Nettle Swing

I couldn’t wait for the spring and the first stinging nettles! Last week I checked my secret nettle field near us and found some nice fresh stinging nettle spots. They were perfect to use them on my “nettle-virgin” girlfriend, Tanita. I already told her earlier the enjoyable effects of this wonderful –  rather frightful :) for her – herbs. She was very curious and I decided to show her what the “sado-botany”  expression means  in practice.

You have to know that she has never had any BDSM experiences before, it was me who first told her about sado-masochism and my feelings about SM.

A few words about her. She is my soul- and body-mate, a very good friend and an incredibly passionate and hot lover, you will see ;) She looks like a sexy amazon, even taller (185 cm, over 6 feet) than me, she loves flashing and having sex in public and everywhere :D, she’s a real exhibitionist just like me.

She likes what we are doing, my stories about my experiences and she wanted to try it out. I thought that there was no better game for a first-timer in BDSM than playing with stinging nettle. I was right, I didn’t expect that she would enjoy it so much, actually in the end she was rubbing the stinging nettle in her pussy and tits with her own bare hands. I loved her every reaction, it was so exciting to watch her erotic squirming and agony.

First I wanted to give her the chance to avoid the nettles for as long as she can. So we made a “nettle swing” for her. It was a similar set-up to Tackrider but this time she had to ride a harder base (a metal bar) covered with stinging nettles that were attached to the bar by rubber bands. To make the riding game more frightful for her, my master put a strip of thumbtacks on both ends of the bar.

Poor Tanita, she wasn’t able to hold herself for too long, actually it was so hard for her that she sat on the nettles in 2 minutes. Of course she got her well-deserved punishment for being so weak and soft. Beyond the pain caused by the nettles under her pussy and buttocks she got some extra nettle treatment on her tits, her belly and her ass mixing with some violet wand prodding.

Finally she was completely knocked out,  sweaty  and there were red spots on her most sensitive body parts. Hmmm, I liked what I saw.

Her next test was about clamps and nettles. She had to kneel spreading her legs wide,  I took some nettles and clamped them to her nipples and her outer labias. She was a very good girl this time, she were able to tolerate the pain much better than earlier. After some play with the clamps I pulled them down very slowly and painfully. She got her reward for being such a good pain slut, so I fucked her asshole hard while pushing her on the nettles that were under her tits. She was such a filthy bitch, after her asshole her wet pussy came. I fucked her pussy in the same position pushing her breast into the nettles and putting some nettles on the end of my “cock”. I love to fuck her and would love to watch as you guys all fuck and use her, she has insatiable hunger for sex.

In the end we played some trampling game – offering this part to Fidelio :) – using the rest of the nettles. This time I also got some nettles on my tits and pussy from Tanita and of course in the end we both had our orgasm.

So come and meet my new sexy playmate and enjoy her introduction! :)

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  1. Dear Queensnake, i would like to see nettles stuffed into your tights/pantyhose
    You could back from a and country walk as you undress the viewer we see the nettles trapped under your skirt and be visible through tights and underwear. Or another idea could be dressed as a french maid and your mistress plays with her fresh picked bunch of nettles as you dust and clean the house, Take care Jools x

  2. delicious play, Queensnake!

    Tanita is truly an Amazonian goddess, so it is the more pleasurable ot see her reduced by your sadism!

    and you converted her to enjoy the pain. that is what every vanilla pervert dreams of – meeting someone who can bring out their inner painslut, and bring them to a deliciously painful orgasm.

    i am glad that you also managed to feel the stings. it would be such a shame to waste them all on your girlfriend, no?

  3. I absolutely love all your nettle videos and photos, they truely are amazing. I look forward to seeing more. I had to try this myself to a far more lesser extent but it great but I was supprised at how long the sting lasted afterwards. You are completely amazing ladie.

  4. I have an idea. you can wear skintight latex stockings and gloves just for good looks and put on a latex bra and latex panties and stuff them with nettles. crotchless latex panties are sexy and you can stuff them with latex, leaving your pussy exposed for some nettle fun ;)

  5. sounds a good technique ! I sometimes fill pastic bag with nettles and then put my cock in, but your method seems to make sure that they even contact !! good for waering under, but need renewing every 10 mins. sometimes cock is so swollen that cant move foreskin over knob. Queensnake, does your clit swell up?

  6. Hi Queensnake, you are soooo gorgeous and sexy. Your nettle videos are the best I have ever seen. I have a technique for using nettles on my balls, and another for my cock. For my balls I choose 3 or 4 nettles with longish stalks and plenty of leaves. I put the stalks down the throat of a medium sized funnel, and spread the leaves around the bowl. I then raise the funnel so my balls are surrounded by the leaves, and tie it in place over my erect cock. The effect is so stimulating, though sometimes it can be so painful I have to remove the funnel for a time. As you say, the greatest pain (and pleasure) comes from small movements or no movement at all, so just leaving it in place can be so pleasurable that I have to be careful I don’t cum. If you are interested I will also tell you the technique I use for my cock – I hope you are.

    1. Interesting technique! :) Loved it. Sure, I am curious about how you use them on your cock, please tell me.

      1. I think the scene around 5 minutes into Nettle Lesbains Part 1, where your exposed breasts are being caressed by nettles is my favourite. Your head is thrown back and you have the most sensuous look on your face. It is mind-blowing.
        For my cock I use a piece of thickish plastic which I have cut to the length of my cock and about 2 inches more than the circumference of my cock to allow some space for nettles. I have punched 12 holes in it, in 3 rows of 4, one across the middle, and 2 close to each end. I take 12 nettles and cut off the tops so they have 4 pairs of leaves, then insert these through the holes so one side of the plastic is completely covered with leaves, and they extend from both ends. I tape the stalks down on the other side of the plastic to prevent them moving. I take another piece of plastic which is rolled up to fit neatly round my cock, and put this inside the the leafy one, then form a tube with the leaves on the inside and seal the sides. I put my cock inside the smaller tube as it is too painful to put it straight into the one with nettles. I then remove the small tube and my cock is exposed to all the leaves. Sometimes the pain is too much to bear and I have to remove the tube by sliding it along my cock, thus increasing the pain, and sometimes the stimulation is so great that I have to remove it to stop coming. I keep repeating the procedure, sometimes gently rotating the tube or moving it up and down. The sensation is exquisite, as you know. x

  7. Hello again. It was good to read your reply. Does your clit, labia swell? I find that skin becomes almost numb when my cock has swollen up, and downside is that I cant then do much with it :( It can be 24 hrs before return to normal. The fluid tends to go to foreskin making it very swollen and hangs low. The otehr problem with nettles is that some sting more or less than others. About a year ago I was naked and able to go on all fours in bed of nettles, lowering my cock into them but not much sting.
    I am always anxious the first sting to see how strong it ti; sometimes it can be very painful but turnss into a deep ache tingle throughout cock. Is it same for you with clit ? how does it feel when you put them down inside your cunt?
    I find after 10 minutes they are not any good, and replace with fresh. sometimes I use bunch other just 1 or 2 stalks . I have put stalk in urethra but causes bleeding.

    I would love to use nettles on you as you enjoy so much.

    keep up the stinging !!

  8. meant to say suggest put/ fill with worms in opened out cunt, also snails. recently saw video with small octopus inside cunt! is that animal cruelty ?

  9. Hello Queensanke,
    I am v pleased to have found your site as I love your nettle videos. I have used nettles on my cock for about 20 yrs; IOther videos that i have seen nettles are often old and used hard, and not on clit or pussy., but the most effective when very lightly brsuehd against skin, or even held still, perhaps only very small movement. I am pleased to see that you use them the best way as know that they sting ! I at I often brush them against my cock for 10 or 15 mins. It becomes v swollen. love you putting stalk in cunt.

    1. I am happy to find me ;), we both know then how to get the most pleasure of that amazing plant. Somehow most people are afraid of using stinging nettle in a harder way, just whipping with nettles can be only a warming up play, but the real pleasure comes from rubbing the leaves slowly in the nipples, the clitoris, the asshole and the inner side of the pussy. Hmmm, just thinking of it turns me on… :)

  10. Hi QueenSnake. Would love to see more nettle videos, maybe with a bucket of maggots thrown in for visual effect and degradation.

  11. Absolutely awesome, as always. And your lovely girlfriend looks wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing such an intimate love with us.

    1. PS… the photo of the large blisters around her pretty nipples is worth a thousand words. Beautifully captured.

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