Easter Egg

That was Nazryana’s hardest torture so far. She is getting to turn into a real hardcore masochist and it is not so surprising – me and my master are trying to taint everybody around us :D

Actually it wasn’t her first staple gun experience. We tested her before and she enjoyed it so much that we decided to make a movie about stapling her sensitive body parts.

She was laid prone being her legs and arms tied up and her buttocks  raised. Her beautiful and round ass made me create something so I painted some patterns on her butts that reminded me of painting Easter eggs in my childhood. Actually I was going to staple her ass along the patterns but it would have been too much for her so finally I just stapled her randomly shooting into her hard ass more and more. To ease her suffering I used a massager on her pussy during our whole game, I am not sure that she could have done it without continuous stimulation :P

Her buttocks finally got about 20-30 staples – I did not count it, maybe you can do it :) – and I wanted to see her reactions when I touched the staples in her ass with the metal top of my favorite and hated violet wand. I just call it a “laser knife” because it feels like on the skin as if you would be cut with a knife, it’s a weird feeling, annoying and pesky but it is a very good device for the sadists. You should try it on your slave :)

I was satisfied with my creation on Nazryana’s ass but now I couldn’t let her fatty belly and her small tits without any decoration. I turned her round, tied  up and gagged then started to paint some nice patterns on her belly and her breasts. I felt her fear when I took the staple gun but my sadistic self laughed at her and enjoyed her suffering. She got some staples into her belly, her tits and nipples and then I played a bit on her very sensitive and stapled body parts with the violet wand. She was writhing, gasping, screaming and crying, I loved that. When I saw that she had been completely knocked out, I pushed the massager to her clitoris and allowed her to cum.

The staples still were in her flesh and had to be removed. I found out that the metal top of the violet wand is the perfect device for that job so I started to pull out the staples providing her a little electroshock. It was cruel for her but easy and enjoyable for me.

In the end I got a very messy and sniveling slave girl :D

She was my nice Easter Egg that was broken at the end of the painting but this time that was my aim! :P Happy Easter to you guys and I wish you many broken easter eggs! ;)

The first part of the movie will be online tomorrow.

18 Replies to “Easter Egg”

  1. I’ve noticed you don’t seem to feature all that much anal penetration. Are you not a fan?

  2. Not that your slave girls aren’t hardcore enough , it’s about you and your fantastic way to present yourself, your great body(fantastic !) and to see the way you accept the agony and the challenge to achieve your goals. The other girls just dont ‘do it for me’ in the same way.

    Otherwise I have an idea for a shoot. How about inserting a remote control vibrator inside of you along with some other more nasty things (up to you). Have your master sew up your pussy with needle and thread to keep all inside of you. Get dressed including white panties, then go out to the mall or bar with your master in charge of the remote. A mixture of pain and pleasure plus some public exhibition as he must make you cum in public. Just an idea….. I have many more !

    Please keep up the great work you already do, I do so love the shoots where you are really challenged and in real agony…


  3. Hi
    The latest updqates are not with you ! I joined the site because of you… please add some more adventures featuring yourself. Also I like to see your face more when you are being challenged by the pain. Cant wait to see the a…..s :-)

    Overall I love the site but please do more with you.

    1. So my slave girls aren’t hardcore enough for you, huh? :P It is a nice compliment for my masochistic self :) Anyway you can see my agony in the next movie, it was again a very painful and hard challenge for me! I’m going to make a blog post about it very soon.

      1. I can’t wait to hear about your anthill “fall”………Did you “fall” on your pussy? I hope there’s a video:)

        1. Yep! ;) They bit my pussy lips and asshole furiously, I can tell you that it is not my favorite kind of pain! :) But my master wants me to exploit all their potentials.

  4. Hi queen,
    A few days ago you said you are telling us you fee llike a witch after getting burnt, you were getting tormented, tell me, what did you do. You made me curious

    1. I am going to tell you about it in details very soon. It was a very hard anguish for me again! Similar to “Tackrider” but this time I had to ride on candles…

  5. Merci, nous avons hate de voir ce que ca va donner et surtout de savoir si le plaisir, la douleur et la jouissance seront à la hauteur du fantasme.
    Sans doute serait il bon de porter la robe pendant un certain temps, ainsi les agraffes seront encore plus douloureuses à retirer ensuite, et les mouvements avec la robe agraffées devraient etre aussi douloureux, surtout quand la robe tirera sur ses “attaches” pour differentes raisons.
    J’avais experimenté un peu cette idee, pas avec des agrafes, mais en cousant un bolero sur le torse de Marie, il etait surtout cousu au niveau de sa poitrine.
    Bonne jouissance
    Fabrice et Marie

  6. Bonjour QUeensnake
    Superbe séance, j’ai hate de voir le film. Merci de partager celà avec nous.
    Petite idee avec des agraffes.
    Pourquoi ne pas t’habiller de jolies tenues dont tous les elastiques et autres moyens de fixations seraient enlevés. Et pour fixer tes vetements amples, il suffirait de les aggraffer à ton corps.
    Personnellement, je privilegierai des vetements un peu transparents, aux couleurs claires ou pasteles, que le sang puisse, si necessaire, tacher joliment les fins tissus.
    En esperant que l’idee te plaise.
    Fabrice et Marie

    1. Cher Fabrice et Marie, votre idée est géniale. Comme j’aime à créer (concevoir et coudre) des vêtements, j’ai un fantasme de faire une robe sexy en utilisant une agrafeuse pour l’attacher à mon corps.
      Probablement je vais faire un film sur cette idée ;)

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