When it’s about conkers (aesculus hippocastanum) my imaginary about how to use them in our BDSM games is almost infinite lol. This time my favorite green prickly fruits made for shooting pussies.

Master built us a weird – a bit catapult-like – shooting device that was actually a slingshot (rubber bands and a piece of leather) attached to a mount (ladder).

Before starting the game, we had to learn how to use the shooter device and mainly we needed some target practicing. I must admit that the aiming wasn’t easy at all – unfortunately we girls never played shooting games in our childhood as the boys usually did – and we were exceptionally clumsy in the beginning but we had some really nice hits finally.

Since the ammo was rather heavy, big, hard and even prickly, the pain was shocking intense for about 20-30 secs after the hit and felt like a horse kick. But what else to expect from horse chestnuts lol.

Of course I couldn’t stand not to embrace the nature itself so I filled my pussy with the prickly balls in the end. Tanita escaped from being stuffed this time, since she just got her period during the shooting and unfortunately we cannot show any “red body fluid” in the movies.

We had beautiful marks after that session and I had unusual spiral patterns on my left thigh, it was like a nice tattoo lol, although it was not permanent – it disappeared completely in two weeks.

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  1. Absolute great movie. While watching I was wondering where the conkers would hit. I can’t praise you and your girls enough for your bravery and stamina. It is nice to see how creative your mind works, and that you can always find new ways to terment yourself :-))

  2. QS,

    I have a bit of a criticism. I’d like to see facil expressions as well as body parts getting tormented. Just an opinion and like buttholes everybody’s got one.

    Thank you,


  3. QS,
    I admit that your videos make me wince!! Catapult and rubber bands make my eyes water as I can only imagine how it feels. btw, speaking of alcohol might I recommend hydrogen peroxide instead as even though it is virtually painless it actually is a better germacide. Please stay safe. By nature I’m a dominant – but I’m a caring dominant. Also if you must use alcohol then don’t use ehylene or denatured alcohol to touch your body or mouth or any mucous membranes including your soft, tender, pink, moist, sensitive, loving, warm, lickable, fuckable, dildo-able vaginal walls that leads to your knob-like squeezable, go-through-the-roof sensitive cervix. It kill germs better than isopropyl but if you must use alcohol then use isopropyl 70%. **YEOW** [Realize that de-naturing means that it’s poison]

    Sadly, I guess my fav is rubber bands snapping against crinkly, tender assholes.

    Howzabout a suggestion? How about wet towels to the back of the thighs and even Pin the Tail on the Donkey variation of marks to wonderful assholes?


    1. p.s. Wet towels snapping against feminine assholes and nipples while a beautiful woman is only half naked wearing 50’s styled hats and spiked high heels and stylish underwear with skirts hiked up and ass cracks spread and panties lowered to further humiliate gets me going.

      Have a sexy day QS.


  4. Una de las mejores sesiones es la de la flagelación del coño con látigo en la playa. Verdaderamente real y pienso en el dolor insoportable de Nazrayana. La visión fiinal del coño golpeado, hinchado, las marcas del latigo sobre la entrepierna son fenomenales.
    Para mi el mejor video hasta el momento.

  5. I just rejoined after being a non-member for a year and watched Catapult. It wasn’t bad, but I have the same two criticisms of the site that I had a year ago:

    1. Each shoot is too much of the same thing, over and over again. I just got bored seeing the same activity for almost an hour. Can’t you give each shoot more variety? Think of the old Insex, where every 10 or 15 minutes there would be something different.

    2. There wasn’t enough passion, emotion, chemistry, etc. between the two women. Each were acting like they had a job to do and not much more than that. There needs to be a lot more personal intimate interaction. Maybe the problem is that you want to keep the amount of English to a minimum, but the viewer wants to feel that the actresses are really in to what they are doing, not just peforming from a script.

  6. Encore plus de travail pour la Reine!
    Mais toujours l’elegance et le style inimitable
    de cette grande Artiste SM du XXI siécle!

  7. Love your works and the new skin the snake has shed. Just a quick querie, what was in the glass at the end of T-Brush-Nazryana and what was the spray used in Safe-vagina on Nazry? Any Photo’s Zips comming up? My favorite section is with the Black Paint….W-O-W. You go where no other sites go, EXCELLENT work, keep it up and I’ll be fan for ever!

    1. Thanks Sven :) It was a glass of medical alcohol, I pured it into Nazry’s pussy to sterilize it and of course to cause even more pain to her lol, there were some scratches and ruptures inside her vagina after the toilet brush treatment. The spray in Safe Vagina was a simple hair coloring spray :)
      About the image galleries, I have backlog in converting the photos from raw format to jpg so there will be pics of Safe Vagina and T-Brush Nazryana too.

      1. Thousands thanks for your prompt reply…Phew…I thought the glass was Vodka or vinegar and the spray super-glue or varnish paint….maybe some other time, LOL. :) .

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