me it’s a very close call between foot fisting barefoot and foot fisting in stockings + heels (the heels themselves providing an obvious purpose). It’s good to see both are doing well and a combination of the two would be leading the poll by a lot.

  16. My compliments, I like the first part, but you’ll understand. Now we have to wait to get the other parts released, the’re on my calender.
    You did great so far. I love it, and your body too

    About the fists, i like to see it inside ass, self-made. But every fist is welcome I can tell you.

    1. You are sweet! So good to know that you also enjoy what I enjoy! :) Self-made asshole fisting, I love to watch that too and admire and envy those girls who are able to do it.

  17. Been waiting for this one…. thanks for cleaning it up and releasing. I’m sure it’ll be up to your usual standards.

    A quick side question; do you still intend to sell clips on Clips 4 Sale as well as have the site?

    1. Dear Ozyman,
      We are still selling clips on clips4sale but with a few weeks delay and in smaller parts than earlier.
      If you are interested in downloading videos, we are going to implement a full HD download option on queensnake.com very soon.

      1. That is great news…. I love to watch your movies over and over, and the streaming can be a horrible strain on the bandwidth allowance for the month.

        Love the new stuff. And looking forward to some fisting fun. Maybe fisting with crushed chilli or hot sauce as the lubricant would add a bit more ‘spice’

        Thanks for the reply.

  18. Hello Queensnake,

    can’t wait 2 see the T-Brush vids :-)
    Hope we’ll see more Brushes action soon? Big stinging hairbrushes rough moved in and out (of course completly!) by your master or rotated by a drill machine, kinds of wire brushes for your pussy could be the next step, little piepe brushes for your peehole, hmm and maybe we’ll see some cervix penetration soon?

    About the last poll, i love fisting, but if i could choose, it should be your master who’s fisting you! Or a double fisting from your girlfriend :-)

    Have a nice day!

  19. I like the idea of lesbian fisting–it is such an intimate thing to allow your friends to do to you. I also like the idea of inserting fruit and vegetables that you can eat after having it deep inside of you or your friend. In fact it might be fun to see you as a naked serving tray covered in food. Your friend could eat off you with a fork and “accidentally” stick your breasts, pussy, belly, etc while having her snack.

  20. Fisting, while interesting, is never portrayed as very painful. Perhaps that would be the challenge?

    Along similar lines, I am curious what you think about being lowered onto a large, tapered dildo, perhaps mounted on a sawhorse or some such device. Initially, you would be suspended and able to support yourself, but as the restraints were relaxed all of your body weight would force you onto the dildo – which would of course be very wide at the base. ;-)

    1. I just bought an XXXL sized dildo, before that I thought my pussy was very flexible but now I think it needs to be trained and stretched a lot to be able to swallow such a huge dildo. A riding game would be a good start and I am sure that it would be very painful!

  21. Ah j’oubliais. Pour ton nouveau questionnaire, je suis bien embeté !! rire. J’aurai aime pouvoir cliquer sur plusieurs possibilités !!! Enfait, presque toutes sauf la derniere !!! rire

  22. Bonsoir Queensnake
    Tres heureux de te retrouver dans tes aventures si agreables a partager, surtout que je suis maintenant inscrit comme membre, et accede donc aux photos et videos (ceci dit, certaines videos; comme floralia ou nettle jungle, par exemple) n’apparaissent pas dans la section membre, et doivent etre achetées a part. Est ce provisoire ou definitif ?
    En tout cas, tu redemarres bien les recits, celui ci est tres beau et exitant, il suffit parfois de trois fois rien, juste de belles brosses, pour procurer de grandes douleurs et de grands plaisirs. Nous avons nous meme deja testes les brosses a cheveux rondes, mais jamais les brosse de toilette, ni d’ailleurs les brosses pour la vaisselle.
    Petite idee en passant : chosir un belle brosse, dont la “chevelure” soit bien volumineuse et un pau raide. Couper le manche de la brosse assez court, afin de pouvoir te rehabiller, une fois la brosse bien enfoncée au fond de ton vagin, et sortir ensuite faire tes courses comme si de rien n’etait, la brosse bien enfouie au fond de ton vagin. Qu’en penses tu ?

    1. Cher Fabrice,
      Floralia est dans la section membre: check it out ;) Tu ne dois pas acheter les films manquant, ils seront disponibles dans la section membre dans un temps court. Nous devons editer de nouveau les video et il met beaucoup de temps pour les faire.
      J’aime ton idee, il serait excitant de faire une promenade avec une brosse dans mon vagin :)
      Nous aimons tous les types de fisting aussi, mais il faut choisir une seule cette fois :P

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