Last time when we were in a hardware store, I ran into a nice boat mooring spring and I wondered how it fits into my pussy and how to use it in our games. I found that it is not just a perfect and exciting stretching tool but it can be used as a special speculum to make it easier to stuff my pussy with anything I want and probably we can use it in our electro games too.

Since the spring doesn’t cover the inner wall of my vagina but still stretches and opens my pussy, the sensation inside can be much more intense than using a medical speculum. I decided to try the stinging nettles first so I filled the spring with a bunch of them and started to push the special stinging dildo deeper and deeper in my vagina.

As an extra aggravation I didn’t wear gloves during the whole session, it is more natural and more painful :) Although it wasn’t easy at all to come over the burning pain when I touched the nettles but finally I got to used to it and it wasn’t so bad.

Pushing the spiral up was a real pain agony, not just because of its big size but because of the almost unbearable burning pain caused by the stings in my vagina. The sensation inside was definitely much more intense than whenever I stuffed my pussy with nettles before.
But when the dildo slipped in after several desperate tries, the mix of pain and pleasure brought me to an ecstatic state and to an orgasmic level where I had so huge orgasms that I was close to unconsciousness in the end.

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  1. — I am a great admirer of your beautiful feet. I especially like your very long second toe. Wearing a toe ring adds to my enjoyment of your feet. I would love to suck on your gorgeous and beautiful toes.

    — You have the most exquisite and lovely body. I would like to see your entire body, face, hands and feet, rubbed with black charcoal then covered in copious amounts of oil; a filthy dirty blackened face and body glistening in copious amounts of oil; just like the Nuba teenage girls of southeast Sudan in Africa.

    — I want to see you tense up your firm, hard abdominal muscles so that a very handsome young boy can punch you in your stomach with his clenched fists. The boy should be a nudist, stripped totally naked and be without any body hair whatsoever. He should have and be displaying a firm hard penis.

    — I want to see you lying upon an alter, legs spread wide apart, your back arched backwards, receiving kisses upon your mons pubis, vulva, pudendum, labia, and vagina; from both young nudist boys and nudist girls; all of them stripped totally naked and shave of all body hair. The event would be a religious sacrament to God. A “Nude Erotic Pagan Body Worship” service in the church of hedonism.

  2. Dear Snake,

    I saw Your pictures and I really was happy ! Now I know that not only my Master is doing such crazy stuff with me :-)
    I had last summer an experience with nettles in front of some spectators…..

    So I know exactly how It feels !!!

    If You like, pls send me an e-Mail than we can disks it there.



  3. Te souviens- il, ô mon âme, ô ma vie,
    D’un jour d’automne pale et languissant ?
    Il semblait dire un adieu gémissant
    aux bois, attristés de sa mélancolie.
    Les oiseaux dans les arbres ne chantaient plus,
    une froide rosée enveloppait leurs ailes
    et retournant au nid sur des rameaux sans fleurs
    ils attendaient le soir…
    Seule je m’éloignais d’une fête bruyante,
    je fuyais tes regards, je cherchais ma raison,
    mais la langueur des champs, leur tristesse attrayante
    à ma langueur secrète ajoutait leur poison.
    Sans but et sans espoir, suivant ma rêverie,
    je portais au hasard un pas timide et lent ;
    L’Amour m’enveloppa de ton ombre chérie
    et, malgré la saison, l’air me parut brûlant.
    Je voulais, mais en en vain, par un effort suprême,
    en me sauvant de toi, me sauver de moi même.
    Mon oeil, voilé de pleurs, à la terre attaché
    par un charme invincible en fut vite arraché,
    à travers la foret tu parus devant moi.
    Je n’osais te parler ; interdite, rêveuse,
    enchainée et soumise à ce trouble enchanteur,
    Je n’osai te parler : pourtant j’étais heureuse :
    je devinai ton âme, et j’entendis mon coeur.

  4. Reine de l’Informatique et de la volupté voilà encore un magnifique succés.
    Je voudrais avoir milles mains pour t’applaudir!

  5. Desearia un video donde torturan con clavos en los pezones y el coño a una mujer mientras otra la besa en la boca y lame su coño haciéndola llegar a varios orgasmos forzados hasta que se desmaye.

  6. EXCELLENT works, more variety of plants / i….s fillings and close ups of cervix in
    upcoming productions will make my heart pump faster,
    thank you for a unique [out of this world] fetish & website.
    keep up this EXCELLENT work. :)

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