Fill Her Up

Filling my pussy with unusual things and materials is my favorite kink. I used to make beautiful and unique candles at home using different kind of waxes and candlewicks and  I was always wondering about molding a pussy candle. Since it would have been way too difficult to do it by myself I asked Sharon to make that special gift to me.

We used many nice red tea lights (kind of votive candles), we lit them and left them to burn for about 30 minutes until the wax became hot enough and fluid. The only problem was that we put them way too close to each other and because of the heat transfer the temperature of  liquid wax had been too high.

So when Sharon started to pour the first cups of hot red fluid in I got burned badly, it was unbearably painful and we had to stop the shooting at this point because I was so freaked out of the pain. But after a short break I wanted to go on with my pussy casting. Needless to say that after that I felt every drop of hot wax even hotter than it really was and of course it was much more painful either.

My pussy was like a volcano full of bubbling red hot volcanic magma. But there was no eruption yet lol. A wick got lit up in the middle of my volcanic tunnel. That was so nice and intimate and so scary at the same time. Finally came the eruption in the form of a squirting shower that extinguished the flame and I escaped.

After the session I spent an hour in the bathroom cleaning my vagina up and some wax still remained inside but it was not dangerous or toxic so I did not worried about that, all of them disappeared in a week. And the burning at the entrance of my vagina was not as bad as I expected, it healed completely in 1-2 days.

All in all I loved and enjoyed that session immensely and I would do that with any of my girlfriends. The feeling of being filled up with hot wax is just freaky ;)

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  1. Love what you do and how you do it. You are really a High Class Act and I love how you come up with things to do and wish I had a woman like you. Guess they are hard to find? I was wondering about you selling the “pussy candles” as I am sure there would be many to buy them and you and your friends can give us a piece of you through this type of candle…??? Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Me and my girlfriend have been doing candle pooring for a while, she’s poorer it on my dick and I’ve poored it on her pussy, but after seeing that, she thinks it would be fun to try but is scared, she wants to know how to get all the wax out, and was there a lineing in your pussy that didn’t let it go back as far, and if she tries it, will she be able to get wet again, and did all the wax eventually work it’s way out… Please reply!

    1. Since the wax becomes rather solid inside the pussy, she can remove the most part of the wax simply with her fingers (long fingers make it easier) and the remains of the wax can be removed with high pressure warm water, just push the head of the shower against her pussy until she feels that the water fills her pussy completely (it is a strange stretching feeling) and then she needs to push the water out. Repeat this process several times until only clean water comes out. Then you can check her pussy by opening it with a speculum, if it is still not clean, use the shower head again. I hope I could help ;)

  3. Hi Queen
    your wax videos are again great. I like all you wax games. My favorite are Inflammable and Extinguisher. Please create more wax ideas real.

  4. Bravo, les meilleures photos et vidéo Bdsm! Ma femme et moi sommes masos, nous pratiquons à 2 et parfois avec d’autres personnes. un de nos fantasmes actuel: nous faire introduire cigarettes ou cigares allumés dans l’anus et le vagin… (avis aux connaisseurs)

  5. Dear Queensnake
    First of all, thank you for what you are . I’m a member of your website and I really love its content. My favourite sessions are the one you play with Nazryana. What you do with other models is also very very hard and incredibly exciting but I think with Nazryana, you must be very close, very friends . You really seem loving each other. Of course, it’s very hard, very cruel but it seems to have so much love between both of you.
    SM kisses. E.

  6. Love all your videos!! They inspire me so much as too ways to explore my pain side. How do you keep yourself safe with stunts including tacks in your pussy, sand, etc.? I so admire you very much! You are my pain idol! Please keep making these AWESOME movies!! Luv u!

  7. hello queensnake, I had an idea, I really loved the video where you stuffed your pussy with worms and wlaked around in public. I would love to see another similar video. One idea is to stuff your pussy (and/or ass) with clothes and go to the mall, then get undressed and dress with the clothes you have stuffed inside you. Or you can have one of your friends do this!

    Another idea is to use one of your friends as a shopping bag and when you buy small items such is earings, bracelets, rings, small toys, stuff them inside her and continue shopping!

  8. again great vid, one of my faves so far, look forward to reading more of ur blogs for the vids u’ve done since, also been tryin to vote in ur poll but it just keeps showing loading without ever showing anything more

  9. Hi Queensnake,
    Please make a “in the wood video” where you stuff your pussy full with dirt and other things
    you find there. what about also having some earthworms and maggots inside. :-)

  10. C’est magnifique ce que vous faites. Vous me rappeler le temps des années hippies, le groupe d’étudiants que nous formions il y avait en particulier 2 amies qui s’offrait à des sévices sexuelles. L’une d’elle est devenue mon épouse, et j’ai pu reproduire plusieurs fois la création de bougie intime. Jeu qu’elle redoutait mais qui l’attirait beaucoup au point de nous provoquer. Une surenchère de secondes toujours plus grande de la petite flamme entre ses petites lèvres. Nous sommes parvenue à ce qu’elle se mette debout dans le noir, image fugace de la petite flamme qui s’allonge jusqu’au clitoris avant d’embrasser les poils pubiens (elle avait fait pousser les poils pour cela)… durs les lendemains mais j’étais là pour la soigner et la câliner.
    It is wonderful what you are doing. You remember the time of hippies years, the group of students that we were there were two friends in particular who offered sexual abuse. One of them became my wife, and I could reproduce several times creating intimate candle. Thurs but she feared that attracted many to the point of provoking us. A second bid of ever greater the flame between his labia. We reached it locks up in the dark, fleeting image of the flame that extends until clitoris before kissing pubic hair (she had grown hair for it) … hard tomorrows but I was there for the care and cuddling.

  11. Hi….. Few months ago I found on the web a girl inserting alive mouse in pussy. May be is it too dangerous… for the mouse ? ;)

  12. can you keep going with the extremely painful cunt stuffing videos , i wonder if you could use your pussy as a bin for empty foil packaging eg, crisps/chips .

  13. Great videos on your site, how about making a videos where one of your slaves earns her “Red Wings” on you?

  14. A D O R A B L E
    What stuffing next; Soil, Lemons, Eggs, earth worms, hot foods…etc.
    What ever you will do, you are the best team & website in the genre!
    Keep up the excellent work. Thank you, you’re the best.

  15. Tu est vraiment la créatrice la plus raffinée, la Reine la plus cultivée, une artiste complète, je suis submergée par la seule représentation émotionellement valable de l’événement.
    C’est la représentation de la naissance de la matière et de la lumière que tu nous offres en gardant le double rôle de Déesse et e victime sacrificielle.
    Ce pourrait – être le clip d’une nouvelle croyance.
    C’est le clip d‘une nouvelle croyance
    La mienne.

  16. was by far one of my fave vids, would love to see one of the other girls try takin it to see how they compare to how u managed, also would love to see u try cervix stuff which i doubt u’d try but would be good to see, can’t wait to see what more insertion vids u do

  17. Queensnake,

    I enjoyed this long-anticipated video very much. Thank you for filling your vagina with hot wax! It was intense! :)

    I might mention, too, that like many of the other things you’ve done, there is nothing like this anywhere else on the Internet. Your content is completely unique, and always amazing!


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